5 Most Lucrative UK Cashback Sites for Travel

Cashback sites can save you money on travel. If you don’t use them, you’re leaving money on the table that could be financing your next trip. Let me show you how to use them, and which are the best UK cashback sites for travel.

cashback sites for travel

Staying up to date with UK cashback sites for travel means you can earn money back, on money you spend. If you’re financing a big trip, or a house move, or some big life event, ut’s well worth doing it through one of these cashback sites to earn money back.

It’s also worth plugging in to these sites if you’re merely just living!

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The costs of groceries, bills and life are adding up – so you might as well get something back for your everyday purchases!

When a purchase is made, the cashback website records the transaction and deposits money into your cashback account. Rather than going direct to make your purchase, buy through a cashback site, and get paid for it.

How cashback sites work

  • Search the cashback site for your chosen retailer.
  • Decide on your product.
  • Your visit is being tracked.
  • Buy the product.
  • You will earn a per cent of the final price.
  • This will arrive in your account once the return window is closed (weeks / months).
  • Once you’ve reached the threshold, you can withdraw to your bank account.
  • You’ve just got money for free!

Theses cashback sites offer you the opportunity to earn cashback rewards and take advantage of voucher code offers, allowing you to maximise your savings. They’re all free to join so, after the initial admin of setting them up, you’re basically earning money for nothing!

Here is a list of the best UK cashback sites for travel…

Best UK Cashback Sites for Travel

Look, you’re not going to earn a fortune, BUT, look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves. AND, it’s money you were going to spend anyway, right?

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1. Topcashback

Known as the UK’s highest paying cashback site, TopCashback offers excellent cashback deals on accommodation, flights, insurance, and car hire. Their website provides a wide range of options to choose from and opportunities to earn significant cashback rewards.

“Thousands of top UK brands pay us when you shop and we share that cash with you. Join now to save £100s each year.”

UK cashback sites for travel

Top Topcashback partners to look out for

There were 628 results when I searched for their travel partners!

Here are some of the best travel cashback partners on TopCashback.com.

  • Expedia (upto 10% cashback)
  • Hotels.com (upto 10% cashback)
  • Trainline.com (upto 21% cashback)
  • Travelodge (upto 4% cashback)
  • TUI (upto 15% cashback)
  • DisneyLand Paris (upto £50 cashback)
  • Jet2 (upto £45 cashback)
  • Holiday Extras Parking (up to 47% cashback)

When you sign up to TopCashback, you’ll be automatically signed up for the Plus membership which gives higher cashback rates and payout bonuses, for only £5 of your annual cashback earnings. You can easily downgrade if you wish.

If you only want to join one travel cashback site, for the sake of all the admin, then TopCashback has the Highest Cashback Guarantee. You can also sort by the per cent of cashback their partners are offering.

You just need to remember to buy through the site when the time comes, or you can install the browser extension on desktop, and the app on your phone. This is the best of the UK cashback sites for travel in my research, and opinion.

TOP TIP: Remember to always check the terms and conditions of each cashback site to ensure you understand how the rewards system works and to maximise your earnings.

2. Quidco

As one of the leading cashback sites in the UK, Quidco boasts over 10 million members, all getting cashback on their online purchases.

On registration, you’ll automatically become a Premium member, granting you access to cashback opportunities at over 4,500 retailers and the potential to earn up to 20% payout bonuses along with up to 10% extra on basic cashback rates. These added benefits come at a nominal cost of only £1 per month, deducted from your cashback account.

You can easily switch back to the free Basic account if you need.

Top Quidco partners to look out for

There were around 500 results when I searched for their travel partners. I’ve left some of the TopCashback results in below, for reference.

  • Expedia (upto 8% cashback) (TCB upto 10% cashback)
  • Hotels.com (upto 10% cashback) (TCB upto 10% cashback)
  • Viator (8% cashback)
  • Virgin Atlantic (4% cashback)
  • TUI (upto 4% cashback) (TCB upto 15% cashback)
  • VRBO (3% cashback)
  • EasyJet (2% cashback)

3. Complete Savings

Although not exclusively a cashback site for travel, Complete Savings is worth mentioning due to the generous rewardss With Complete Savings, you can earn a minimum of 10% cashback each time you shop online, with the possibility of earning up to £250 cashback per month.

