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31 Mistakes I Made in India

I went to India for three weeks with my friends and for such a short time quite a few things went wrong. Remember the 7Ps – Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance – because we forgot, and we paid for it with lengthy journeys up, down and around India, and not enough time in each place. Silly us. Here are a few mistakes I made along the way i[...]

32 Professional Travel Blogger Secrets I'll Let You in On

I've been a full time travel blogger for a good 9 months now – and if that amount of time can turn a teeny tiny little sperm into a baby then I think it's perfectly adequate to put me in a position to let you in on what this job is really like. 1. Professional travel blogging is really hard work. I’m at my laptop at least 30 hours a week, on average. It’s[...]

23 Cool Things to Do on Gili T, as Tried By Me

I spent six days on Gili T, or Gili Trawangan to give it its full name. The beautiful paradise island attracts party people, scuba dubas and snorkel lovers as that’s pretty much all there is to do there. I like to think that despite my injury, I made a good effort at doing all the cool things to do on Gili T and would like to share my new found knowledge wit[...]

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