How to Make Friends With Travel Bloggers (and Why)

There’s strength in numbers, we all know that. When it comes to all the solo travel bloggers blogging about all over the globe that statement has never been truer. If you want to go far collaboration, or at least friendship, with at least a few of them is key.

The Travel Chicks

When I first started out travel blogging in February 2012 I was in a little group called the Travel Chicks. We never quite managed to think of a better name – I’ve got used to the cringe now.

  • Jai from savoirthere.com
  • Monica from thetravelhack.com
  • Jen from shegetsaround.co.uk
  • Arianwen from beyondblighty.com
  • Becki from bordersofadventure.com

We’d all started at the same kind of time-ish and met at a travel event in London. We started going out together, drinking lots of wine and sharing our experiences with our blogs as well as life. It was lots of fun, and really interesting too.

I’ll warn you now that the trouble with being friends with travel bloggers is that they travel. By December 2013 they’d all left London and I was the lone travel chick left.

But what I’m trying to say is that during that time we were all a great support to each other. Each of us were approaching travel blogging from a different view and with different experience and it was really great to have a group of friends interested in the same things so I didn’t have to bore my non-blogger friends with WordPress and travel chat.

We have a Facebook group where at the time we could post questions, interesting points and the latest from the industry. It was a safe place where the six of us were just working this whole travel blogging thing out and supporting each other. The fact that all of us are still at it out of so many who drop by the wayside I think is testament to the solid and friendly foundation we built when we all started.

I’ll always love the Travel Chicks but sadly, thanks to schedules and objectives that never matched, we don’t do much together anymore. But there are plenty of ‘coalitions’ that do…

Travel blogger alliances

Friends and travel bloggers
Becki bordersofadventure.com and Simon simonsjamjar.blogspot.com


Getting yourself some travel blogger buddies is a great idea. There are loads of unofficial groups within travel blogging who’ll share each other’s stuff on social media, comment on each other’s blogs and recommend each other for press trips. So long as you all pull your weight you can really help each other to increase your presence online and your influence.


“The iambassador team of bloggers includes some of the best known travel bloggers in the world and award-winning television and video producers. The bloggers are specially selected based on a variety of criteria including the quality of their blogs, niches, social media reach and the ability to work in a team.”

This is probably the biggest alliance, in terms of the amount of people and their reach. There are about 20 different bloggers involved in this, including Nellie from wildjunket.com, Keith from velvetescape.com and Abigail from insidethetravellab.com. They do loads of trips together and are literally taking over the world.

Travelator Media

“The Travelator Media audience is the 40+ UK-based traveller with an above average annual household income. They are quality travellers seeking premium travel experiences.”

These guys have united with more of a niche audience. By joining their audiences they can appeal to a wider range of PRs and they can share their focused audiences with each other to increase their potential reach.

A Brit and A Broad

“A Brit and A Broad is a travel video blog bringing people and places to you. We want you to be inspired to do something different on your travels; for that we’ve got to be inspirational. Not only are we going to tell you how do this, but we are going to show you how with some beautifully cut videos.”

Three friends who’ve used their different talents to come together and create an awesome travel series on YouTube. Macca Sherifi (author, blogger and photographer) Brianna Wiens (actor, director and photographer) and Brian Ceci (cinematographer and videographer) have used their skills and friendship to travel through South America making videos of Guatemala, Oaxaca and Vancouver. Love their work.

If you have some travel bloggers you’re on a similar level to and are good friends with, have a think about setting up something together. It doesn’t have to be serious or only work based but it makes sense to leverage each other’s skills and audiences. Sharing is caring.

Reasons to be friends with travel bloggers

  • Travel bloggers are fun, interesting and awesome
  • You can advise each other
  • Keep an eye on each other
  • Monitor the industry as a team
  • Recommend each other
  • Support and mentor one another
  • Have someone to hang out with at conferences
  • Inspire each other
  • You’ll have a network of friends around the world

How to make friends with travel bloggers

Friends with travel bloggers
Brendan thetravelpop.com, Si Willmore siwillmore.com and Brenna thisbatteredsuitcase.com


Go to events

Yep, the first one will be scary as hell. Don’t worry if you’re a shy one. The nature of blogging – nerding out in the back end of WordPress – means there’ll be plenty of other shy ones, probably shyer than you, to chat awkwardly to. And the nature of travellers ­– awesome people with a story to tell – means there’ll be some fun people to mask the awkwardness. Mix that together with free flowing alcohol and you my travel blogger friend have a good time on your hands. You’ll soon make one friend, which will lead to two and before you know it you’ll have at least four.

