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After 5 years of blogging, here are a few of the posts you like best!

3 Weeks in India Itinerary: Delhi, Kerala, Goa and Mumbai

I went to India in April – a place I’d dreamed of visiting for years. As you’ll know if you followed along I had a few issues, but with the benefit of hindsight my 3 weeks in India were brilliant. Every day was something different, the people were lovely, the trains were an adventure and I was lucky enough to sample India in style with some awesome hotels[...]

The 52 Coolest Things to Do in Tokyo: No Messing About

I spent quite some time researching what to do in Tokyo. I wanted to see Tokyo's coolest things to do, the best places in the city to check out, and to see if I could explore a few places off Tokyo's beaten track. If you're anything like me – wants to see a city's big sights but mixed up with a few weird wonders too – you'll enjoy all 52 of the coolest th[...]

How to Be a Successful Travel Blogger

How do you define a successful travel blogger? Huge number of visitors and endless propositions from companies? A few readers and you get enough work to finance your travels? Mum and dad love your blog, you have a full time job, nice holidays, and your blog is your main hobby? Something else? Personally, I think all of the above and everythi[...]

9 Hour Stopover in Qatar: Is It Worth Exploring?

Having seen the overstretched Doha International Airport for 2 hours on the way to Vietnam I knew I didn't want to spend 9 hours there on the way back. We couldn't even get anywhere to sit for an hour, never mind lay down. I'd been debating for a few weeks before we left for our two-week trip to Vietnam whether to fork out for a hotel or stay the night in Q[...]

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