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12 Best Food Experiences Around the World from My 2015

The best thing about travelling is obviously the food you get to try. And the beaches, and the freedom, and the people watching, new friends, beautiful sunsets, etc etc. But for today's purpose, let's stick with the food. I've had some horrible food experiences – we'll save that for another post – but as my travels for the year round up and I'm attemp[...]

My Video of Attempting to Drive an ATV in Galilee

Just a few centimetres from the precipice of the hills of Galilee, my ATV guide was encouraging me to climb higher. I was now responsible not only for myself and the vehicle but also my new friend Jodie who'd placed her trust in me for survival. The range of expletives coming from my mouth showed her this was a silly decision. I was attempting to traverse[...]

7 Best Food Experiences in Tel Aviv

I was in Israel to explore the culture and innovation of the country with VIBE Israel , and of course that’s nowhere more prevalent than in the food they eat. I found that just like in London, in Tel Aviv provenance, veganism, health and rawness were at the core of the obvious foodie fashion. People were prepared to pay more for an experience in Tel Aviv, ra[...]

10 Photos From an Incredible Day in Jerusalem

We started at Abraham Hostels – from my days of working at I already knew it was the coolest hostel in Israel, and seeing it first hand backed up the customer reviews. The place has 75 rooms, it’s huge. Every week they put on special activities for the customers to make it a cool and sociable place to hang out. We were going to end our day [...]


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