As a day trip out from Cebu City I went to visit Kawasan Falls in the south.

“An easy two-hour journey”

So the staff at my hotel told me. Not quite so. I took the bus from the South Cebu Terminal and it took over three hours to get there, but with the view of the Cebu coastline, villages and towns to keep me busy I didn’t mind. Thinking it was a quick trip I didn’t bother with lunch before I got on so I made the most of the food sellers that came on peddling their wares. I tried the bako pies and the cake-like babingkas. When I say ‘tried’ I mean ‘gorged on’.

I asked the bus conductor to drop me off right outside Falls – no problem. I paid my 40 pesos to get in (about 80p) and followed the signs to Kawasan Falls. It was just a 1km walk up a dirt path, over a few bridges, past a few cocks and a sleepy goat too. You don’t need one of the guides at the gate, no matter how much they seem to think you do!

Bridge at Kawasan Falls Exploring Kawasan Falls Sleepy goat in Cebu

And then, I was there. At Kawasan Falls.

Exploring Kawasan Falls

Rafting at Kawasan Falls

You could pay to go on a raft, like these guys did, and they’ll take you over to the Falls and under it too. The water was breathtakingly cold in February when I was there so it’s a good idea if you’re in a group. The raft man was encouraging the group of lads to climb the Falls and jump in and then getting them to lie down and he drove the raft under the Falls giving them a cold Kawasan Falls massage. Judging by the high-pitched screams that echoed from them I’d say it wasn’t quite a spa experience.

Exploring Kawasan Falls by bus

Staying at Kawasan Falls

There was a hotel there, Willy’s, and I think it would be an amazing experience to stay there overnight. I didn’t see inside the hotel so couldn’t personally recommend, but I’d do it if I went again. Willy’s also offered food and drink at the tables and there were plenty of groups and families taking them up on the offer.

Cebu and Kawasan Falls

I stayed about two hours and then left for the journey back up north. Not before checking out the beach at the entrance though, and there was plenty of food for sale there too. I needed it after my swim!

Beach at Kawasan Falls Kawasan Falls things to do

Kawasan Falls vlogging

I made a vlog about visiting Kawasan Falls but I’m still learning about this whole vlogging business so y’know, feeling a bit shy. If you’d like to see it sign up to be my friend (aka sign up to my new fortnightly newsletter) and I’ll send you the link and password.

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