How to Find the Best Hotels in London

If you’re planning a trip to London anytime soon chances are you’re on the hunt for some top quality accommodation, at a great price.

There are a few things you need to take into account though, before you commit to booking anything to ensure you find the best hotel in London for your needs.

Finding Hotels in London

What does ‘best’ mean to you?

For me it’s being as cheap as possible, with my own bathroom (now that I’m getting old) and close to where I want to be. You need to define what ‘best’ means to your requirements before we go any further. Have your list and be prepared to compromise.

Set yourself a budget, and question it

Work out what you can afford, and then how much time you’ll spend there. If you’re in the Big Smoke to party there’s no need to fork loads of money out on a swish hotel. If you want somewhere lush to relax after sightseeing it might be worth splashing a little extra cash for a room with a view that you can enjoy. Don’t look too far above your budget as you’ll only set yourself up for a fall, but take a look a bit cheaper, you never know what diamonds in the rough you’ll come across on Hotel Direct.

Open your mind

Do you really need to stay in a plush hotel right next to the attractions or will a cheapie one do just outside the central location you want? Buses are only £1.30 a trip with an Oyster and once you’re actually on the London Underground all trips are priced by zone with a few pence difference.

You can also save money by sharing facilities. Sharing things like bathrooms and self catering facilities in hotels can save you money on your hotel costs, and your food.

Check the location

Why are you coming to London? If you’re here for the bright lights of Oxford Street and Leicester Square you’ll want to be near the centre. Anyone wanting the crazy and unique Camden markets will want a fun pad near Chalk Farm, and if you’re here for some gig at Wembley or the O2 you’ll be needing some nearby accommodation. Get it wrong with those two and you’re looking at a 10 mile trip cross the city. Expensive, and not fun.

It may sound obvious, but London is a big place. If you’re only here for the weekend it could be worth paying that little bit extra to be near your number one destination, but for a long trip it could be worth staying away from the most popular areas. You never know what you’ll find further out.

Do your research, but not too much

There are lots of websites and companies offering the cheapest hotels in London but it really comes down to luck and research. Knowledge is power when it comes to finding the best hotel prices. Having said that, don’t spend too much time on it. Another idiom for you is that time is money. If you spend five hours looking for a great price you’ve actually just added to the cost. That’s five hours you could have spent enjoying yourself – unless you’re like me of course – I genuinely love looking at hotel prices. True story.

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  1. by Bob on October 8, 2013  9:01 am Reply

    Nice to see the right right balance of priorities. Expensive accomodation is inversely proportional to the length of time you can afford to live on the road.
    London is on my bucket list.

    • by Vicky on October 8, 2013  1:58 pm Reply

      Yay. glad to hear it! #LoveLondon

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