11 Unique Places to Stay in Seoul

Looking for incredible and unique places to stay in Seoul? Whether you want a capsule hostel in a nightlife district, a Parisian-style boutique or a spacecraft-themed guest room, one of these most unusual Seoul hotels is perfect for you.

Unique places to stay in Seoul

Seoul has grown to become one of the largest, most affluent and most technologically advanced capital cities in the world in a matter of just a few decades. Nearly ten million citizens call the South Korean capital home, which attracts a further 1.5 million tourists every year – which is no surprise given that the city’s attractions range from historic landmarks like Gyeongbokgung Palace to modern wonders such as the Seoul Tower. And that there are so many great day trips from Seoul to enjoy too.

If you really want to make the most of your trip to South Korea, you might want to search for Seoul accommodation options that are a little different to the norm. Some of the city’s most unusual hotels feature eccentric themes ranging from card games to the cosmos, while others transport your back in time to a bygone era.

So, where are the most unique places to stay in Seoul? I’ll introduce you to 11 of my favourite quirky Seoul accommodation options below.

Where are the most unique places to stay in Seoul?

From the stylishly eclectic Hotel The Designers in the Jongno neighbourhood to the Seoul Cube in Itaewon, here are 11 of the most unique places to stay in Seoul.

1. Hotel The Designers Jongno

With each guest room boasting its own theme, Hotel The Designers is easily one of the most unique places to stay in Seoul – and it might just be the city’s best accommodation option for those who love quirky styles.

Hotel The Designers Jongno

There are actually a few Hotel The Designers throughout Seoul, but my favourite one is in Jongno. Here, you can choose from a variety of speciality rooms, one of which has been designed to look like a spaceship.

On top of the cosmos-themed guest room, there’s a nightclub-themed room complete with neon lights and a dancing pole. There’s also a graffiti-covered room, a card-themed room… the list goes on. Whatever your stylistic preferences may be, Hotel The Designers probably has you covered.

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2. Henn-na Hotel Seoul Myeongdong

Located in the happening neighbourhood of Myeongdong, the Henn-na Hotel is definitely an ‘out there’ hotel – and not just because of its unique style. The Henn-na Hotel is actually in the Guiness Book of World Records for being one of the most unique places to stay in Seoul. More specifically, it holds the title of ‘first hotel to be staffed by robots (partially)’.

Henn-Na Hotel

That’s right. When you check in to the Henn-na, a pair of robots will confirm your reservation. You’ll also see robot dinosaurs in the reception area. And for room service, a cylinder-shaped robot is on call.

The rooms themselves look relatively typical for a hotel, though they’re packed with the latest technology and gadgets. Giga Genie, your virtual assistant, can help you order room service and contact the reception desk.

The future is now at Henn-na!

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3. Hotel 28 Myeongdong

Another one of the most unusual hotels in Seoul’s Myeongdong neighbourhood, the Hotel28 Myeongdong has been designed to make guests feel as if they’re spending the night in a retro cinema rather than an inner-city hotel.

Hotel28 Myeongdong

The hotel’s vast array of movie-inspired facilities and cinema-esque furnishings make it a fantastic accommodation option for film lovers. There’s also an onsite theatre that frequently shows classic and new Korean flicks and hosts live performances.

If all that wasn’t enough, Hotel 28 Myeongdong boasts an amazing roof deck and terrace that offers sprawling views over the cityscape of Seoul. Don’t overlook this hotel if you want a holiday to Korea with a difference.

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4. Andaz Seoul Gangnam

Fancy living up your holiday in Seoul in Gangnam style?

Gangnam is one of the most exclusive districts in Seoul, an ideal place to stay if you’re looking to splash out on the finer things in life. And if you want to treat yourself to one of the quirkiest hotels in Seoul during your stay, the Andaz Seoul Gangnam is certainly worth a look.

Andaz Seoul Gangnam

The rooms at Andaz Seoul Gangnam are modern and sleek. As far as facilities go, you can expect high-end restaurants, bars and stylish lounge areas. But my favourite feature of the Andaz Seoul Gangnam is the huge indoor pool.

The downstairs pool is surrounded by a massive art installation. Above, you’ll see an arrangement of colourful umbrellas, hanging proudly over walls that are covered in street art.

Check the prices at Andaz Seoul Gangnam on Booking.com

5. L’Escape Hotel

At L’Escape Hotel, you can experience a romantic Parisian getaway right in the centre of South Korea’s capital city. This boutique hotel boasts a gorgeous colour scheme of warm reds and purples. You’ll also find a wide variety of timeless Parisian-themed facilities in the rooms and throughout the hotel.

L'Escape Hotel

As soon as you walk into the Belle Époque reception area, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported back in time to an elegant 19th-century Parisian salon. There’s also a library that doubles up as a sophisticated lounge area.

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6. IP Boutique Hotel

Looking for unique places to stay in Seoul that put you right on the doorstep of the city’s epic nightlife action? The IP Boutique Hotel might be just what you’re after.

