I’ve Written a Book! Celebrate!

Yes, I’m a published author now, dahrrrling. 

My book is called Celebrate! and right now, it’s actually only available in mainland Europe, which is why I’ve held off telling you. I’m waiting for it to be published in the UK, but, I’m also waiting for my baby to come and I’m pretty sure I now know which is going to be first… 

Celebrate Book by Victoria Philpott

I’m off on my official maternity leave on Monday so just wanted to get this little ‘author update’ in, before I become engulfed in a life of broken sleep, cuddles and cooing.

So, the book.

Me, an author. 

It’s about one of my favourite subjects, festivals

Celebrate Book by Victoria Philpott

Celebrate! The Greatest Festivals Around the World

Celebrate! is a celebration of some of the many festivals around the world. Given that I’ve been to 61 different festivals in 22 separate countries it features many of my favourites – like Dia de los Muertos, Las Fallas, SXSW and Glastonbury – plus a few that I’ve learned so much about, but am waiting to experience. 

My dad and niece choosing a festival to go to!

Celebrate! is a coffee table book, published by German publisher teNeus (pg. 25). It’s currently only in hardback and is 207 pages long – filled with my top advice and introductions. I give a little insight into the festivals, there are a few fab pictures to look at, and hopefully I whet your appetite to experience more of the festivals this wonderful world has to offer.

Celebrate Book by Victoria Philpott

Covering all kinds of festivals from religious, to music, to food, sports and national holidays, it’s a great book if you’re looking to spice up your travels in the future.

The book was actually published a while ago in Germany, on the 15th November, but I’ve been patiently waiting for it to be released here. 

book about festivals

The text in the book is in English and German. I wrote the English, which was then translated. As a huge life goal to write a book published in the traditional way it was an honour when I was approached to write it, in summer 2021. Kept me busy when I had Covid anyway!

Buying my book

Unless you order from mainland Europe and pay the import fees, it’s a bit difficult at the moment (Amazon link, if you need). If you want it in German, you can also order a copy of Celebrate from this lovely independent book shop Vincent and Voltaire.

Celebrate Book by Victoria Philpott
Book about festivals

I’m assured that soon I’ll have some to give away as competition prizes, but as I say, I’m planning on taking at least three months of maternity leave from Monday so we’ll see. Little summer competition to get you in the festival mood maybe?

I’ll keep you updated for when it lands on the UK online retailers though.

It was great to be involved in the book publishing process, and who knows what it can lead to in the future!


book about festivals

So, with my new official name as VickyFlipFlop, Published Author, I’m off to celebrate with a mug of hot chocolate. Woohoo!

festivals book

Featured in View Magazine, in Germany

The book was featured in a 6x double page spread in View Magazine in Germany, and made it as one of the cover stories. Looked fab!

Festivals book in Germany
Festivals book

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