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The Lost City of Atlantis, in Ibiza

Atlantis in Ibiza is opposite the island of es Vedra. It’s notorious among the locals and those in the know as one of the spiritual cores of Ibiza. It’s toughgoing to get down there and takes about 20 minutes, if you’re a fitty, could be an hour if you’re not.

The area was once used as a quarry to farm the stones to build the walls of Ibiza Town. Now the strange rock formations seem perfectly carved to create a great spot to sit in the cool winds, and it’s fun to make wishing towers from the smaller ones.

Take your swimming stuff down and make sure you’ve got plenty of water with you – the walk back up can be a killer, especially if you’ve been out partying the night before. And leave in good time before the sun goes down: I would not want to be down here in the dark.

At the top of Atlantis in Ibiza

Atlantis in Ibiza

Searching for Atlantis in Ibiza

The descent down to Atlantis in Ibiza

Exploring Atlantis in Ibiza

Cool statues at Atlantis in Ibiza

Cool statues at Atlantis in Ibiza

Beautiful Atlantis in Ibiza

Climbing up from Atlantis

Atlantis in Ibiza

Directions to Atlantis, Ibiza

1. Make your way from Es Cubells to Cala d’Hort – roads are tight.

2. Once you’ve reached the hill crest make a left onto the small camino, before the road turns to the right to es Boldado.

3. On this camino you will be able to see es Vedra ahead of you.

4. Parking is at the end of this road.

5. Now you’ll see Atlantis in front of you. You need to prepare yourself for the 20-minute walk down the mountain. You’ll see where to go, but keep to the right as this is where the jumping platform is, and the best spot to get in the water.

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