37 Awesome Christmas Presents for Bloggers

If you’re looking for cool Christmas presents for bloggers, to celebrate the number one writer in your life, you’ll be pleased to know I’ve wasted spent a good few hours trawling the internet in search. Whether you’re looking for travel blogger presents, gifts for fashion bloggers, or even a lil prezzie for one for those gamer bloggers I’ll never understand, I’ve got a few suggestions here for you.

And of course, now you know what to buy your most favourite travel blogger for Christmas too

Christmas presents for bloggers

Christmas Presents for Bloggers


1. Little Miss Blogger Mug

This Little Miss Blogger Mug needs a good home. It’s dishwasher safe and ceramic, meaning it does exactly what a mug is meant to to do, but in a more aesthetically satisfying way for the blogger in your life. I first saw these on sale last year and really, really wanted one but they were sold out everywhere, so quicky quick, off you go. Buy from Amazon now.

From £12.99 on Amazon.com.

2. Blog planner

Planners are such personal things, right? It’s hard enough to choose one for yourself, never mind a friend. With the way my blogging mind works, I reckon I’d go for one of the family planner types like the above. That way your blogger mate can write their categories along the top, and then fill in their top thing to do for the day underneath. Just helps with planning what to do from the never-ending to-do list.

This pretty blue planner is pretty cool, and well laid out, or you could go for the trusty Moleskine. Always a winner.

From £15.99 on Amazon.co.uk. 

3. Books about photography

Photography can be one of the most difficult parts of blogging to master, there’s always so much more to know. And in the heat of the moment I find it difficult to get the settings right.

Here are a few books that have helped me in the past, although it’s definitely about time I referred to them again!

Check on Amazon: The Beginner’s Guide to Photography – £10. 

Check on Amazon: The Complete Digital Photography Course – £13.60

Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs – £10.29

Tasty Food Photography eBook
And I’ve just bought myself an early Christmas present – the Pinch of Yum eBook on how to master food photography. I’ll let you know how it goes when I get stuck in. Or you can follow me @VickyFlipFlop on Instagram and see for yourself!

From £10 on Amazon.com. 

4. Ragdale Hall vouchers

For my mum’s birthday I treated her to a night at Ragdale Hall to try out the spa and treatments. It was brilliant, and so relaxing. One of the hardest things about being a blogger is that you never get a chance to switch off. For a lot of the bloggers I know, the line between work and play is very blurred and we just can’t leave our phones alone. If you’ve got a few pennies to spend then a gift voucher for two nights at Ragdale Hall would be a much welcome Christmas present for a blogger, guaranteed.

From £25 at ragdalehall.co.uk – make sure you tell them you saw it here! 

5. Wooden lap desk

Christmas presents for bloggers

One of the reasons a lot of bloggers started blogging was to escape their desk job, so for some, to replace it with another desk can seem kind of bonkers. But this wooden lap desk from iwantoneofthose.com is awesome. Adaptable enough to help you sit comfortably at your laptop either in bed, on the sofa or even out and about, you can also use it for watching TV on your iPad.

From £11 on iwantoneofthose.com.

6. NomadicMatt’s Blogging Course

Christmas Presents for bloggers

I’ve just finished NomadicMatt’s Travel Blogging course. He goes from start to finish of how you can start making more money from your blog. The course isn’t just for travel bloggers either. Look, check out my review here.

How I Started Making Money Travel Blogging from NomadicMatt

The course is one of the most expensive things on this list, but to be honest, use it right and it could provide the most value too.

From $249 / £193 on superstarblogging.com

7. Meaningful wall art


Full-time bloggers spend a lot of time at home alone, and even part time ones probably wish they had some more time to spend with their friends. So, for Christmas it’d be nice to celebrate the times you have shared together with a personal piece of wall art. Have a look on iwantoneofthose.com to see what posters they have – I love this Amsterdam one.

From £9.99 on iwantoneofthose.com.

9. A hotel night on Booking.com

Christmas Presents for bloggers

Booking.com is my number one, go-to source for finding hotel nights. And the number one reason for that? Because you can rearrange and cancel most stays for free. That means you could choose a date to book your favourite blogger in for a Christmas present, and then it’s up to them to change it to a date more suitable, if they need. It’s so easy to chop and change on Booking.com, that’s why 9 times out of 10, I use it.

The above hotel room is at Artist Residence in London – one of the most incredible rooms I’ve ever stayed in. Check out Artist Residence on booking.com now and see what you think.

From £5 on Booking.com.

