8 Ways to Save Money on Last Minute Travel

If you suddenly find yourself with time off, nothing to do, but feeling pretty skint and still wanting to travel, here are a few ways to save money on last minute travel to help you still get away.

saving money on travel

Ever felt the sudden urge to pack your bags for some spontaneous last-minute travel?

But, you’re feeling the pinch?

You can still go!

Let me show you how you can use my simple and practical strategies to help you save money on your last-minute travel escapades. From snagging affordable flights and accommodations, to finding deals on activities and getting the most value for your money.

Here are my tried and tested ways to keep travelling, even when you can’t really afford it (I’ve done plenty of that in my life!).

How to Save Money on Last Minute Travel

Top tricks for cheaper travel.

save money on last minute travel

1. Find the cheapest flight possible

If you’re really last minute, and can travel from London, you should check out RuntoFly.co.uk, a new website featuring flight deals with departure within 24 hours. If you’re a spontaneous traveller and open to suggestions, here you can save money on seats leaving soon.

Runtofly doesn’t have a search functionality – you simply choose among the best available flights to a varied selection of worldwide destinations displayed on a virtual airport departure board. Sounds cool, hey? 

If you can’t travel from London, then make sure to find the best flight deals on comparison sites. And don’t take the first price you find, look around!

2. Research discount cards

There are loads of discount cards available for travel – do some research to find the best one for you.

saving money on travel

You could get a Network Railcard, that gets you 30% of train travel in the south of England, or maybe a Student Discount card? There are also OAP discount cards, disability discount cards, and city discount passes if you’re planning on seeing multiple attractions.

3. Book through a cashback site

Cashback sites give you money just for shopping online. They share the money they make for you booking through them, with you.

You collect these small amounts, not even thinking about it, and then one day, it becomes a large amount and you’re really happy you did it.

You can earn anything from 1% to about 40% of what you spend, back. Do your research to find the best cashback sites for you.

4. Pack light

One of the best ways to save on last minute travel, is to pack as light as possible. If you just take a free carry on bag each, you can save £100s if you’re travelling with a family.

I’ve got loads of packing guides to help you stick with the essentials. My festival packing guide is the most popular, but you may also need my winter packing list, or this beach holiday packing list too.

TOP TIP: Don’t pack so light you have to buy everything when you get there!

5. Use loyalty and reward programs

If you’re a member of any airline loyalty or hotel reward programs, check if you have enough points to use for your last-minute travel. Paying on points can significantly reduce your overall expenses. Additionally, booking flights and accommodations through credit cards that offer travel rewards can provide additional savings.

You could also sign up to them, just to save money.


We saved 10% on our luxury trip to Ibiza by booking direct, and then another 5% by signing up to their loyalty program, which was free. I basically just had to give an email address.

I do wonder if this is why we were upgraded to such an incredibly room (with an outdoor hot tub) too…

6. Book your hotel a little out of town

If you book your accommodation in proximity to public transportation, rather than in the centre of town, you can save a lot of money for the cost of a bus / tram / train fare. Or even, a taxi.

Best places to go backpacking

Do you really need to pay the premium for being in the centre of town? Or could you enjoy the journey in every day?

7. Choose your accommodation wisely

Be open to different types of accommodation. Could you save money in an airbnb and eating there? Or does it make sense for you to be in a 3* traditional B&B?

You could also camp, or sofa surf, or, do you just need that luxury city penthouse?

You do you, but think it through.

8. Check what’s on Eventbrite

Eventbrite is great for finding lots of different types of events, and many of them are available for free or nearly free. You can even search by ‘free’.

From business networking events to seminars and talks to kids fun days to fashion pop-ups, there’s a little bit of absolutely everything on Eventbrite so it’s well worth a look in case there’s anything coming up in your area.

You’ll (almost) definitely find some free events if you’re going to a city.

Saving Money on Last-Minute Travel

Remember, spontaneity doesn’t have to mean emptying your bank account. With a little creativity, flexibility, and these money-saving tips, you can enjoy those impulsive adventures.

travel cheap

Don’t fret over the small expenses, for in the grand scheme of things, they’re just tiny pebbles in your journey. Book the trip, deal with the consequences later!

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