My Packing List for Baby for a Weekend Away

You need to be prepared when it comes to your packing list for a baby. You definitely don’t want to arrive at a new hotel without your steriliser! This baby packing list is for domestic weekends away for babies, to help you plan your trip (and for me to remember what to take).

weekend away with baby

My approach to a baby packing list for the weekend is generally to just take as much as I think I need, and if I don’t use it, hey ho. At least I know I have it.

Obviously this approach only works if you’re taking a car on your weekend away with a baby. You wouldn’t want all that stuff on a plane or train. So, use this list as you please. On my recent road trip with my baby Reggie, I pretty much took it all. But, any upcoming international plans mean I’ll have to narrow it all down, a bit.

Don’t forget to pack for yourself  

A lot of thought can go into what to pack for your baby for a weekend away, but what about you? I know from experience from the last few months that I’ll deliberate over what my baby packing list consists of for hours, and then give myself 5 minutes.

Next weekend away though, I’ll try and push that to at least 15…

  • Think in layers – pack something warm to just throw over and that goes with everything.
  • A rain coat
  • Pack some easy to wear dresses for women and pair with leggings for a comfortable yet kinda smart look.
  • You’ll need some sandals if you’re packing for summer, or trainers and hiking boots for winter.
  • Obviously your underwear, your socks, pyjamas and all the cosmetics you could want too.

What to pack it all in

We’ve just been gifted these Level 8 suitcases, the smaller one is perfect to fit all the necessities in. I like having everything organised into the pockets, rather than just all together in a bag. It makes it much easier to get ready than if everything is chucked in a bag.

Looking forward to taking the larger one for our longer holidays ASAP!

Here are a few tips on how to pack it all in, if you’re struggling.

packing for a weekend away

Baby clothing

  • Take 3 x as many outfits as days.
  • More nappies than you think you’ll use.
  • Onesies
  • Something for all weathers – so a cosy hoody, a raincoat and tshirts. Again, think in layers.
  • Swimwear
  • Hats – both a cap and a woolly hat

You might want to bring some fancy clothes if you’re seeing people but I’d recommend bringing easy to wear comfortable clothing, that your baby is happy in. Reggie just loves a onesie, and so do we – especially if it has a zip on it.

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36 Baby Essentials for Travel


  • Microwavable bottle holder
  • Bottles
  • Breastfeeding paraphernalia
  • Bibs
  • Steriliser
  • Formula / cartons

Make sure you bring everything for feeding, and extra supplies in case you can’t get to a microwave too. Right now we’re using the SMA 200ml formula cartons and Reggie will drink them at room temperature – making it pretty easy for us. Although we do need a microwave to sterilise. I know you can use the Milton steriliser tablets, but we haven’t tried them yet. Could be good for festival season!

We also have a Tommy Tippee travel steriliser, which is good for one bottle at a time.

Changing bag

  • Changing mat
  • Nappies
  • Wipes
  • Cream
  • Nappy bags
  • Dummies
  • Extra clothes
  • Muslin

When you’re sorting your packing list for baby’s weekend away, I’d recommend you keep your day changing bag as it is, and carry it with you in the car – not in the boot. This easy access is great if you suddenly need to feed in traffic, or you get somewhere and there are no changing facilities.

I changed Reggie once on the back seat, when it was absolutely chucking it down with rain outside. Saved us getting him in his pramsuit only to take him out a few minutes later.

Getting about with baby

  • Pram with cover
  • Muslin big enough to cover the pram
  • Rokit to keep him asleep
  • Sun parasol
  • Ergobaby sling
  • White noise machine
  • Colourful toy to keep him busy
  • Thicker cardigan for when the weather is not too hot or cold
  • Pram suit
weekend away with baby

On weekends away I like to travel with both the pram, and the baby sling. The pram is useful in bad weather and in restaurants when I want him to sleep and me to eat. And I like the sling for feeling more agile, for walking on the beach and muddy hikes.

He’s also getting to the stage where he’s too big for me to have him in the sling for a long time as it pulls on my back. It’s good to have the pram as an option.

Bathing your baby on a weekend away

  • Cloth
  • Baby wash
  • Moisturiser
  • Towel
  • Baby bath

It depends on you and your routine as to whether you take a bath. When Reggie was younger we just didn’t bath him on a weekend away. I think my next purchase will be one of those inflatable baths for festivals this year.

If you don’t want to do that you could just lay your baby down in an few inches of water in an adult bath and let him splash about. Use a towel underneath to stop him slipping around and don’t take your eyes off him!

Just to note though, I’ve done this once with Reggie and he hated it. I’ll try twice more before I give up!

Prepare for the sun

  • Hat / Cap
  • Baby sunglasses
  • SPF50 – I like the Child’s Farm range and have the bath stuff and moisturiser

Be very careful of your baby’s skin when you’re out and about – it’s so precious and fragile. You can buy bespoke blankets to go over the pram to protect them, like a rain cover. It’ll protect from UV rays. You see people using muslins, which is fine as long as your baby doesn’t get too hot in the pram.

Reggie hates his sunglasses, but I’m definitely going to keep trying with them to get him used to them.

And on that note of baby health, know where your local A&E is wherever you’re going.


  • Travel cot
  • Blanket
  • Baby monitor
  • Blackout blind
  • Dummies

I know that Reggie will just sleep in the bed next to me if cots fail, but this isn’t ideal for any of us, especially in a new bed.

When we went to see my mum and dad for a weekend we took his Snuzpod bed as well, just to give him, and us, the best chance of sleeping.

I haven’t actually tried a travel cot in a hotel yet, but I know it’s something lots of places offer.

Never forget the dummy – blummin love those things.

Weekend away with a baby

If you want to, and you can, I’d urge you to spend a weekend away with your baby. We first went with Reggie at 8 weeks. We’re building ourselves up to a week away!

packing for a weekend away with baby

Having a weekend away with a baby is the perfect opportunity to experience somewhere new, or new to your baby. It’s also a chance for you to feel like some remnants of your old life is there, and to see somewhere that isn’t your home. I’m going to guess you’re pretty over those four walls by now!

Book a weekend away with your baby, know your exit routes, and be prepared to come home if it doesn’t work out. No commitment. But I know, you’ll have a great time.

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