REVIEW: Sakuraco Snack Boxes vs Bokksu et al

Japanese snack culture needs to be explored. I know from my first trip to Japan – six weeks backpacking from Tokyo, to Kyoto, to Hokkaido, and many places in between – that many backpackers live off the contents of the 7/11s. At least, me and most people I met did for two meals a day anyways.

There’s just so much to choose from!

Snack box Sakuraco

Whether you want to remember your Japan trip, you want to get clued up for an upcoming trip, or you’re just interested in the snacks of Japan and want to try more, there’s a Japan snack box for you.

But, not all snack boxes are created equal.

I’ve had two Sakuraco Japanese snack boxes now, and I want to show you why I think they’re better than the rest of the competition.

I’ll cover a few of the most important points to look for when you’re looking for a snack box, below…

What are Japanese snack boxes?

Sign up to a Japanese snack box experience and you’ll get a new box sent to you in the post every month. It’s perfect for anyone who wants a taste of home / holiday / future travels, delivered direct to them, on their doorstep. They’re a good way to slowly make your way through some of the best and unique snacks Japan has to offer.

If you’re only used to the snacky delights of your own country, it’s a good way to sample what will taste like the weird and wonderful delights of another.


“Indulge in authentic Japanese food, sweets, and tea with Sakuraco’s monthly boxes.
Ordered online, delivered worldwide.”

1. Simplicity

The Sakuraco box arrives packed full of goodies, and you don’t need any prior Japanese snack knowledge to receive it either. No need to worry about choosing specific items, or whether one item is better than another. Sakuraco have pre selected the items to create a sweet Japanese snacky story in a box. Every month you’ll get 20 different items to introduce you to the wide range of Japanesey delights.

Other Japanese snack boxes try to do too much, and give too much choice in a market that can actually already be pretty confusing. Bokksu, for example, offer so many different types of boxes, when often you don’t actually even know what you want or like to start.

I like the variety in the Sakuraco box to start, there’s no need for another box when you have all that choice. Last month featured the Tokyo-themed ‘Traditions of Tokyo’ box, while this month showcases our summer-themed ‘Festivals of Tohoku’ box, there’s always something new to try.”

2. Authentic premium products

Sakuraco proudly supports local Japanese makers. All the products are locally sourced IN Japan, as confirmed by the sticker on the box stating ‘carefully crafted in Japan’.

The local artisans are carefully selected and showcased in the guidebook that comes with the box. This month’s box came with a very quirky and cool Japanese towel featuring cats. My son loves it!

Sakuraco encourage you to learn all about this Tenegui – traditional Japanese towels – in the guidebook, letting us know that it’s crafted from 100% cotton using traditional Japanese weaving methods.

There are also rundowns on all the snacks, and advice on how to eat them (as well as allergen info). This attention to detail gives more depth to the snacks and food – it’s like you’re doing a Japanese food tour, but from the comfort of your own home.

Others don’t have this breakdown of what’s in your box – such a shame but it definitely makes Sakuraco better than the competition!

3. Great pricing

Sakuraco has a much fairer price than other boxes. You can pay for a one-time purchase of the subscription box, currently at $37.50. Or, you can be billed for every three months, six months, or once per year to save some money.

Companies like Bokksu charge more – you can expect to pay $49.99 with them, for one month.

Make sure to look at shipping costs to your country too, before you commit. Sakuraco’s listed prices exclude shipping fees, which vary depending on the location. Other companies $49.99 price points includes shipping for selected countries.

4. Quick shipping

The shipping is fast with Sakuraco – it took about 4 days between ordering and arriving at my door. They work with a few different shipping providers, so it might be different for you, but that was my experience. In general, on their checkout page, it was stated that shipping would take around 3-7 business days.

Other Japanese snack box subscription companies don’t offer this much of a speedy service.

5. Quality contents

Sakuraco offer more quality choices. Authentic homewares and premium homegoods are yours to keep as Japanese souvenirs. There’s a good range of food too, so you’ll find something you like, if not love!

My favourite in this month’s box was actually the Custard Pan. According to the guidebook it was baked with locally sourced wheat to create a moist dough enveloping a generous, luscious custard filling. So good!

How to order Sakuraco

Sakuraco is the only Japanese subscription box that can claim to be Japan-founded and based. This is a huge selling point if you want to order your box straight from the top.

I love how they have a different theme every month, how it’s all parcelled up into a fancy looking box, and how you get a little item of Japanese homewares too. So lovely to have something to keep from each box once the snacks have gone.

If you want to know more, check out the Sakuraco website here.

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