Weirdly though, they’ve made it hard to sign up. You need to look out for a banner advertisement with one of their partners, click on it and then you’ll go through to the sign-up page. Not sure why they’re doing that!

Top Complete Savings partners to look out for

There were lots of results when I searched for their travel partners. Here are their best deals for their chosen online retailers.

  • Expedia (upto 10% cashback)
  • Lastminute.com (upto 10% cashback)
  • Snow+Rock (upto 10% cashback)

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4. Swagbucks

Here’s another top UK travel cashback site for you.

Get ready for a money-making adventure by signing up to Swagbucks for free and activating an instant £10 bonus in the Swag Ups section of your account.

Simply spend £25 or more at one of their featured retailers and you’ll get to claim the £10 off – easy-peasy!

Swagbucks isn’t just about getting cashback though. By sharing your shopping habits and favourite stores with Swagbucks, you can receive personalised offers, exclusive discount codes, and even opportunities to fill out surveys for extra cash. Basically, your likes, dislikes, time and opinions for money back.

As you make purchases at over 7,000 participating outlets, you’ll earn rewards points called SB. What do you do with these shiny SB points, you ask? Well, you turn them into an array of fantastic rewards like gift cards or even cold, hard cash.

This is probably the most intrusive and time consuming option on my list. I wanted to include it, but I’d worry about the incessant emails. It’s kinda gamifying shopping, if that’s your thing!

Top Swagbucks partners to look out for

There were around 120 results when I searched for their travel partners.

Here are some of the best travel cashback partners on Swagbucks.

  • Expedia (upto 2% cashback)
  • Hotels.com (upto 3% cashback)
  • Travelodge (upto 1% cashback)
  • TUI (upto 15% cashback)
  • Holiday Extra Breaks (upto 2% cashback)
  • Disney (upto 1% cashback)
  • ClubMed (upto 3% cashback)

BEFORE BOOKING: Always just double check the price before you click through the check out. Some people have reported the prices hiking when you use cashback sites – just something to be aware of. You want to make sure you are actually getting a bargain!

5. Rakuten

Rakuten is one of the best internationally known cashback sites. Sign up and it’s like you’re getting free money from the online retailers.

As well as using the best cashback sites for your travel purchases, you can also use them for financial products that help you to travel more – like credit cards, debit cards and bank transfers. Rakuten has some great offers for this – it’s a great way to see the best deals out there and find the right ones for you.

Rakuten features many of our favourite retailers all offering a cashback offer to entice you in. Look out for the exclusive deals basically offering free cash with their cashback amounts.

Like most of these sites, the amount of cashback you get varies so make sure it’s worth the faff for you.

  • Expedia (upto 6% cashback)
  • Hotels.com (upto 4% cashback)
  • British Airways (upto 1% cashback)
  • On the Beach (upto 1.7% cashback)
  • EasyJet (upto 1% cashback)
  • Alamo (upto 2.5% cashback)
  • ClubMed (upto 3% cashback)

UK cashback sites for Travel

By using these cashback sites, you can make the most of your travel budget. Whether you’re booking hotel rooms, flights, a credit card, or car rentals, these sites can offer great deals and opportunities to earn cashback rewards. But there are just a few things to be wary of before you start:

Stick with the trusted UK cashback sites

Always opt for the big guns in the cashback game. Stick with the trusted names like Quidco, TopCashback, Swagbucks, and Rakuten. These reputable sites almost always offer a free membership tier, so you can enjoy the perks without worrying about breaking the bank. Keep your financial peace of mind without giving out your bank details, or hard earned cash.

Do you research and compare

Do your research first and be sure about the product you need. Then compare the price of the product with several retailers. No point getting £50 cashback on a £200 purchase if you can buy the same product elsewhere for £100!

Withdraw your earnings regularly

There’s no regulation of these top UK travel cashback sites, so make sure you withdraw the money regularly in case they go bust or change their working practices. There’s no benefit in storing your cashback with them.

Delete your cookies

Make sure to delete your cookies, so each purchase with a retailer is registered as a new one. If the cookies show you’ve visited them before signing up to a cashback site, it won’t be registered as the referral source and you may not receive your rewards as a ‘new customer’.

Earning cashback rewards on travel

So, why not give these UK cashback sites a try and start earning cashback rewards on your next travel bookings? What will you do with your extra money!

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