10. A mug to tell them what you really think

My parents bought me a ‘This is What an Awesome Blogger Looks Like’ mug and I love it very much. Look, here’s a picture of me from last Christmas enjoying it on its first day. See how happy I look?

Christmas presents for bloggers

I can only find the black one on Amazon but it’s definitely a cool mug for the blogger who loves a good cup of tea. Drinking copious amounts of tea when I’m in work mode is the best form of procrastination, and one of the things I miss most when I’m away.

From £9 on Amazon.

11. Blog branded items

Christmas gifts for bloggers

You could use a site like Snapfish.co.uk to make them some branded stuff. For Christmas you could get your favourite blogger some cards and stationary with their logo on, or even some sort of wall art with their photos. Just take a look at their social profiles – their Instagram and Facebook for example – and you’ll be able to find some photos to use.

If it’s just for a present for them, I’m sure they won’t mind!

Christmas Presents for bloggers

Snapfish.co.uk have all kinds of special offers and deals and this is a great way to buy something a little more unique.

From £5 on Snapfish.co.uk.

12. Chocolate

– Reindeer | Caramel Truffles | Traditional Honeycomb –

Buy your blogger some luxury chocolate items for Christmas and you can bet they’ll love it so much it’ll be all over their Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter before you’ve even poured the Bailey’s. Or maybe that’s just me, but I’d appreciate it all the same.

Check out John Lewis for some luxury chocs, or Amazon if you think they’d like your chocolates a bit more like sweets, and with that retro vibe.

Christmas Presents for bloggers

Check it out on Amazon: box of retro sweets

From £6 on Amazon and John Lewis.

13. A weekend away

Cross country skiing in Tromso

– Me and my bro in Tromso, Norway

Gotta have something to write / tweet / pin / vlog about as a blogger, right? It’s Christmas, show your favourite blogger how much you love and appreciate them with a weekend away. Take a look at my top 5 cheapest European destinations for some inspiration – or how about a weekend away in England?

My weekend in the New Forest was lush a few weeks ago…

From £100. 

14. Books about blogging

There are SO many books about blogging. I can personally recommend:

– You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One) – Jeff Goins

– Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear – Liz Gilbert

– Brave Enough: A Mini Instruction Manual for the Soul – Cheryl Strayed

I Will Teach You To Be Rich – Ramit Sethi


And according to their 4.5-5 star reviews these ones look pretty good too…

– The Million Dollar Blog – Natasha Courtenay-Smith

How My Blog Got 1 Million Visits in 7 Months – Patric Morgan

From £5 on Amazon.

15. Instax camera

The Instax Camera is an absolute favourite of bloggers, the blogosphere over. The camera comes in all different colours and is kind of like an old school Polaroid, in the way that the photos print out instantly. You have to be a bit crafty, seeing as the camera is pretty basic, but the instax Mini is great fun to have at parties and always makes for good piccies to then photo again, and put on Instagram.

Bloggers love them, trust me.

From £70 on Amazon.

16. Your time


No matter where your blogger friend is on his or her journey, I’d bet you a tenner they feel like they’re just not getting enough done and that there are not enough hours in the day to even make a dent in what they want to do.

One of the best presents you can give anyone is your time. Whether you tell your friend you’ll look after the kids, wash the car, clean the house or something else you know they need so they can work on their blog – this can be a lovely and thoughtful present that will always be well received.

From free!

17. Lens cap straps

I can’t tell you how many lens caps I’ve lost. I actually can’t, it’s ridiculous. As soon as I found out separate lens cap straps existed I bought one for all the lens caps I own, all three of them. At just £1.59 each with free delivery, they make perfect stocking fillers for bloggers, and you might as well get one for yourself too.

These ones come with handy strings attached to attach to your camera as extra insurance that you won’t lose round two.

From £1.59 on Amazon

18. Portable battery

Bloggers can never have enough spare batteries. Especially if you know your blogger friend is into Snapchat or vlogging. Video sucks up that battery power like a Dyson in the dirt.

I have the Anker portable charger shown above, and then this charging phone case for my phone too. I mean, I still find I get out of battery with the bloody iPhone 6 but at least your blogger will have back up if you get them this for their stocking this year.

From £12 on Amazon

19. Amazon Basics backpack

I have the best electronics backpack I’ve ever seen. Seriously. I was recently on a trip where one of the guys’ bags fell open, and his £1000 lenses fell out and cracked, because of bad bag design.

I have this one from Amazon Basics and love it dearly. Even when I was getting totally grilled trying to get into the States for three months, the immigration officer paused to ask where my bag was from.

