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Exploring the Incredible Kawasan Falls in Cebu

As a day trip out from Cebu City I went to visit Kawasan Falls in the south. “An easy two-hour journey” So the staff at my hotel told me. Not quite so. I took the bus from the South Cebu Terminal and it took over three hours to get there, but with the view of the Cebu coastline, villages and towns to keep me busy I didn’t mind. Thinking it was a quick trip[...]

My Super Strange, Military-Style Visit to Taroko Gorge

The best way to learn Mandarin is to visit Taroko Gorge on an all-Taiwanese day trip. That’s obviously what the Irish hostel worker who sold me the ticket thought anyway. Despite specifically asking him if it was in English (‘yeah, course’) or for old people (‘ha, no’) it turned out he’d got his answers muddled up. Before knowing this I was up for the 8am[...]

My Travel Plans for the Rest of 2015

Sometimes I think it’s bad to have a whole year planned out, but then I remember that when I had a desk job my work year was planned, so why not as a travel blogger? Also, I’m a planner and I like to know what’s coming up, otherwise I spend loads of time planning the future and not enough time living the now. I had an incredible January in Japan. If ev[...]

5 Weeks in Japan Trip Round Up

I went to Japan for five weeks from January 3rd 2015 to February 9th. The whole trip was absolutely incredible and so I want to help you to do the same, or similar, with everything I learned about the country along the way. It’s been a crazy five weeks – I mean that. Most nights I’ve come home from sightseeing or skiing absolutely exhausted. I’ve had to h[...]


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