10 Best Souvenirs from Jordan to Remember Your Trip By

From clothes to spices, and art to symbolic headwear, there are so many things to buy in this beautiful country. Here are my picks of the best souvenirs in Jordan to help you bring back that perfect gift or memento.

best souvenirs from Jordan

In the heart of the Middle East, Jordan has everything you could want from an epic holiday. It has an interesting history, tons of natural beauty, and great food – all of which come together for a great soul-nourishing trip.

Even if you don’t normally spend time shopping while away, you’re bound to want to bring some Jordanian souvenirs. But given that the country has pretty much everything, from local food and wine to clothes, art, crafts and more, it might be tough to decide what are the best souvenirs from Jordan to squeeze into your luggage.

This list of the top things to buy in Jordan has all different kinds of ideas whether it’s a gift for someone else or just a little something to remember your trip by. There’s unique souvenirs you can’t get anywhere else – such as keffiyeh or Dead Sea products – as well as more lots of things for foodies or artsy folk. Take a look at all the wonderful items on offer from visiting the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’.

What to buy from your trip to Jordan?

Find everything from rugs, shawls, headwear, ceramics, olive oil and so much more on my list of the top souvenirs to buy in Jordan.

1. Handwoven rugs, shawls, tapestries

Jordan is famous for its stunningly beautiful ground loom weavings. The recognisable and unique patterns are formed of vibrant, brightly coloured geometric shapes and stripes and are generally made of yarn from sheep, goats or even camels!

bedouin rugs from Jordan are top souvenirs to take home

The weaving skills and design knowledge have been passed down through generations of Bedouin women and therefore have the country’s history and culture woven into each and every creation. Due to this, not only is each item practical and beautiful but they are a genuine work of art.

So you would have a memory of your trip to Jordan to take home with you and also be able to add some of that warmth, comfort and style to your house. This definitely makes this one of our best souvenirs from Jordan.

2. Dead Sea Products

The Dead Sea is certainly one of the top tourist attractions in Jordan and its mineral-rich mud and salts are celebrated worldwide for having great therapeutic properties. If you’ve not been before you may very well have seen photos of visitors to the Dead Sea caked in the mud found there – covering themselves head to toe for the rejuvenating qualities.

Woman covered in mud in the Dead Sea in Jordan - skincare products as Jordanian souvenirs

Who wouldn’t want to take a slice of all that goodness back home with them to carry on the self-care long after your trip is over. It is also a good gift to a friend or family member so they can share in the experience with you! Whilst you can buy Dead Sea products in stores all over the country, the very best place to source it from is the spas and hotels located by the Dead Sea.

It may not be one of the cheapest souvenirs from Jordan on the list – but it is luxurious. And how often do you get to say that the cosmetics you are using were bought by you from the source? If you happen to visit nearby Israel, you’ll also be able to find Dead Sea souvenirs, among other ideas, there too.

3. Keffiyeh

Potentially the best souvenir from Jordan, for multiple reasons, would be a Keffiyeh. A Keffiyeh is a headdress or scarf which features a chequered pattern and is very emblematic of the Arab world. In Jordan you will find the two most prominent designs feature a chequered pattern in either red and white or black and white – and sometimes in other colours too.

Keffiyeh's are typical souvenirs from Jordan

The red and white style is probably most associated with Jordan, its history, cultural heritage and has come to be a symbol of the country. The square piece of fabric made of cotton can be worn over the head to protect from sun, dust and wind or even as a scarf.

Keffiyehs are widely available in many markets and shops across the country and, handy for the traveller, are very easy to pack into a suitcase by taking up barely any room at all (no one wants to pay for extra baggage on the return journey!). So if you’re looking for a very distinctive, traditional, unique and wonderful keepsake from your trip then I definitely suggest a Keffiyeh as one of the best souvenirs from Jordan.

4. Olive Oil

Jordan is famous for its olive oil, with the northwest of the country having a wonderful reputation for its olive farming and production. Of course, with the olives having been grown and harvested there, the oil is infused with the temperature, atmosphere and nutrients of Jordan itself.

local olive oil from Jordan makes a great memento for foodies from your trip

You would be taking home an actual part of Jordan with you and consuming the fruits of its wonderful land. Not only could you carry on your holiday from your kitchen once home with the olive oil but there are other products available to purchase from Jordan made with their olive oil such as olive oil soaps, olive wood carvings and utensils.

When you’re packing for Jordan, leave space for some of these souvenirs!

5. Mosaics

Mosaic artworks are traditional to Jordan. The artisan skill of mosaic making has been a staple of the country for thousands of years and is definitely a jewel in their cultural heritage. Madaba is probably the region most closely associated with this fine craftsmanship where you will find the Institute for Mosaic art and also churches with mosaics which date back to the 6th century.

you can buy mosaic art in jordan to take back home

These mosaic artworks come in various forms, from large installations to smaller decorative items like coasters and decorative plates. They not only make visually stunning souvenirs but also provide a tangible link to Jordan’s rich history, allowing you to take home a piece of the past and the artistry of Jordan’s skilled mosaic craftsmen making this a certainly one of the best souvenirs from Jordan.

6. Herbs and spices

Replicate Jordan’s culinary delights back at home by buying some of their distinctive herbs and spices to use in your own home cooking. Sharing the unique tastes with friends and family will allow you to transport yourself back to your time in Jordan whilst giving your loved ones a taste of the country.

zaatar sourvenirs from jordan

Za’atar and Sumac are two spice blends which are used in lots of different dishes throughout the region and are amongst the best suggestions of ours to pick up and purchase for yourself. Za’atar is a mixture of different things including thyme, sesame seeds and salt and is a visceral way of capturing the essence of Jordan to take home with you.