There are many different sections – but not too many – and everything is securely fixed in. My laptop has its own safe spot at the back, where I can store anything I want to keep straight. There’s also space on the sides to slip your tripod in too. It’s got everything a blogger could possibly need in a backpack, honestly. Unless, maybe, you’re a fashion blogger. Not quite the most stylish of all the bags is it?

Good job I don’t care about that kind of shiz.

From £35 at Amazon

20. Fancy coffee machine

Those late nights, early mornings, and just having something to consume that isn’t food, means that coffee machines are a favourite for bloggers. Just do me a favour though, don’t get the ones with the capsules – their popularity is threatening our planet’s resources even more than before. And the capsules are expensive.

I don’t actually have a coffee machine, seeing as I’d have nowhere to put it, so can’t vouch personally, but after too much research this Excelvan Espresso and Coffee Machine is the one I’d get.

From £53.99 on Amazon.

21. Noise cancelling earphones / buds

Whether it’s the dog barking at the neighbours, the kids screaming on the plane or just needing to zone out from the world around you, a pair of noise cancelling earphones are key for bloggers.

They’re an investment I promise. Sometimes I wear my earphones without any actual music coming through, just having them on helps me to focus. Check these Kinden Wooden beauties out – stunning hey?

And only £68.99 right now, or these £29.99 Betron HD1000 earphones look pretty sweet too.

From £29.99 on Amazon

22. Olympus PEN EPL-7

This is the camera I use most of the time, and it took me a while to get used to it, but now I think it’s great. Check out my recent pictures from Costa Rica for further evidence.

I’ve got the lens situation sorted and now I’d recommend the Olympus PEN-EPL8 (the update) to anyone who doesn’t want to spend a few thousand on the base kit and lens you’d normally associate with decent photography. It was designed as a camera for bloggers, and makes for a great Christmas present for your favourite blogger if you’re looking to splash some cash.

These are the lenses I bought:

Olympus M.ZUIKO Digital ED 9-18mm 1:4.0-5.6 Lens

A wide angle lens which has allowed me to do vlogging on the Olympus without thinking I have ‘too much face’. It’s also really good for taking pictures of hotel rooms. I got it for £360, and it was definitely worth it.

– Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 40-150mm f/4.0-5.6 R ED Lens

This is an absolutely incredible, for the price, zoom lens. I paid £82 from ebay (which I wouldn’t necessarily recommend because it’s hard to insure) but here’s the Amazon link, which is currently £142. Any animal photo from my Costa Rica photos was taken using this. I actually couldn’t believe the quality.

– Panasonic 20mm Compact and Lightweight Digital Interchangeable Lens for Lumix G 

Olympus Mirrorless cameras can take lenses from any of the other Mirrorless camera ranges. This Lumix pancake lens is awesome for taking photos of food. I strongly recommend it. I bought it for £176 a year or so ago, looks like it’s £250 now.

From £400 on Amazon

23. Pyjamas

It’s an urban legend that freelancers sit around doing nothing in their pyjamas all day, but, speaking for myself, I do like to stay in my pyjamas for as long as possible, working.

Pyjamas make for a lovely Christmas present, and you’ll never know if they take them back either :). Oh, unless it’s your boyfriend or girlfriend, of course. Oh, that reminds me, I need a picture of man PJs too. How about these ones from House of Fraser, from £28.

From £12.99 at the High Street shops online. 

John Lewis  |  New Look  |  Miss Selfridge  |  Topshop

24. Slippers!

So, kind of leading on from the before, how about some slippers?


Christmas presents for bloggers

When you’re working from home, trying to build up your business, the last thing you want to do is have the heating blasting all day, racking up the bill. Buy your favourite blogger some of these Joules booties for Christmas and not only will they like them, they’ll also save many a pound over the years on heating. Dreamy.

From £19.95 on Joules.com.

25. Joby Gorillapod

The amount of equipment the average blogger could buy for Christmas is insane. There’s so much out there to make you feel like you’re top of your game. You don’t need it all, but I would recommend a Joby Gorillapod. These design feats mean you can set up your camera wherever you feel either captures the action, or your best side. The legs can wrap around most things, allowing bloggers to film in difficult places.

You can buy GorillaPods in a few different sizes, but basically, if they take photos on a big DSLR they’ll need this larger one, and if it’s just a small camera, or phone, then go for the smaller one here.

