10 Brilliant Souvenirs from Finland to Remember Your Trip By

Shopping in Finland is like a must-do activity for any visitor, as the country has so many of interesting and distinctive products on offer. Discover what you can buy there in my list of the top souvenirs from Finland you can’t find anywhere else.

Finland offers experiences that differ from the sun-filled beach holiday and unsurprisingly the same can be said of the mementos and keepsakes on offer too. There are so many distinctive and unusual souvenirs from Finland that are worth leaving room in your suitcase for.

During my trip to the Nordic country, I enjoyed some of the best food and drink, as well as browsing the shopping centres, markets and local stores. There’s all sorts of handicrafts and food-related things to buy in Finland that are great for gifts (this also includes gifts for yourself).

what souvenirs can you buy from Finland?

My list of the best Finnish souvenirs includes a range of things the country produces, from typical Finnish designs to iconic cartoon characters! They truly showcase all the wonderful ways Finland is like no other country, and one where you can indulge in its artistic flair!

10 top souvenirs from Finland to buy

Whether you’re after a perfect gift for the kids or have that foodie friend back home, there’s plenty of things to buy in Finland that make for ideal Finnish gifts and souvenir ideas.

1. Moomins from Finland

Moomins, created by Finnish-Swedish author Tove Jansson, are beloved characters that have captured the hearts of people worldwide. These adorable and imaginative creatures have become icons in Finland. 

moomin souvenirs from Finland

You can buy a wide variety of Moomin goodies so you have lots of things to choose from! Among the most popular are Moomin mugs, which feature various characters from Moomintroll to Snorkmaiden, covered in heart-warming illustrations. Not only are they fun kitchenware but also a celebration of some of Finland’s most loved creations, therefore they are some of the best souvenirs from Finland.

There’s more than just mugs though, Moomin teddies are very popular and would be a great gift for both children and collectors. The Moomins did originate as books though so you could opt for some wonderful copies of those. These beautifully illustrated stories set in the world of the Moomins, makes them a lovely souvenir for booklovers. Whether you’re a fan of the Moomin tales or simply appreciate the artistry behind these characters, Moomin products offer a memento of Finnish culture and creativity.

2. Sisu products from Finland

‘Sisu’ is a term deeply embedded in Finnish culture, representing a remarkable spirit of resilience, determination, and courage when facing adversity. For those who want to carry a piece of this Finnish attitude home, Sisu-themed products are imbued with this concept. Usually, the word ‘Sisu’ is incorporated into the designs thus keeping the idea close to mind at all times.

sisu products to buy as souvenirs from Finland
Touch of Finland

There are so many different items to be able to choose from whether that be Sisu-inscribed clothing items, such as t-shirts and hoodies or Sisu jewellery, including necklaces and bracelets. These accessories are a portable reminder of the resilience that is so closely associated with the Finnish character, allowing you to carry the spirit of Sisu with you wherever you go.

Sharing the fortitude of the Finnish amongst your loved ones with Sisu fashions would be one of the best souvenirs from Finland I could suggest.

3. Finnish fabric souvenirs

Finnish design is renowned worldwide for its minimalist, functional, and timeless qualities.

When you’re in Finland, you have the opportunity to bring a piece of this design legacy home. One iconic Finnish design brand is Marimekko, celebrated for its bold and colourful textiles. Marimekko’s fabrics often feature wonderful floral and geometric patterns that encapsulates a certain joie-de vivre.

You can find Marimekko designs on clothing, bags, and home textiles, allowing you to incorporate a touch of Finnish design into your wardrobe or living space.

Marimekko designs are typical Finnish souvenirs

Iittala, another much-loved brand, is famous for its elegant glassware. Their pieces are not only functional but also beautiful, making them an ideal choice as a gift for someone who loves art and design.

Whether it’s Marimekko’s colourful textiles, Iittala’s elegant glassware, or Artek’s modern furniture, Finnish design products are a reflection of the country’s naturally ingrained talent for style, any of which would make some of the best souvenirs from Finland.

