Review of the Capsule Hotel in London Bridge (+ 2 More London Pod Hotels to Try)

I stayed at the UK’s first capsule hotel in London a few weeks ago. This London pod hotel was quite the experience. Let me tell you about it…

A ‘capsule hotel’, if you didn’t know, is like a wall of pods, that you lie in, and you have everything you could possibly need, for a comfy night’s stay, in there with you.

For this reason, they’re also known as ‘pod hotels’. And St Christopher’s Village is the first pod hotel in London. 

If you’re looking for a capsule hotel in London, this article will show you what to expect, how much they cost, and what it’s like to stay in London’s pod hotel.

Capsule Hotel in London Bridge

I first stayed in a capsule hotel in Japan, in Tokyo, where they were made famous. In Tokyo, they’re often used by travellers and business men looking for a cheap and handy night of accommodation.

And now capsule hotels have come to London.

Well, back in February 2018 anyway. Since then more pod hotels in London have popped up, as you’ll find listed at the end of this article. But for now, here’s my experience at the St Christopher’s capsule hotel in London.

Capsule Hotel in London Bridge

Stay at a capsule hotel in London

St Christopher’s At The Village, just round the corner from Borough Market, is the first capsule hotel in the UK.

I walked in and 26 capsule beds, all with different coloured lights, lined the walls. I’d known it was 26 beds to the room, before I went, which can sound quite overwhelming. You’d also think it’d be pretty noisy with that many people in one room.

Based on my Tokyo experience though, I knew that the capsule hotels tend to be quieter than hostels.

Maybe something to do with having all your essentials in the bed with you so you’re not rattling around trying to find them late at night / early in the morning.

Check out the BBC video on London’s first capsule hotel

Trust me, it isn’t even nearly as horrific as 26 beds in a room sounds. The thing is with capsule hotels, you get to enjoy the price point of so many people sharing a room, but you get (something close to) the privacy as if you a room to yourself.

There’s also two bathrooms in the room – the one I went in had decent showers and toilets, hairdryers and plenty of space to get yourself sorted.

How London’s capsule hotel works

London Bridge Capsule Hotel

1. You’ll be assigned a capsule on check in.

2. Find your room, find your bed, find your locker (you’ll need a lock and key – £4 at reception or just take your own).

3. Settle yourself in to your capsule.

4. Play with the touchscreen colour wheel light that changes the ambience in your capsule.

5. Set your PJs and bedtime routine stuff out for the evening.

6. Go out in London Bridge and have fun!

And you can always go to the Belushi’s bar downstairs if you want an easy journey home for the night.

Location of London’s capsule hotel 

Borough Market London Bridge

London’s capsule hotel is in SUCH a good location. It’s about a 10-minute walk from London Bridge Station and just round the corner from all the restaurants and bars of Borough Market (mmmm, chocolate brownies).

It’s also just opposite a Sainsbury’s and next to a Tesco’s too, if you’re on a real budget.

London Bridge St Christopher's Village

Downstairs there’s a Belushi’s bar with loads of cheap drinks deals, and music all night. I had a good go at the menu over the two days, for two lunches and enjoyed:


A breaded chicken breast coated in a spicy buffalo sauce, topped with a mound of melted blue cheese, salad and pickle.

Suicide Sauce Chicken Wings £5 – (and then tried to put my contact lenses in, killer!)

Belushi's Ceasar Salad

Ceasar Salad £5

Chicken Tenders £5

All tasty bar food, and all a great price.

Likes about the capsule hotel 

– Proper duvet.

– Really lovely front desk staff at this London pod hotel (apart from the one in the night!).

– Good showers.

– Room wasn’t too noisy from fellow residents, thanks to the shape, privacy and curtains

(I’ve spent over 15 years staying in hostels, I appreciate a quiet door latch, lockers and floor).

– Privacy curtain (hate the idea of people looking at me asleep in hostels).

– Breakfast included – continental hostel jobby, I ended up with a cheese and ham toastie and a coffee.

– Free Wi-Fi, that worked in my capsule, the furthest one across in the room.

– Plug socket in my capsule.

– Late check out (12noon) for anyone staying in the capsule room.

Unusual things to do in London

If you’re looking for more off the beaten path things to do in London, check out this post from Global Debauchery. And, take a look at my guide to what to do in Shoreditch too.

Dislikes about the capsule hotel

– The reverb

I had bed number 24, on the bottom. Unfortunately the night I stayed (a Wednesday) they seemed to be having some sort of karaoke sesh downstairs, until 2am, and the reverb from the music made my bed shake. I complained as I couldn’t sleep and was told this was a ‘party hostel’.

Either make sure you get a bed on the top, at the front of the room (not above Belushi’s), or join the party!

Capsule hotels

I genuinely really like capsule hotels. I was discussing this with my friend beforehand and apparently it’s something to do with sleeping in confined spaces, as in, when we were cave men we wouldn’t have slept in open land for fear of predators. Instead, finding a safe little cave or space – on that, I also like sleeping in tents.

St Christopher's Village Capsule Hotel London

Unfortunately I didn’t have the best sleep at the hostel, thanks to the bar downstairs. If you’re looking for a party hostel though, or somewhere cheap with a bit of privacy to stay after a night out in London, I’d definitely recommend St Christopher’s Village.

I liked the set up, I was comfy, and it’s in a great location – especially for the money.

You can stay at St Christopher’s at the Village from £25 per night, including breakfast. I received a free stay at St Christopher’s Village, and a bar tab at Belushi’s, in return for an honest review on my blog.

More capsule hotels in London

Since writing this review of the first capsule hotel in London, another one has been set up so I wanted to give you the option. 

capsule hotels in london

Pop and Rest is the latest pod hotel in London. They have two locations in Old Street and Holborn and you can book pods and suites for a bit of peace, or some rest. They’re not for an overnight stay but for 30 minutes to four hours to help you rest and recuperate in between meetings. Great idea but shame you can’t stay overnight! 

I’ll keep an eye on the latest developments in capsule hotels in London. Let me know if you spot any on your travels!  


More hotel pods London

If you’re looking for hotel pods in London try Z hotels. There are quite a few of them dotted around central London – including in Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden. The rooms are small, but they’re fairly priced.

You can get a great deal on a London pod hotel if you book early, and don’t have a window!


  1. Hey !
    Sleeping in a capsule looks like an amazing experience!
    Do I need to book the capsule before? I don’t get how it works booking offers me only bonk-beds

  2. Hope it helped you to know what to expect Kal. As you’ve read, I enjoyed my capsule experience in both Tokyo and London – definitely recommend if you’re looking for somewhere to stay on a budget!

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