7. Sand in a bottle

These stunning, unique and intricate bottles of sand are a work of art. Created by layering many different colours of sand, the artisans create landscapes and other wonderful designs to form beautiful vistas of Jordan within the bottle.

It is even possible to buy personalised designs! They would make a glorious decorative item for your home and you would be supporting the craftsmanship of the country too.

8. Sweets & Pastries

There are lots of wonderful sweet treats available all around Jordan which are traditional to that part of the world. Baklava, which is layered phyllo pastry filled with honey, almonds, pistachio and other nuts is a very well-loved treat which would make a wonderful souvenir from Jordan.

Zalatimo sweets make for unique souvenir ideas from Jordan

A tin of Zalatimo sweets would also be a great gift for friends and family to experience the tastes of Jordan. Portable, packable and pretty, these ornate tins come filled with various sweets and goodies, so pick your favourite. You can even combine the two and have mini baklava pastries and enjoy a wonderful slice of edible cultural heritage!

9. Ceramics

Combine your souvenir hunt with a day out and visit one of Jordan’s many pottery studios, artisan markets or craft fairs! Ceramics, and more specifically hand-painted ceramics known as Sini, are exquisite examples of the country’s traditional craftsmanship. These items come in various shapes and sizes, from functional tableware to decorative pieces.

ceramics from Jordan make for perfect souvenirs for the home.

Each piece bears unique designs and colours, often inspired by Jordan’s rich cultural motifs. If you like the sound of the mosaics mentioned earlier, but find them to be a bit pricey, then ceramics may be the answer for you as some of the designs are painted to look like mosaics. That’s why some beautiful handmade homeware to show off in your house would be one of the best souvenirs from Jordan.

10. Jewellery 

Whether you are interested in buying beautiful silver and gold jewellery which features Arabic calligraphy and patterns taken from traditional Jordan cultural heritage or Bedouin tribal jewellery, Jordan has a plethora of options for you.

Bedouin jewellery is one of the unique souvenirs from Jordan

The best place to appreciate and purchase the Bedouin tribal jewellery is at the local markets, especially in Amman. There you will be able to choose between ornate necklaces, bracelets, and earrings each which bear the history of the country’s nomadic past. So if you want a statement piece which is truly unique to take back with you then a wonderful piece of Bedouin jewellery could definitely be one of the best souvenirs from Jordan. 

Top Jordanian souvenirs to take home

Jordan offers a wealth of gorgeous souvenirs that encapsulate the essence of this enchanting country. From the exquisite handwoven textiles to therapeutic Dead Sea products, each item is a piece of Jordan’s culture and heritage. The iconic Jordanian keffiyeh, flavourful herbs and spices, intricate sand art bottles, and delightful sweets provide unique ways to remember Jordan.

My favourite Jordan souvenir is a wooden camel that the Bedouins at the Wadi Rum Camp gave to Reggie at reception. He loved it then, and I love it for the memories now!

If you are someone who prefers a more tangible link to Jordan’s history, mosaic artworks and hand-painted ceramics offer wonderful artistic options for you. For the foodies, Jordan’s renowned olive oil or sweet treats allows you to savour a taste of the country long after your trip. Surely now the only decision you’ll have to make is not what to buy but how much you can fit in your suitcase on the journey home!

Save these Jordan souvenirs for later!

Quicklist of the best souvenirs from Jordan

  1. Handwoven rugs, shawls, tapestries
  2. Dead Sea products
  3. Keffiyeh
  4. Olive Oil
  5. Mosaics 
  6. Herbs & Spices
  7. Sand in a bottle
  8. Sweets & Pastries
  9. Ceramics
  10. Jewellery

What to buy in Jordan as a tourist?

There are so many things to buy In Jordan, that tourists are pretty spoilt for choice. Some of the typical souvenirs from Jourdan include handcrafted items such as Bedouin-style woven rugs and cushions, traditional pottery, and embroidered items.

Olive oil, local spices like Za’atar and Sumac, and Dead Sea beauty products are also highly sought after too, as they’re a bit more unique given they’re local products. If you’re interested in edible items, consider bringing back some dates, Arabic coffee, or Ma’amoul (date-filled cookies).

What is Jordan famous for?

Jordan is renowned for several things, including its ancient historical sites like Petra – the rose-red city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Wadi Rum – a unique desert landscape, and the Dead Sea – the saltiest sea and lowest point on Earth. The country is also famous for its Bedouin culture, warm hospitality, and delicious Middle Eastern cuisine.

What jewellery to buy in Jordan?

Traditional Bedouin-style silver pieces are especially popular, often adorned with stones like turquoise, garnet, and amber. Moreover, the town of Madaba is famed for its unique mosaic jewellery.

Additionally, Dead Sea jewellery, made using stones and minerals from the area, makes for a distinctive souvenir.

Is there good shopping in Jordan?

Jordan offers both traditional markets (souks) and modern shopping malls. In places like Amman and Petra, you can explore vibrant souks selling everything from spices, textiles, ceramics, to antiques. For a more contemporary shopping experience, Amman has several up-to-date malls featuring both international and local brands.

What to buy from the Dead Sea?

The Dead Sea is renowned for its therapeutic mud and mineral-rich salts. Tourists often buy Dead Sea beauty and wellness products, such as mud masks, salt scrubs, lotions, and bath salts. These products are believed to have rejuvenating properties and are popular worldwide for skincare routines.

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