The lovely Emily Ray from cosytraveller.com has some networking tips for shy people if you need.

Travel massive operates in Manchester, Newcastle, Dublin, and London regularly. As you get better known you might also be invited to PR events where you’ll get to meet even more interesting people. Every one of these events is an opportunity to make more travel blogger friends. Traverse, TBEX and WTM are also a good chance to meet more people interested in travel blogging – I’m planning on TBEX Bangkok this year so maybe see you there!

Chat online

Monica from thetravelhack.com is one of my best travel blogger friends. We started chatting when she worked at Gap Deamon and I worked at HostelBookers, as our company accounts. When I first met her in real life we admitted we were the voices behind the companies and soon became friends.

Jayne from girltweetsworld.com is another one of my favourites. I stalked her blog and career a good few months before I actually met her. Introduce yourself online and then when you do finally meet at an event you’ll both know who each other are.

The roles were reversed when it comes to Helen from heleninwonderlust.co.uk. Monica and I arrived at the TBEX conference in Dublin late and she bounded over to us having already been on the Guinness and so full of love.

“I really think we could all be friends, can we hang out?”

Of course we were both flattered and just an hour or so later she became another one of my favourites.

Leave comments

Leaving comments on blogs is a really important part of widening your travel blogger social network. Lucy from absolutelylucy.com comments on my blog a lot and from noticing that I went to check out hers and now she’s one of my top travel bloggers to follow. We’ve chatted on Twitter but not met IRL yet.

Top tips for making friends

Travel bloggers and friends
Peter Parkorr travelunmasked.com and Ed rexyedventures.com


When you have such a shared passion as travel blogging it’s easy to get chatting whether online or in real life. You already have common ground and plenty to talk about.

Remember not to judge anyone on first meeting. Shyness, thoughtfulness, a conference hangover or just wanting to talk to a friend can all be mistaken for rudeness or off handed was when you meet someone for the first time. Give everyone three shots, if they’re still a douchebag then yeah, write them off and find someone else to hang out with. Out of the hundreds of travel bloggers I’ve met over the years I’d only put two, possibly three, in this category.

My travel blogger friends

Friends with travel bloggers
Chris backpackerbanter.com


I love my travel blogger friends and miss the carnage of the London Travel Massive when I’m away. One of the best things about being friends with travel bloggers is that you now have a network of people all around the world to hang out with. Make friends on Facebook and you might see they’re heading to the same destination as you and you can link up. One of my favourite people I’ve met at Travel Massive is Hayley from lovepuffin.me. She’s funny and enjoys a glass bottle of wine, just like me. We’re hopefully going to be in India at the same time this year and I’m looking forward to meeting up for some chai.

Make friends with other travel bloggers and you also have the most incredible network of travel advice around the world. It’s thanks to Paul and Karen from globalhelpswap.com and Victoria and Steve from bridgesandballoons.com that I found out about San Pancho in Mexico. A little town that became my favourite place to go in Mexico, along with Oaxaca.

Travel blogger lovers

Of course, there are always those who take things a little too far. Isabelle from isabellestravelguide.com and Chris from theaussienomad.com are now married and have a child on the way, thanks to meeting through their blogs. And Jayne from girltweetsworld.com and Justin who created 48houradventure.com (before selling it on) have just got engaged. Audrey Berger from thatbackpacker.com and Samuel from nomadicsamuel.com walked up the aisle six months ago. have also tied the knot recently. Sure there are loads more I don’t know about to add to that list too.

Hmm, maybe there’s a blogger boy for me out there?!

People who travel are the best, we all know that. Creating and updating a travel blog is your doorway into a world of hundreds of travel lovers happy to meet up for a beer and a chat wherever the two of you may be. So go forth and strike up that conversation!



  1. Thanks for a great post! I’m still very new to travel blogging, but I love the idea of working with other bloggers to create something fun. Will have to get networking!!

    1. Definitely! I’d like to take my own advice too and work with a few bloggers on something. You’ve just got to keep your eyes and mind open to opportunities and make things happen!

  2. This post was so inspiring! Thank you for writing it 🙂 I am one of the shy ones and I think you had some great ideas for meeting new people.