From £14.50 at Amazon.com

26. Blogosphere Magazine subscription

Presents to buy for bloggers

Bloggers love magazines – it’s where many of them pictured their career heading, before this whole blogging thing came along. Blogosphere Magazine is great. I know, I’m the Travel Editor for it. It’s the best place to discover new bloggers and learn about the latest trends in blogging, from craft to mummy blogging to travel, of course.

Buy a blogosphere subscription for Christmas and you’ll get Blogosphere delivered to your door when it comes out quarterly. Just like one of those gifts that keeps on giving.

From £25 per year on blogospheremagazine.com. 

27. Attraction Tickets

Harry Potter Studio Tour

Most bloggers like to travel, well, the fashion and travel ones I know anyway. If you know your favourite blogger is getting ready to go travelling somewhere take a look at a site like AttractionTix.com and take a look at all the places you could buy them tickets for.

A few personal favourites…

– Blue Lagoon and Golden Circle Tour in Iceland

Harry Potter Studio Tour in London

San Francisco City PASS

Euro Disney

You get the idea, right?

From £8 on AttractionTix.com

28. An experience to write about

Skydiving in Taupo

Check out buyagift.co.uk. They’ve got experiences for every kind of blogger, from craft to cars to beauty to animals. Is that a thing? I’m guessing it is.

Ok, so I’m going to pick a few of my favourite things from the site, just to show you what kind of a range of things you could buy from there.

From beer tasting trips around the UK, to skydiving and parachuting, afternoon tea experiences in London and a whole section of Christmas gifts that would be great to write about from meals out to boat trips and spa days.

From £10 on buyagift.co.uk

29. Photo frame, with photo!

Christmas presents for bloggers

Why doesn’t anyone print photos anymore?

Because they’ve not got the incentive of a beautiful frame to put the pictures in, that’s why. Buy your blogger friend a photo frame for Christmas AND print the photo, or photos out to put in it, and they’ll love you for it. John Lewis has some really pretty frames that would look good on the slickest of bloggers’ desks.

Christmas presents for bloggers

I really like the double frame from John Lewis above, but at £25 it’s pretty steep. Photo frames on Amazon start at around £3, so you could check those ones out instead.

From £3 at John Lewis

30. Gig tickets

Sziget Festival

You can easily gleam so much information from your blogger friend before you buy their Christmas presents, even if you don’t actually follow their blog (blag it). Just find their search box that looks like this, type in music, and see what comes up. Surely they’ll have mentioned their favourite band or artist somewhere?Blogger Christmas presents

If not, try and find them on Spotify and see what they’ve been listening to. Don’t take it any further than this though, might be a little bit stalker-esque.

Then you can just go on TicketMaster, work out which of their favourite bands is in the vicinity, and buy up some tickets. That’ll be nice won’t it?

From £10 on TicketMaster.

31. Superdrug bloggers’ range

Is the blogger you’re trying to buy a Christmas present for under 15? Yes?

Well, I’m pretty sure they’d love anything from the Zoella or Tanya Burr blogger ranges at Superdrug. I haven’t tried a thing from either, and to be honest, probably never will. But I’m sure your underage blogger friend will enjoy a little gift or two.

Here are just a few bits you can buy from the ranges.

Christmas presents for bloggers

Spa in a Jar – ZoellaChristmas Presents for bloggers

Body Creamy Madly Deeply – Zoella

Christmas Presents for Bloggers

The entire Tanya Burr range – no idea what’s good, sorry!

From £2 at Superdrug

32. Diary for 2017

This is a tough one. Diaries are such a personal thing but if I know bloggers, and I do, they love a bit of stationery, whether they use it or not. WHSmith is the first place I think of when I think of diaries, Amazon has a good selection, or you can try Paperchase, the bloggers favourite.

From £2 at Amazon

33. Charging station

One of the most annoying aspects of blogging is keeping everything charged, but this 6-port desktop charging station looks awesome. It works for so many different devices and will keep your desktop tidy too. It’s universally charging, with a super charge, and totally safe. Currently riding high in the Amazon charts with 4.5 out of 5 in satisfaction rating, I reckon it’s a goer.

From £29.99 at Amazon.co.uk

34. Mermaid blanket

Look. At. This.

All your Ariel Little Mermaid dreams could come true with this one handmade knitted blanket from Amazon. Or try this mermaid blanket if you prefer a little more detail on your mermaid tail.

If you don’t feel ready yet to transform into the world of mermaids, there are plenty of normal blankets to choose from too, don’t worry (check out the Snug Rug above). They make a great Christmas present for the blogger in your life as it’ll keep them warm during that cold January, and save on the heating bills to provide for a more blog friendly way to spend some money.