4. Finnish liquorice (salmiakki)

Salmiakki, a quintessential Finnish treat, is a type of liquorice that has a very salty and slightly bitter taste. You’ll definitely be able to taste the characteristic salmiakki kick. 

salmiakki finnish food souvenirs

One of the most common salmiakki treats is the hard and salty liquorice drops. These ‘sweets’ are more savoury than sweet and can be an acquired taste but are loved by many in Finland. You can also get softer and chewy salmiakki more akin to usual liquorice – but still just as salty!

For those who love to sample new foods, especially ones unique to the place they are visiting, salmiakki chocolates offer a great mix of flavours. These combine the gorgeous taste of chocolate with the salty and slightly bitter notes of salmiakki. The result is a taste sensation that is as memorable as it is delicious and would therefore make it one of the best souvenirs from Finland. 

5. Knitwear from Finland

Among the most popular traditional Finnish clothing items are, unsurprisingly, woollen socks and mittens. Not only practical for staying warm in Finland’s cold climate but they can also be very stylish additions to your wardrobe! Apart from those, there is one special piece I’d like to introduce to you: the neulepaita.

Levi Finland reindeer

The ‘neulepaita’, or Finnish wool sweater, is a timeless and cosy piece of clothing that is a bi-product of the country’s inherent stylish design culture. These beautiful jumpers typically feature patterns inspired by Finland’s stunning natural landscapes and folklore. The multiple and varied designs often include elements like trees, animals and geometric shapes, reflecting the connection between Finns and their environment.

Wearing a neulepaita not only keeps you warm but also allows you to carry a piece of Finland’s history and artistic tradition with you, making it one of the best souvenirs from Finland that combines both fashion and practicality.

6. Sauna accessories from Finland

A warming, relaxing, luxurious Sauna; who doesn’t love them? Saunas are a cherished part of Finnish culture, and what better way to remember your Finnish trip than by bringing a piece of this wonderful tradition home with you. 

sauna products from Finland

There’s a wide range of sauna accessories available from handmade wooden buckets and ladles, unique thermometers, sand timers, various scents and aromas and of course the highest-quality gowns and towels. It’s a centuries-old ritual that captures the essence of the Finnish experience.

Sauna towels and bathrobes are both functional and luxurious and add a touch of Finnish luxury to your rest and relaxation. So even when you’re not on holiday anymore you can still treat yourself to luxury R&R courtesy of one of the best souvenirs from Finland.

7. Food souvenirs from Finland

Finnish cuisine is a delectable fusion of flavours that reflects the country’s home grown crops. When seeking souvenirs for the foodie in your life, Finland offers an array of delicious options to take home. Among the most prized is cloudberry jam, a rare delicacy known for its unique, sweet-tart taste. Cloudberry picking is an old-school but well-loved summer activity in Finland, and this jam captures this fleeting berry’s beautiful flavour. It’s a souvenir that encapsulates the taste of Finnish summers and the northern wilderness.

cloudberry picking in Finland provides great souvenir ideas

Rye bread, known as ‘ruisleipä’ is a traditional Finnish bread that holds a special place in Finnish cuisine. This dense, dark bread features an earthy taste and a unique texture, even more so than your standard rye bread at home.

Ruisleipä, translating to rye (ruis) bread (leipä) in Finnish, earned the title of Finland’s national food in 2017, as reported by This Is Finland. Unlike American rye breads, which typically contain just 20% rye, Ruisleipä stands out by being crafted entirely from 100% rye flour. According to The Guardian, this Finnish staple boasts four times more fibre than its wheat-based counterparts.

It’s not just a source of sustenance but also a symbol of Finnish culinary heritage which makes it one of the best souvenirs from Finland to share with loved ones when back at home.

8. Kantele from Finland

The kantele is a traditional Finnish musical instrument that holds a significant place in the country’s heart by being the national instrument of Finland. 

Kantele music instruments from Finland

The kantele belongs to a large family of string instruments called zithers. These instruments come in a range of sizes, from small and portable table models to larger, floor-standing versions (so maybe not the right size for your suitcase!). Kanteles are not just musical instruments; they are also works of art, showing off the best of Finnish artistry.