    1. It can be scary at first but once you’ve gone to your first event you’ll never have to go to your first event again 🙂

  3. I’ve read quite a few ‘how to’ blogging series over the past year or so but this is probably the first I’ve read that has actually said “yo, go make some friends people”.

    I think you’re absolutely right, when I’ve met bloggers in real life it’s been totally-awesome-rad.

    I think it’s interesting having the kind of blog pack mentality. I guess I’ve never experienced that fully as I’ve never fit neatly into one particular niche. Now, it’s called ‘lifestyle’ blogging, but I also come under food, vintage, fashion, home & interiors, craft and now travel.

    For me, what will be interesting (and possibly challenging) is finding a group of travel blogging friends where I’m at the stage as them. Whilst my travel blog is still new I’ve been blogging for over 6 years so I’m experienced AND new at the same time.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is – thank you, this is some real food for thought for me. Yes, I think I’d benefit from meeting some more likeminded travel bloggers. And hopefully I’ll get to make it to more events when I’m back in ol’ blighty this Spring.

    1. I think you’d have a really unique knowledge and experience to bring to a group of travel bloggers. I’m always interested to see how blogging works in other niches. It can be easy to get blinkered into just travel when that’s all you look at and all you do.

      I think there are quite a few travel bloggers who are going the opposite way to you. They’ve blogged about travel for a few years and now with babies, houses and marriage and whatever on the horizon they’ve decided to branch out into more lifestyle blogging. Get together and you guys could be an interesting bunch! Let me know if you need names.

      Meeting other travel bloggers is definitely the point where things got a bit more interesting for me 🙂

      1. Thanks Vicky! I think that’s a really good point about bloggers crossing niches. I guess I always do everything the roundabout way. I’d definitely like to hook up with some bloggers that are also crossing over the other way, there’s probably loads of interesting insights we could share.

  4. This is all so true and it is more fun to have travel blogger friends! I recently went to a meet up at home and met some bloggers I have admired and follow online ,only to find that we mesh so well in person too.

    1. See, that’s what happens! Most people are just like they are online so it’s really fun to be able to put a face to a name. I remember my first one and I kind of felt like everyone was a celebrity and felt pretty shy around some of them!

  5. Another great blog post, Vicky – and some fantastic tips that I’m lapping up. 😀 Blogging is so much more fun when you have at least one blogger friend to bounce ideas off and just chat all things technical. And thanks for including my blog post in the mix – hope it’s useful to someone! x

    1. No worries. I like that post. Even people that aren’t shy can start to feel it when the idea of walking into a room full of strangers presents itself. 🙂

  6. I look forward to Mondays again, now that I know a Blogger High Post will be waiting in my inbox! I really enjoyed last week’s post about finding your writing voice and letting that happen organically over time. This week is inspiration to get out and network more, for me! Thanks~

    1. Aw, thanks Emily! It’s really satisfying to be able to pass on everything I’ve learned over the last three years and feels good to be inspirational!

  7. This email makes my Mondays at the moment! I’m seriously loving it! There’s some great tips here and a good amount of encouragement, especially for a newbie blogger like me. I’m looking forward to hopefully attending some travel events and conferences this year and meeting fellow travel bloggers but I’m always anxious that everyone will know each other before hand – I guess that’s where Facebook groups come in handy though!

    1. Aw, thanks Emma. That makes my day to read you write that! Good idea to get your name down at some events. I think I”m just going to go to Bangkok TBEX this year, and WTM, but we’ll see. Maybe see you there!

  8. Ha ha, I’m such a saddo… a friendly one though! 🙂

    Great post Vicky.

    And I can second everything you said! Miss you!


  9. Interesting advise thanks- I can’t believe there have been travel blogger weddings! I guess at least they will both understand how much time it can take and not think you’re just bumbling around on twitter the entire time…

    1. Yeah exactly. I think it’s the perfect match. You can travel the world together and do your work. Let me know if you come across any fitty boy bloggers looking for a flipflop 🙂

  10. Aaah! This is so sweet! Thanks for all the tips and advice. Ironically (or not?) I’m just discovering your blog with this post, haha. Can’t wait to stalk and seek your friendship more. 😉 haha jk!

    1. Hi Sarah, new friend 🙂 Happy to help. Feel free to stalk the site and my social media. Not me though, that would be weird, and you’d have to come all the way to Japan right now which would kind of be expensive. Hope we get to meet somewhere around the world one day soon!

