Should I Use a VPN While Travelling?

Purchasing a VPN for PC, Mac, or mobile devices is the best thing you can do for your online security. It is true, especially when you travel. We are in an era where it is impossible to log off at work and completely shut down communication. You will need the internet to check emails, post your pictures on social media, book your flights, or play with your itinerary. 

VPN your computer

For this, you might need to access public WiFi, use blocked websites, access your bank account, transfer sensitive information, and so on. A VPN will solve most of these issues and make your travel easier. You will have to invest only a small monthly amount of money to get this peace of mind. 

Here are a few reasons why you should use a VPN while travelling abroad:

Bypass censorship and blocked sites

There are high chances that the country you are traveling to has put certain restrictions, and you might not be able to access all the websites you want to. A VPN will help you access these blocked websites by connecting you to a server located in a different country or your home country.  

Most VPNs have servers located worldwide that allow you to bypass any such filters. 

Secure your online activity

You will not be able to resist using public WiFi. It does not matter if you are having affordable roaming or using a local SIM card; you will end up using them for some reason. 

You should know that these connections are insecure and have security drawbacks. Hackers are highly active on such networks, and they can easily check your online activities and expose your personal or financial data. 

While most websites are secure (HTTPS) nowadays, you can still find many insecure apps, sites, and services running on the internet. By using a VPN, you will protect your devices from such snoops. A VPN encrypts the data before sending it over through the WiFi, so intruders will not be able to decrypt the data, allowing your personal data to transmit safely.

Avoid being locked out of your bank account

Your bank might lock you out of your bank account for unusual activity if you keep using your debit or credit card abroad. You can inform your bank about your travel plans in advance, but it might not necessarily work. 

Undoubtedly, this security is for your protection. You would be happy if your bank locks your card when someone actually uses it for unusual purchases. But, you won’t be happy about it if it keeps happening with you when you are traveling. 

Using a VPN in such cases will help you. A bank tracks the transaction location by capturing the IP address. If you use a VPN and set it to your home country, fewer “unusual” purchases will be fewer. It will reduce the chances of a bank freezing your card, and you can skip some of these extra security hoops.

The same applies to your financial services like PayPal. They are notorious for freezing your account when you log in from a different country, and you will spend unlimited time getting your account unblocked. A VPN is a simple solution that can save you so much time, letting you enjoy your vacations tension-free.

Protect all your devices

Previously, VPNs were only linked with those who wanted to connect to their head office from their laptops. It is definitely not the case currently. Many people carry mobile phones or tablets instead of laptops while traveling. 

VPN service providers have made dedicated iOS and Android apps available in the market that you can use to protect your devices. Also, most VPN subscriptions allow you to run several connections simultaneously, so you can connect VPN whenever you feel the need or have the urge to use a public unsecured WiFi.

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