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Next Stop Taiwan: I Need Your Help!

I've got a few more days in Japan and then it's Taiwan time for me! On 9th February I'll be arriving in this little country – that I don't actually know anything about – and I'll be there for two weeks. So far my plans include: Going straight to Hengchun for the surf. Being in Taipei for Chinese New Year on the 19th Feb. And in Pingxu for the Lant[...]

Chilling With the Snow Monkeys in Nagano

Aww, look at their little faces and fluffy heads. So cute! The Nagano snow monkeys are living the monkey dream. After causing absolute havoc in Nagano years ago the locals wanted to get rid. In stepped the environmentalists who said that if they chose an area where the monkeys wouldn’t be a pest and fed them there, they’d stay. And so the Jigokudani Yaenkoen[...]

Frozen Fantasy at Tokyo Disneyland, Now Open!

Absolutely impeccable timing from me. The Elsa and Anna Frozen Fantasy Parade opened at Tokyo Disneyland today, at 11am. I arrived at 10:55am, realised something big was happening and slotted in on the second row among my new Japanese friends. I had a brilliant view of Olaf, Elsa, Anna and the crew and as the music started up for Let It Go and the Jap[...]

Sumo Wrestling: I Don't Get It?

I’ve been to watch the sumo wrestling championship in Ryogoku, Tokyo today. Everything else I’ve seen in Tokyo fails in comparison to how weird the past three hours have been. I queued up this morning at 7am to get my ticket. This allowed me entrance from 8am until 6pm – I decided to wait until 2pm, when the big deals came on. And boy were they big. I’d n[...]


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