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October Focus on... Florida

One of the most popular holiday places in the world!

8 Best Moments from My Trip to the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are cool – laidback, flip flop wearing, beach loving, beer drinking, cocktail sampling cool. I had a great time there when I hung out for a week. I chilled in Key West, cycled in Marathon, ate my way through Key Largo and drove all the way back up to Miami in a fancy van. The whole week was great, but here are my top moments from my week [...]

9 Steps to an Awesome Day in Key West

I didn’t really understand the whole layout of the ‘Florida Keys’ until I got actually there. It’s made up of 1700 little islands, known as keys from the Spanish 'cayo', which means small island. The most southwesterly one, that's inhabited, is Key West. It’s here that a strange mix of party people and old folk live in harmony among the colourful hou[...]

What to Expect from the Awesome Kennedy Space Center

I went to the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral the day before our Tim Peake launched into orbit. Yep, I know he went from Russia, but still, I was around space when it was all kicking off. By the end of the day, I felt I knew what he was letting himself in for. I’d made a space-themed Spotify playlist for our journey to Cape Canaveral from Dayto[...]

Breakfast at The Oxford Exchange in Tampa

You know how much I love a good breakfast? Well, if you find yourself in Tampa at any point I’d definitely recommend The Oxford Exchange to fulfil all your most important meal of the day desires. It's one of those super trendy spots – an old converted mill that’s now the place to be in Florida’s third biggest city by population. The Oxford Exchange[...]


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