Whether you’re a musician or just a lover of souvenirs from your trips abroad, a kantele serves as one of the best souvenirs from Finland that will provide you with melodies and memories for years to come.

9. Kuksa cups from Finland

A kuksa is a traditional and iconic Finnish wooden drinking cup, and it makes for a unique souvenir from Finland. They are typically handcrafted from a single piece of curly birch wood.

The process of creating a kuksa involves carving and shaping the wood and then smoothing it to perfection.

The wood is left unvarnished, maintaining its natural feel and scent, which can include an aroma of fresh wood. This rustic approach to craftsmanship highlights the high regard for nature and the environment in Finnish culture.

buy Kuksa cups from your trip to Finland

A well-made kuksa can last for generations, making it not only a great drinking cup but also an heirloom piece. The cup often has an uneven, organic form, which adds to its charm and character. While you can find them in many souvenir shops, some people prefer to purchase kuksas directly from local craftsmen in Finland. You may then get to meet the artists who made it, strike up a wonderful conversation and make a memory that lasts a lifetime – and that may be the best souvenir from Finland!

10. Finnish vodka from Finland

Finnish vodka, often referred to as ‘viina’ or ‘pirtu’ in the local language, is one of the best souvenirs from Finland. It is known for producing high-quality vodka with its own unique character.

The key to Finnish vodka’s quality lies in the use of naturally filtered water from Finland’s lakes and abundant Arctic barley or rye, which are locally sourced. The Finnish climate and water quality make the vodka smooth and clear, meaning it would make a great gift for someone who loves spirits.

Finnish vodka souvenirs and gift ideas

Finland is home to several well-regarded vodka brands, with some of the most recognised ones being Koskenkorva, Finlandia, and Lapponia. Look out for any of these whilst in Finland to make sure you pick up the highest possible quality souvenir.

Finnish people have a long-standing love of vodka so bring a piece of Finland’s culture home with you. Whether you’re a vodka lover or simply looking for a great gift, Finnish vodka offers a literal taste of the country’s heritage to share with your loved ones upon your return!

Best souvenirs from Finland

This list of the coolest souvenirs you can pick up in Finland includes some of the most popular Finnish products. From cute Moomin merch to handmade goodies, instruments, food, drink and even woolly jumpers we’ve covered a bit of everything. Next time you’re in the land of a thousand lakes, grab a quirky keepsake or a tasty treat to bring a slice of Finland back home with you.

If you’re looking for other inspiration on Finland, find my list of 52 cool things to do there.

Quicklist of 10 souvenirs from Finland

  1. Moomins
  2. Sisu products
  3. Finnish fabrics
  4. Finnish licorice (salmiakki)
  5. Knitwear
  6. Sauna products
  7. Finnish food
  8. Kantele
  9. Kuksa cups
  10. Finnish vodka

What is Finland famous for shopping?

Finland is well-known for producing high-quality designs, whether that’s homeware, fashion or other items. They’re unique, where you can instantly recognise to bold prints of Marimekko or the intricate designs of Iittala’s glassware and ceramics.

Additionally, Finland is famous for its love of sauna, so sauna-related products like birch sauna whisks, towels, and scents are popular.

What is Helsinki known for?

Helsinki is the capital of Finland, so it’s hardly surprising that it’s a famous part of the country to visit. You’ll find some of the best souvenirs from Finland here, as well as experiencing its maritime history, modern architecture and numerous shops, galleries, and markets.

Which are the most famous things to buy from Finland?

Some of the most famous things to buy from Finland centre around Finnish design, where you can find all sorts of souvenirs from well-known brands. But there’s also functional items like Finnish knitwear, with its high-quality wool and traditional Nordic patterns, offers both warmth and style.

Or there’s also unusual items like beautifully-crafted sauna buckets, ladles, and aromatic scents, Moomin merchandise based on the beloved Finnish children’s books, Fazer chocolates and the distinctive salmiakki (Finnish salty liquorice), and much more.

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