Antler Luggage Review: The Clifton Set of 3 in Sycamore

If you’re looking for an Antler luggage review for the Clifton set, read on to see what I thought of the cabin, medium, and large size hard shell wheeled suitcases.

Antler Clifton review

I do have a few suitcases at home, of course. But with so much use, they’re looking pretty shabby these days. When Antler offered to send me their Clifton Set of 3 in Sycamore, I was more than happy to say yes. 

Stylish, strong and very much needed for my upcoming adventures, I’m glad that these hard sell cases are now mine! 

With travels revolving around my son, it’s great to have some cases that will fit all of our stuff in. The last few trips I’ve done I’ve used my partner’s soft shell shabby case, with strict instructions not to damage it as it has sentimental value – he’s had it that long. 

Didn’t tell him about trying to force the zip shut after my East Sussex retreat, with the suitcase full of so many of Reggie’s clothes ‘just in case’. 

Now I have the 132L Clifton case for Reggie and I’s things when we travel abroad. I have the 83L one if we’re away for the weekend or seeing parents, and then the little one for cabin luggage. A case for every holiday need!

Antler Clifton set specifications 

Small Clifton case 

The small case, which they call the Cabin Case, is obviously going to get the most use, with weekends and nights away. 

The cabin Antler Clifton case is just 2.8kg, and can hold 37L. It’s 20 x 40 x 55cm. This case would currently be allowed as cabin baggage on Ryanair and EasyJet, but definitely check before you fly in case they change their minds again! 

With packing cubes this could definitely fit everything I’d need for a weekend away in it.

Medium Clifton case 

The medium Clifton case is 3.9kg, and can hold 75L or 83L expanded. It’s 29 x 45 x 67cm. 

With packing cubes this could definitely fit everything Reggie and I would need for a few days away in it. Great for if it’s just the two of us flying alone.

Large Clifton case 

The large Clifton case is 5kg, and can hold 121L or 132L expanded. It’s 34 x 51 x 80cm.

With packing cubes this could definitely fit everything the three of us would need for a week away in it. I’m looking forward to trying!

It’ll also be a great way to keep everything in one place when I’m travelling for Christmas, or to see my family via the M1 – you can fit a LOT in these cases. It’d be perfect if you were packing for a Caribbean holiday.

You’ll need to be careful of luggage restrictions if you’re using it for flying though, with this 121L case you could easily tip those scales into the excess baggage danger zone.

Antler Luggage Review: the best features

Antler case review

Expandable zips

I love that the two bigger cases have expandable zips. Always so annoying when everything seems to fit on the way out, and then you can’t get it to on the way back. This way, you have space to grow! Also to bring back those souvenirs. 


The Antler Clifton cases are made from polycarbonate to ensure they’re lightweight and strong.

Easy to manoeuvre

The cases are easy to push, and actually fit together so you can push them around as one mass together. One of the best things about the Clifton cases is the fact that one adult can pull all three. This means if you have kids, or a dog, or you’re travelling with someone who needs help with mobility, you have more freedom and options. 

Come with a lock

The Antler Clifton suitcases come with a TSA combination lock, so you can keep your stuff secure. Personally, I don’t actually use these as I’d hate for them to slash my cases to get in. Although, we had stuff taken when we went to Cuba, so maybe it’s a good idea!

Four wheels

Four wheels on a case is an absolute game changer. You can rest your handbag on top as you wheel it along. You can also rest children, or drinks bottles, or have yourself a little shelf if you need. 

Twist handle

The telescopic handle you use to pull and push the case has a twist-grip handle, designed to help you steer the case. If you’re travelling through airports, train stations and busy city centres, or even holding something else in your other hand (I’m thinking a buggy) then this makes it so much easier to negotiate those corners and tight spaces.

Interior pockets

Another great function that struck me when I opened the cases, is the interior pockets. Clear. So good to be able to find your important things easier. There’s also one with a net interior – I’d keep my electronics in here.

Antler Luggage Review

My one gripe with the Clifton set in Sycamore, would be that they look and feel so nice, I kind of don’t even want to use them!

They’re sturdy, strong and built to last. They’re also roomy enough to fit all of the baby essentials in. I think me and my Antler Clifton Luggage have a long and happy life ahead of us.

More on Antler

  • All items are available at Or you can buy the large Clifton here, the medium here, and the cabin Clifton here, from Amazon.
  • Delivery is complimentary and takes 3-5 days.
  • Next-day delivery (£3.95) and Express delivery (£6.95) options are available. 
  • They offer a lifetime warranty on all their suitcases, including their hard-sided and soft-sided collections.


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