    1. Ooo that will be good. Looks like it’s going to be an interesting set up for Traverse this time round so I’m sure you’ll get lots of value from it. Sad I won’t be able to make it but I’ll be in India!

  11. Vicky, this is one of my favourite posts you’ve written and I’m really enjoying reading this series. It’s really clear and there’s lots of detail and ideas.

    I’ve been meaning to go to a London travel meet up for a while and your post has given me a little nudge to get on with it!

    1. Glad you’re enjoying it Gemma 🙂 There’s a Travel Massive in London in February – get yourself there!

  12. Ah the Travel Chicks – those were the days and how times flies. No matter what, the world is so small… there’s always a blogger buddy or two to hand. And you soon learn who matters most.
    Lovely post .

  13. Interesting read. I’m intrigued – how do you “join” these travel blogger alliances? Is it poor form to be brash and ask, ie should you wait to be invited, or just mention it to people?

    1. I’d say that you should make some friends naturally, and then see if they’re in any others. If not, suggest you guys link up and start helping each other out. I wouldn’t just approach people you don’t know – you might scare them off 🙂

  14. Nobody understands a travel blogger like another travel blogger; it’s a unique lifestyle. Only another blogger would understand we’re not bragging when we begin sentences with phrases like “When we were in Ecuador…”

    We’ve had a blast comparing notes with others on places we’ve been and how to be a better blogger. But as you said, the unfortunate part is that because we all like to travel we don’t see each other as often as we’d like.

    When we went to our first travel blogging conference we felt like fish out of water with all the “big names” around us. People like Deb and Dave (The Planet D) were super warm, encouraging and helpful though, and made us feel welcome and valued. Since then blogging conferences have been the highlight of our year; we have a chance to reconnect with old friends and make some new ones. Love that!

    Maybe we’ll see you in Thailand this year. 🙂

    1. Hi Linda, hope so! Ah I love Dave and Deb – I’ve met them twice now and they’re both lovely. I’m going to both TBEXs this year – super keen! Hopefully I’ll meet some awesome travel bloggers along the way 🙂

  15. This gives me hope for my single life after all!!! I am very much at the beginning of my journey and still trying to find friends at a similar stage as me. Just need to get the courage up and get out there! Thanks for this series, playing catch up but is it really useful x

    1. Glad I’ve inspired you Suz. You’ve got some really beautiful photos on your blog – just been having a quick look. Maybe you could go to some of the travel events in London? Let me know if you’re going to either of the TBEX’s 🙂

  16. This is something I really want to work on! It’s so difficult to meet and chat with other travel bloggers when you’re back at home not travelling and not in London. Really great advice! Started signing myself up with Travel Massive and more social media groups so hopefully see some more faces soon 🙂

    1. Yay, go to Travel Massive – I love that meet up. Do you know about Blogstock? It’s a really good festival in September near London and you’ll get to meet loads of people. I reckon that would be a good idea if you just want an injection of bloggers for a weekend!

  17. Im just starting out as a travel blogger and love your helpful tips. I hope im going to be as succesful as you one day but since this is only day 3 for me ive got a long way to go.

  18. Once again I read on of your posts and then go straight back to look for another one. This is the first time I have read advice on the social side of blogging Vicky, and although I am somewhat socially awkward, I am looking forward to getting to some events next year and hopefully meet some of the interesting people who have been entertaining me with their writing.

    1. Oh gawd I was so awkward at my first meet up, and still have flashbacks. I still get nervous – big social situations are not my forte – but you just need to make that first friend and then you’ll soon find you have more. The more meet ups you go to the easier it will become, so once you’ve done your first that’s the hard part over. Great news!

  19. I have started my travel blog and this post was so helpful!! Thanks so much, and who knows maybe one day we’ll meet at a blogger event I will definitely be keeping an eye out 😀 Thanks Vicky!

  20. Thank you for the information above! Super helpful and a real insight. I’m researching at the moment but hope to join the community very soon. Defining my niche!

  21. Is blogging the new dating? Hahaha. David and I share a blog since we focus on family travel, but maybe we would have been destined to meet through blogging anyway!

    1. I know right?! I know quite a few bloggers who’ve met through the travel blogger world – pretty amazing really but I guess it’s such a huge interest it brings people together 🙂

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