From £7.90 on Amazon.co.uk

35. Wireless speaker

This wireless speaker from Anker has 5 out of 5 from over 1500 reviews on Amazon. I mean, this is a good piece of kit. With 24-Hour Playtime, Bluetooth 4.0, Low Harmonic Distortion, Patented Bass Port and Built-in Microphone for Calls, at £27.99 for the black one, it’s an absolute ruddy, bloody bargain.

From £27.99 at Amazon.co.uk

36. Aqua notes

These Aqua notes from Amazon are such a cool idea. If you’re one of those people who does their best work and has the best ideas when you’re getting hot and steamy under a shower then there’s no need to lose those trains of thought anymore. Attach these to your shower wall and no idea will ever escape you ever again. You can write under water with these guys too, so perfect for the bath!

From £6.99 at Amazon.co.uk.

37. Backgrounds for photos

Having a cool background for your photo is essential, but can be quite difficult if you’re in the house all day. This is where these crafty backdrops come in. You can order your blogger one of these for Christmas and from then on they’ll be able to give the illusion of their fantastically clean and white floorboards, when really, the rest of the house is in an absolute shambles.

You can get them in a few designs and colours, but I’d definitely recommend the Studio Pro White Wash Floor I’ve chosen above. 

From £24.95 from Amazon

And that’s it… all the ideas I have for Christmas presents for your favourite blogger.

Have you got your shopping list / wish list sorted now?


Let me know what you want most in the comments below
and Santa just might be good to you this year! 

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  1. by Kiara Gallop on November 16, 2016  3:54 pm Reply

    Where did you find all these ideas? They're fab! I immediately sent my boyfriend the link to the Little Miss Blogger mug :-)

    • by Vicky on November 25, 2016  4:25 am Reply

      Ha, I WANT ONE! Took me a long time to come up with this list, probably way too long :)

  2. by Helen on November 16, 2016  9:47 pm Reply

    Awesome ideas... need someone to get me a Helen in Wonderlust mug! And one of those shower writing pads! :)

    • by Vicky on November 25, 2016  3:59 am Reply

      Yeah they're good aren't they? I totally have my best ideas in the shower – maybe I should shower more :)

  3. by Dave on November 17, 2016  3:33 am Reply

    Could totally rock the Mermaid blanket, just saying.

    • by Vicky on November 25, 2016  3:59 am Reply

      Ha, I think that would go down very well in Finland :)

    • by Vicky on November 25, 2016  3:58 am Reply

      Ha, thought it would be perfect for any blogger who gets asked what they want!

  4. by Emma on November 17, 2016  9:50 pm Reply

    The photo backgrounds one is such a good idea! Might have to gift a few to myself...as well as the new camera...great post!

    • by Vicky on November 25, 2016  3:58 am Reply

      Thanks Emma. Yeah, there are a few things on there I want too!

  5. by Derek on November 18, 2016  5:52 pm Reply

    Interesting that you've put the Olympus Pen camera on the list. You had very, very nearly persuaded me to buy a Panasonic DMC - GX80KE8K with your excellent review of it the other week. I realize you can't just swap your camera at the drop of a hat but which one would you really go for if you had the choice ? Excellent list by the way ?

    • by Vicky on November 25, 2016  3:57 am Reply

      Hey Derek, very observant. Ok, I really like the GX80k, but, the big thing for me that has stopped me using it as my main camera is the fact it doesn't have the selfie flip screen. This makes it really hard for vlogging. If you're not planning on doing any vlogging then I'd recommend that one because it feels like you have more control on it and it's nicer to hold. But it's such a huge thing for me, to have that functionality, that the Olympus PEN has remained my main camera. Let me know if you have any other questions between the two. I'm planning on writing a post about all my equipment asap, but with all this travel at the moment it'll probably be after Christmas now.

  6. by Minka Guides on November 25, 2016  3:32 pm Reply

    Those TopShop PJs are super cute! ?

    • by Vicky on December 8, 2016  3:48 am Reply

      I know! I totally want them :)

  7. by Arianwen on November 25, 2016  9:50 pm Reply

    I already own those Joules booties! I'm wearing them right now! They are the best slippers I've ever owned. Sadly, I've worn them to death, but I'm so pleased to see they're still being manufactured!

    • by Vicky on December 8, 2016  3:47 am Reply

      I want them! I might buy myself a pair for Christmas :)

  8. by Laurinn on May 4, 2019  5:53 am Reply

    Awww you shared such cute and beautiful gifts. Thanks for this idea,

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