Detailed Guide to the Prices in Nepal

The prices in Nepal were pretty sweet for a Brit coming over on a holiday. Activities obviously bumped the Nepal prices up, but as for accommodation, food and getting around, the country was an absolute bargain TBH.

activities in pokhara

As always, how much you’ll spend in Nepal depends on how much of a drinker / eater / adrenaline junkie / shopper you are, but here’s a quick guide to the Nepal prices from my week there, just to give you an idea.

How Much Will I Spend in Nepal?

– Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. All travel was paid for and organised by me.

A return flight from London Heathrow to Kathmandu will cost around £400 and upward, depending on time of year and how much in advance you book.

I actually flew from Delhi and back, as I’d been travelling there. I paid £115 return with luggage from Delhi to Kathmandu, five weeks in advance. I booked through, via Skyscanner, and flew with Jet Airways. No complaints! 

How Expensive is Nepal?

Pokhara things to do

– Keep some Nepal budget for your headwear

Is Nepal expensive for a holiday?

This is a difficult question to answer as it totally depends on where you’re comparing the cost of Nepal to.

But for me, coming from England, no it wasn’t. 

You can find out in detail everything I did in the country in my one week guide to Nepal. I had a great time and found the country to be very good value. I stayed in cheap accommodation and would upgrade this next time I go, as it was very basic, but it meant I had all the more for activities. 

Here’s everything I made a note of spending during my week in Nepal. There were around 150 Nepalese rupees to £1 when I went / or 115 NPR to $1.

*All conversions done by

Cost of accommodation in Nepal

– 3 nights in Kathmandu: Kathmandu Village House = 4700 NPR | $40.50 | £32

– 3 nights in Pokhara: OYO Romantica = 5400 NPR | $47 | £37

– 1 night in Nagarkot: Hotel at the End of the Universe = 2700 NPR | $24 | £18

– 1 night near Kathmandu Airport: OYO 146 Somewhere Hotel & Restaurant = 1000NPR | $9 | £7 

Nepal accommodation costs total = £94 for 8 nights

Prices in Nepal

All the accommodations I chose were acceptable for the price, and I’d totally recommend if it’s summer and you’re on a budget like me. My big issue with all of them was there was no heat$24.60ing, anywhere.

Kathmandu Village House was freezing and as I wasn’t feeling my best I kept getting into bed as soon as I got in. I daren’t wash my hair.

Me doing yoga in Nepal

It was sunnier in Pokhara and the hotel was better insulated, but still, no heating. It was actually ok here though. Although I did have to wear big socks and my cardigan in bed.

If you’re travelling in winter, make sure the hotel you choose has heating!

I’ve written my suggestions for somewhere a bit more weather round suitable under the locations above. But here they are again if you want to take a look.

Both the hotels I stayed in for three nights included breakfast but I only ate at each once, because to put it bluntly, both were rank. I could’ve saved money if I wanted to eat cold stodgy toast, with white butter, but seeing as I only had a week in Nepal to make the most of, I went out for breakfast.

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Cost of transport in Nepal

Private transfer from Kathmandu Airport to Kathmandu = 2850 NPR | $24.60 | £19.22

Bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara = 800 NPR | $7 | £5.50

Flight from Pokhara to Kathmandu = 11435.10 NPR | $99 | £77.40 

Taxi return to World Peace Pagoda = 1600 NPR | $14 | £11

Taxi from Kathmandu Airport to Nagarkot = 3200 | $27.70 | £21.64

Bus from Nagarkot to Kathmandu Airport = 110 | $1 | 80p

Nepal transport costs total = £135.56

Cost of activities in Nepal

Transport in Nepal

Breakfast food tour = 1850 NPR | $16 | £12.50

Spiritual temple tour = 6800 NPR | $59 | £46 

Garden of Dreams entry = 400 NPR | $3.60 | £2.80

Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave = 100 NPR | 90 cents | 70p

Davis Falls = 30 NPR | 25 cents | 20p

Yoga package with dinner at ashram = 1400 NPR | $12.12 | £9.50

90 minute Nepalese massage at Jiva = 3000 NPR | $26 | £20.35

Singing bowls = 500 donation | $4.40 | £3.40

Nepal activities costs total = £95.45

Costs of food and drink in Nepal

Right, I seem to have lost where I wrote down how much I spent on food in Nepal. This is very upsetting for me as I’ve come this far in the article. And I wanted to give you an exact amount. 

Prices of Nepal

So, all the amounts above of costs in Nepal are dead on and exact, but the following ones are an estimate based on research. In fact, I’m going to have to estimate $3-$7 for each meal. Things like momos can be cheaper, and I know beers are around 300 NPR. I didn’t eat three meals a day in Nepal, as I really wasn’t well for a lot of it. 

Like, really not well. Make sure you choose your restaurants wisely, and wash your hands! 

Croissant egg breakfast at Organic Cafe = $3

Chocolate and banana pancake = $3

Eggy breakfast at German Bakery and coffee = $3

Eggy Breakfast at End of the Universe Hotel = $3

Cheesey croissant at Tasty Bakery = $3

+ 3 more breakfasts = $9

Lunch at Cafe Mitre = $5

Apple pie at Garden of Dreams = $5

Pad Thai and masala tea lunch  = $5

Prawn Crackers and rice and tea = $5

Tomato soup and garlic bread = $5

+ 3 more lunches = $15

Momo dinner at Momo Hut = $7

Sushi dinner at Momondu = $7

+ 5 more dinners = $35

food in nepal

Coke at Hotel Mulberry = $5

Everest Beer at a lakeside bar = $3

Everest Beer at Gravity Lakeside Bar = $3

Utapam and ginger tea = $3


Rough Nepal food and drink total = £94

costs of nepal

Other costs in Nepal

3kg washing on a 6-hour wash in Kathmandu = 600 NPR | £4 

You might want to budget for some of these great souvenirs from Nepal too.

Prices in Nepal 

Kathmandu flight

I actually spent xxx in one week in Nepal – that’s what went from my bank account while I was there. I think the rest was water, a cashmere scarf for mum, one for me, a pair of shoes, and a little taxi ride here and there, maybe some water and some forgotten food probably.

I’m actually well impressed at how little I spent in Nepal. Extras I would’ve bought include the helicopter ride up Everest and the paragliding over Lake Pakhora, but I did what was right at the time. I didn’t feel I could afford it. 

Do I regret it? 

Yes. I should’ve just gone for it and done both as who knows if I’ll ever make it back to do either. 

Nepal accommodation costs total = £94 for 8 nights

Nepal transport costs total = £135.56

Nepal activities costs total = £95.45

Nepal food and drink total = £94

Total spent in Nepal in 7/8 Days

= £419.01

What do you think of the price in Nepal?
More than you thought?


Please don’t do as I did and miss out on the Everest tour and the paragliding in Pokhara.

They’re two of the biggest and best things to do, just do it! 

costs of nepal

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  1. Hello Vicky, loved your blog. It’s very detailed and informative. I’m going to Nepal in September and just wondering that if you had an extra day, where would you have spent it?

  2. Hi Vickyflipflop, Would like to check with you on the bus condition from Kathmandu to Nagarkhot and Pokhara. is it ok for big luggages or only for back packs? Aircon? or both ways as per the photo you showed? thank you

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