Job Vacancy | Travel the World, for FREE (Sometimes)!

Vacancy for the perfect candidate to travel the world for free.

Do you enjoy travelling, but need a way to get paid to do it?

Have you looked at travel bloggers and thought, I could do that?

Then this is the job for you!

The successful applicant must have:

  • Excellent writing skills, there’s no editor and any mistakes will come under the scrutiny of all your readers.
  • Perfect grammar, punctuation and spelling.
  • First rate SEO knowledge and a willingness to keep up with any changes.
  • Excellent research skills, any mistakes could ruin a reader’s holiday.
  • Top-notch photography skills.
  • Great photo editing skills.
  • WordPress knowledge and curiosity.
  • The faultless ability to create communities on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, G+ and as many of the thousands of social media platforms as possible.
  • A bordering addiction to answering emails (could be pointless, scrounging or damn exciting – must learn to recognise the difference).
  • A head full of original ideas that no one in your field of millions has done before.
  • Excellent design skills and an eye for detail.
  • An ability to sniff out good Wi-Fi in the most rural of places.
  • A willingness to work all hours.
  • Outstanding organisation skills.
  • A genuine polite attitude on email, in writing and in person.
  • Time to comment on other people’s blogs and social media updates.
  • The ability to research and pitch companies to work with them on a regular basis.
  • A positive attitude.

Special consideration to anyone with:

  • The ability to plan, create, film, and star in YouTube / Vimeo videos, and to get 1000s of views. Any viral video experience will be taken into consideration.
  • An initial investment to promote and market your blog to as many people as possible.
  • The money to buy a laptop, camera and lenses.

Personal traits

The successful candidate must be able to create their own opportunities and go for them. They should possess a natural curiosity about the world, the internet and other bloggers. They must be confident enough to have their image in the public arena and ideally will have a personality, interest or niche that sets them apart. The successful candidate must be willing to justify their lifestyle to any naysayers, repeatedly.

To really succeed in this role the applicant must attend networking conferences all over the world and have the confidence to approach other bloggers and PR companies. From this they must accept the inevitable bitching (possibly public) from people who think they know you based on how they read your blog, hearsay, and how you acted in any previous engagements, however long.

Ongoing assessment criteria

The successful candidate will be constantly judged on:

  • Amount of followers across every social media feed.
  • Number of people who retweet your Tweets, share your Facebook updates, like your Instagrams, repin your Pins, +1 your Google+ updates, stumble your posts…
  • Audience figures.
  • Past PR campaigns.
  • Number of comments on a post.
  • How many ‘quirky’ campaigns you come up with.
  • Connections you make with other travel bloggers.


It’s possible the successful applicant may not earn any money for their first year. They will be offered lots of ‘exposure’ but cold hard cash can be more difficult to come by. The successful candidate must not see this as a problem, but a challenge.


Your employer will be the PR contacts you make, the freelance writing gigs you pick up, the marketing agencies you support and the readers you serve. There’s always space for more travel bloggers, but it’s the dedicated and consistent ones that will make it to ’employed’ status and fill this job vacancy.

Do you have what it takes?

how to be a travel blogger

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    • by Vicky on January 3, 2015  5:30 pm Reply

      Ha, for the love of it! I can't believe how many skills are involved in it, but I love practising them all :)

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  2. by Victoria Virgo on January 3, 2015  3:31 pm Reply

    What a cool sounding idea.

    Have signed up.

    Happy New Year Vicky :)

    • by Vicky on January 3, 2015  5:26 pm Reply

      Thanks Victoria. I hope it's going to be useful for you :)

  3. by Ragan Wesson on January 13, 2015  6:44 pm Reply

    This is hilarious...and exhausting! It seems so much more tiring when you put it that way. But I think I'm up for the challenge!

    • by Vicky on January 14, 2015  3:05 am Reply

      Yeah me too! I should probably add how much fun it is and how many friends and experiences you can gain from it :)

  4. by Aisling on February 3, 2015  12:33 am Reply

    Hi Victoria

    I'm really excited about your advice. I tried to sign up but it won't let me include my URL and sign up. www.travelisthenewblack.com


    • by Vicky on February 3, 2015  11:20 am Reply

      Hello Aisling, I've taken out the 'website address' bit now so you should be able to sign up now. Love your website name by the way!

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  6. by Dean on November 15, 2015  3:28 am Reply

    Now that I see the job description it looks easier than my current role as a Travel Consultant, at least I will only be indirectly responsible for ruining someone's vacation.
    And even if I earn nothing it is only slightly less per hour than I make now!

    • by Vicky on November 18, 2015  10:37 am Reply

      I always had ideas of being a travel consultant, but yes, too much pressure. I used to work at Flight Centre on the social media team and so saw what happened when things went wrong – don’t fancy being responsible for that!

      As you say, I’ve heard it’s not the most money in the world either. Good luck with the travel blogging life!

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  8. by Geetesh Chouhan on May 4, 2016  3:34 am Reply

    Great post vicky but which course I choose to be a traveler
    now I'm 18 and pass school.

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  10. by Judy on March 23, 2017  12:43 pm Reply

    Hilarious post! It's so true, it's a demanding job that no one knows is basically 300 jobs rolled into 1.

    Love the way you write. Been obsessed with reading all your posts (as you can see I just found this 2015 post even when you've moved back home =D)

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