Besides being based in the Itaewon district – one of Seoul’s most vibrant after-hours destinations – the IP Boutique Hotel is appealing due to its incredible style, which is anything but simple.

Most of the guest rooms have white walls, which allows the eye-catching wall art and colourful furnishings to pop. No two rooms are the same, making the IP Boutique Hotel one of the most eclectic accommodation options in the Korean capital. Onsite facilities include a fully equipped fitness centre, but when not in your room, you’ll probably spend most of your time exploring the Itaewon district.

Check the prices at the IP Boutique Hotel on Booking.com.

7. L7 Hongdae

The L7 Hongdae is one of the most popular four-star hotels in Seoul, and for good reason!

This relatively minimalist accommodation offers some of the cosiest guest rooms in the city. And besides being incredibly trendy, it has a range of unique features that make it stand out against the nearby competition.


My favourite aspect of the L7 Hongdae is the lounge, which has turntables and vintage guitars hanging from the walls, not to mention seating areas and games such as pool and foosball. Just next to the lounge is the thin but long outdoor pool, which might just be the trendiest in town.

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8. Vista Walkerhill Seoul

The Vista Walkerhill Seoul is not just one of the most unusual places to stay in South Korea, it’s also one of the most uniquely luxurious accommodation options in the capital.

Vista Walkerhill Seoul

This hotel has everything you’d expect from a five-star haunt – stupendously cosy rooms, upmarket restaurants and a premium spa (that costs a pretty penny).

As far as unique aspects go, the hotel’s guest rooms feature rounded mattresses with floor-to-ceiling window that offer panoramic views of the city. In terms of unique hotel facilities, the Vista Walkerhill Seoul boasts an open-air bath situated on a terrace overlooking the Hangang River. Relaxation doesn’t get more relaxing than this!

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9. Jongno Makers X Pretty Hotel

Fancy staying in a hotel that epitomises the urban-chic style? You’ll struggle to find a more fitting option than Jongno Makers X pretty Hotel, located in the trendy Jongno district.

The hotel’s classy dark leather furnishings, black and white tiled floors and exposed grey brick walls give the place an industrial look that puts it in a league of its own when it comes to style.

On top of being a beacon of modern design, the Jongno Makers X Pretty Hotel is a top accommodation option thanks to being on the doorstep of a myriad of tourist attractions. The Changdeokgung Palace, Jongmyo Shrine and the Gwangjang Market are all within walking distance.

Check the prices at Jongno Makers X pretty Hotel on Booking.com

10. Seoul Cube Itaewon

You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg for the privilege of staying in one of the most unique hotels in Seoul. In fact, you can even save money by choosing a quirky Seoul accommodation option such as the Seoul Cube, which is a modern capsule hostel in the trendy Itaewon district.

Unlike most hostels where privacy is virtually non-existent, the Seoul Cube Itaewon gives you a sense of exclusivity with its pods/capsules for sleeping quarters, which are essentially wooden boxes surrounded by walls with a curtain at the front.

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11. RYSE, Autograph Collection

You might not think of a chain hotel as one of the most unique places to stay in Seoul, but the RYSE, Autograph Collection by Marriott is one of the city’s best quirky accommodation options in my opinion.

RYSE, Autograph Collection

Boasting a colour pallet of bright and pastel shades, the RYSE is a reflection of the K-Pop trend that has made its mark on the entire world. Besides being super stylish with a youthful vibe, the guest rooms at the RYSE feature amenities such as foam pillows, walk-in showers, Bluetooth speakers and even dishwashers.

Onsite facilities at the RYSE include a fully equipped fitness centre, a bar and a delicious restaurant. Popular tourist attractions like Hondgae Street and the Coconut Box are just a stone’s throw away.

Check the prices at RYSE, Autograph Collection on Booking.com

Have I missed any amazingly unique places to stay in Seoul?

Seoul is one of the most amazing capital cities on the planet, especially when you consider just how much the place has changed in the space of just a few decades. Like Tokyo, Seoul reminds me of a city that appears to belong in the future. So, it only makes sense to choose one of the city’s most unique hotels as your choice of accommodation.

Some of the most unique places to stay in Seoul include Henn-na Hotel, Hotel The Designers, L7 Hongdae, the IP Boutique Hotel and L’Escape, but there are many more to choose from. What are some of your favourite quirky hotels in South Korea? Let me and my readers know by leaving a comment below.

Quick list of unique places to stay in Seoul

  1. Hotel The Designers Jongno
  2. Henn-na Hotel Seoul Myeongdong
  3. Hotel 28 Myeongdong
  4. Andaz Seoul Gangnam
  5. L’Escape Hotel
  6. IP Boutique Hotel
  7. L7 Hongdae
  8. Vista Walkerhill Seoul
  9. Jongno Makers X Pretty Hotel
  10. Seoul Cube Itaewon
  11. RYSE, Autograph Collection

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