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May Focus on... Vietnam

One of my favourite countries in the world, no doubt about it

My Friend is Not a Sex Tourist

"I HATE that guy... Argh I'm so jealous... Getting married... tsk." This was the reaction of my boyfriend and I's tour guide in Halong Bay, Vietnam, when we proudly told him we were heading back to Ho Chi Minh city for a wedding. Our friend was to marry a Vietnamese lady in her home in Saigon. He's from London, half-Egyptian and half-English, but a Lon[...]

Ever Drank Weasel Poo Coffee?

When I was in Vietnam I heard about a magical coffee that was known as the best coffee in the world. According to my source it was the best taste, the purest bean and gave you the biggest buzz of all the coffees ever. The only catch, and the thing that gave it the most super powers, is the fact it's made from a coffee bean pooed out by rare Vietnamese weasel[...]

I Ate Pretty Much All The Food in Vietnam

The food in Vietnam is absolutely incredible. This is pretty much everything I ate during my two-week Vietnam trip to get you excited about the culinary offerings over there. Rather than pump my Instagram feed full of my gorging I thought I'd document it all here for your viewing pleasure. Spare a thought for my wasitline when you see the  8-course wedding [...]


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