10 Days in Papua New Guinea: The VIDEO

I’ve made a little video about my 10 days in Papua New Guinea, wanna have a look?

Get past the first few seconds and the sounds gets better – promise.

10 Days in Papua New Guinea

Coming into PNG I was knackered – I’d been travelling for so long and just felt like I stank. A train, a bus, a plane, another plane, and then another plane, and I desperately needed sleep and a shower.

The sight of the looming mountains from the plane window though. I felt like I was entering a magical world just waiting for me to explore.

The plane touched down into Mount Hagen Airport and I was taken along the ridiculously bumpy roads up the mountain to Rondon Ridge Lodge. I slept, I ate, I was surprised by the cold and I admired the incredible views from the high point.

10 days in Papua new Guinea

I spent the next day visiting the villages. In the little video you can see my guide’s son and friends ensuring their tribal dance stays for years to come. I saw the famous Mud Men. I visited the women of the Sili Muli Women – who are actually singing about how they may not be beautiful, but they can be yours for a good price. So sad because it’s real. Next up, the Skeleton Boys of Mount Hagen – lovely guys.

10 Days in Papua New Guinea

The next day I flew in that tiny charter plane to the stunning Ambua Lodge, those views. I hiked to the waterfall and went birdwatching to try and spot at least one of the many species of birds of paradise in Papua New Guinea. I visited the Tari women and saw just how hard they worked, and got a fascinating insight into how they were treated too. Being a woman in Papua New Guinea is hard. One of the women was a medicine lady and you can see her demonstrating a spell there.

I went to visit the Huli Men who put on a ‘Sing Sing’ for us, singing and dancing and looking pretty happy about doing it – although some of them seemed totally exhausted by the high energy performance too.

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My video quickly switches to the Wigmen – a fascinating group of guys that I plan to write a lot more about but everything they do, and eat, is with the sole purpose to grow their hair. Their wigs perform the basis of all their traditions.

Papua New Guinea

After Tari I went to the Walindi Lodge on a different island near Kimbe. I spent most of my time here either underwater or on it, and absolutely loved it. I saw sharks, nemo fish, tuna, barracuda, sea horses, star fish and had an excellent viewpoint for the beautiful coastline. We were also treated to a pod of dolphins swimming along with us which just made for the most incredible experience.

And you just can’t beat the feeling of jumping off a boat, can you?

10 days in Papua New Guinea

This is where you can go on a trip down the Hot River – a natural spring as hot as a relaxing bath. One of the best things about going was the journey through the thousands and thousands of palm trees in the nearby plantation.

And with another plane or three, my 10 days in Papua New Guinea were over!

Hope you like the video – took me blummin ages 🙂

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  1. by Rebecca on January 7, 2018  12:15 am Reply

    LOVE seeing my former home!! You got to experience a place that not many people get to. So amazing - I know it was probably overwhelming, but I hope you enjoyed visiting.

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