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The Cost of a Weekend in Tromso, Norway

The potential cost of a weekend in Tromso is what puts most people off visiting this Northern Lights hotspot in Norway. So I went, and wrote down all my spends to give you the full Tromso expenditure experience. I actually found it a lot cheaper than Oslo, and am happy to say that I felt that every NOK I spent was worth it. offered to sort me out with an apartment so I said ‘yes please, now please’, and my brother and I emptied our little piggy banks to trot off in search of that festive feeling on the first weekend of December. I’ve included the price of this below, I thought it was surprisingly good value for Norway.

Tromso is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights in Norway. 

We were kind of on a budget as in we didn’t want to go crazy, but we didn’t want to miss out either.

We arrived at about 11pm on a Thursday night and left on Sunday at 7pm, so as good as three full days. This is my full Tromso price breakdown.

Food and drink in Tromso

how to save money in tromso

Supermarket food – eggs, peppers, broccoli, bread, smoked salmon, lettuce, herring, yogurt, bananas, apples, avocado, bacon – enough for three huge breakfasts, snacks and a dinner for two.

235 NOK each | £19

Fish dinner with a beer at Oslo Airport

250 NOK | £19

Epic burger and a beer at Huken Pub

 330 NOK | £25.24

Bottle of water from 7/11

30 NOK | £2.30

A beer at cool bar, ‘Bardus’

70 NOK | £5.32

Another beer at Huken Pub

70 NOK | £5.32

How much is a weekend in Tromso

The local spirit at the Bla Rock Bar

100 NOK | £7.65

Bolivian coffee and a ½ a cake at Riso Coffee Shop

70 NOK | £5.32

Coffee in Tromso

Americano at the coffee shop next to Tromso Outdoor

35 NOK | £2.66

Chicken smorbrod with ½ a middle eastern platter from Cafe Globus, and a latte

220 NOK | £16.83

Tromso excursions

Price of Tromso

Snowmobiling with reindeer and Sami culture experience

1400 NOK | £107.10

Rent skis for 24 hours to go cross country skiing from Tromso Outdoor

280 NOK | £21.42

Northern Lights trip, which ended up in Finland

1450 NOK | £110.92

Transport in Tromso

Return bus journey from the airport to Tromso

120 NOK | £9.11

Bus to the cross country ski run

45 NOK | £3.42

Flights and accommodation

Cost of a weekend in Tromso

As I’ve said, our ‘Viking apartment’ was complimentary from but I thought it was a pretty good price. It was a three-double-bedroom, huge lounge, kitchen / diner, type place that was clean, tastefully decorated and in the centre of town, at 7170 NOK | £544.56 for the three nights, booked two months before our first night.

Fill it and that’s only 2390 NOK | £181.52 per night. We had a supermarket over the road and everything was in walking distance. Obviously you wouldn’t book a six bed for two if you were sorting it (cheers!) so I’m only going to count this at the per person rate for the three nights.

1195 NOK | £90.76

My flight with Norwegian Airlines from Gatwick to Oslo to Tromso was £177 return with baggage, booked three months before the date. I love Norwegian Airlines, mainly just for their free Wi-Fi, why can’t all airlines have this?

2330NOK | £177

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Cost of a weekend in Tromso

Is Tromso expensive?

Cost of a weekend in Tromso

So all in, the trip was £628.37 each.

  • Food and drink £108.64

(I’d suggest you budget another £40 and go to Arctandria one night, and there were a few more beers in there somewhere!)

  • Activities £239.44
  • Transport £12.53
  • Flight from UK and accommodation £267.76

Weekend away with my brother snowmobiling, skiing, boozing, chilling with reindeers and Samis and toasting marshmallows on a frozen lake in Finland?


Money saving tips for Tromso

  • Drink water out of the tap, it’s fresh as fresh can be. Fill up your bottle for the day too.
  • Buy alcohol at the airport, people were going nuts with filling their suitcases with booze at duty free in Oslo. Alcohol is so expensive in Norway, to buy in the shops, and you can’t actually do it after a certain time. Best to keep some supplies with you.
  • Buy your foods for breakfast from a supermarket.
  • Stay in an apartment.
  • Walk, our trip across the bridge to the Arctic Cathedral was great fun, and free. And we saved 45 NOK by walking back from the skiing. Technically it was only a 20-minute walk but took us quite a bit longer thanks to the ice, all fun though!

Let me know if you have any questions about the cost of Tromso, I thought it was well worth it! 

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