Breakfast in Belize: Fry Jacks

Forget the fresh lobster and morning catch fish, the most popular thing to have for breakfast in Belize is fry jacks. I’d never heard of them before either. I’d heard a murmur surrounding they’re deliciousness as soon as I arrived on Caye Caulker, but it took two weeks of being in Belize until I finally got round to trying it. And all thanks to my new Belizean friend Nadine.

I was with two friends and we went out for dinner to Sobre des Alos on the waterfront in Caye Caulker. We got chatting with the waitress, Nadine, who’s awesome, and by the end of the night she’d invited us round for breakfast to her house the next morning.

Home cooking in Belize

Breakfast in Belize

At 9am we trotted round true to our word. And true to her word she’d started creating the little bundles of despicable deliciousness. She was so lovely and generous inviting the three of us to come in and sit in her home I’m still feeling warm inside from her kindness. We bought her a present, but she got up early and started baking, especially for us.

“I’ve never had so many people round, ever”.

Nadine made us a seemingly endless supply of fry jacks with fried beans and egg on the side. Her two-year-old son entertained us with marbles and a keyboard while she slaved away in the kitchen. Twenty minutes later and the three of us, her, her son and her cousin all sat down to watch Finding Nemo and scoff the tasty treats.

I managed three, while my friend Dick (pictured, real name) shovelled down seven.

So what are fry jacks?

The Belizean breakfast of fry jacks is basically deep fried dough, served up with something to scoop, usually ham, eggs and beans. They reminded me a lot of the Langos in Hungary. Apparently they’re pretty easy to make, but there’s a real art to making them well, which is what Nadine did.

To make fry jacks you mix flour, baking powder, salt, vegetable oil and water together then pan cook and proof. Then you fry them up and serve warm.

Arr they’re so good, writing this is making me want them right now.

Belize Breakfast

Fry jacks are generally made separately to the sides but you can get also get them to go and they’re served like a Cornish pasty with all the filling inside, like this one I bought in Benque, Belize. For as long as I’ve got left in this beautiful country I’ll mostly be eating these, when I’ve got time in between the snapper, king steak, lobster and rice and beans that is.

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  2. by Belize Hub on December 10, 2014  4:33 pm Reply

    Fry jacks are the best! I love them to death!

  3. by Vicky on August 3, 2015  7:27 pm Reply

    Me too! I could eat one right now :)

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