6 Days in Kerala, India: An Update

It’s been a week since I’ve updated – I’ve been off blogging ill. My friends from home arrived last Friday and as of Saturday I’ve been a slave to the moods, foibles and eccentricities of the notorious ‘Delhi Belly’.

For your sakes I won’t go into the details but let’s just say I haven’t been able to stray far from a toilet since it struck. I’ve taken umpteen rehydration sachets, been on two pharmacy visits, had antibiotics, spewed off the side of a bridge, had to pretty much beg a random to go in their house and use their toilet (which was in the equivalent of an MDF telephone box in a living room full of people), had three nights where I spent more time in the bathroom than in my bed and haven’t kept one meal inside me for more than an hour or two in that time. It’s been emotional, annoying and disturbing. I was determined not to go to a hospital and have been drinking all I can to try and flush the bug out, somehow. I’m verging on the road to recovery now and hope that come Goa, the next stop, I’ll be back to my former self.

This sketch my brother sent me from comedian Mickey Flanagan explains the Delhi Belly more than I feel I can right now. Too soon.

All the eating and drinking I was looking forward to with my friends has been off the cards as for what could be the first time in my life I’ve been unable to finish anything that I’ve ordered, for six days. I’ve even ordered gin and tonics and wine and not been able to even start them, let alone finish. It’s bad.

So what have I been doing?

We’ve been floating around the state of Kerala, from Kochi to Periyar to Marari to Alleppey. It soon became obvious that neither of the three of us registered quite how big India is, although after two 7-hour journeys in cars and buses we’re starting to understand. We’ve spent a lot of time travelling. We broke down on both journeys and from the reactions of our bus companions it seemed perfectly normal.

The bus we got from Thekkady would be better known as the Thekkady Rollercoaster – after changing buses after the breakdown the next one was packed and we were stood down the centre holding on with white knuckles as the driver sped round the corners of the mountain. It was tough holding on to my stomach and the rails at the same time.

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6 days in kerala

We’ve just been wandering around and taking it in. My friends went on a three-hour nature walk and saw some elephants in Periyar, the same hike which we found out later had been some snap happy tourists’ last. They’d used a flash on an elephant and it attacked them, killing them both. Apparently there was no mention of any safety precautions thanks to this on the walk though. They also went to check out a spice plantation for the afternoon. I missed out on both thanks to my new found reliance on the bathroom.

6 days in kerala

We stayed at the beautiful Marari Beach Resort near Alleppey (more on that later) and chilled at the pool for the day. Well, apart from the 15 minutes we went in the sea and my expensive prescription Ray Bans were ripped from my face by the huge waves, never to be seen again unless a short sighted mermaid happens to come across them that is. We also went to the Thekkady Flower Show and saw some great dancers among the huge yams, pumpkins and flower arrangements. And we’ve been to see a martial arts performance too.

6 days in Kerala

I sound moany but in between the toilet visits, the lost sunglasses, the epic journeys, the under researched route and the wasted meal times I’m really enjoying being with my friends and experiencing India together. Highlights of the last week include a cooking class we did at the beautiful Marari Resort, more on that soon, a Kathakali show we saw in Periyar (photo above) and the houseboat we took through the Alleppey backwaters overnight.

6 days in kerala

I’ve still got mixed feelings about India. Right now I’m on the Radjhan Express train on the way to Goa. We got on at 10pm last night to find I was still on the waiting list – the booking process is ridiculous here – but my friends’ tickets had been approved. The only option was to share my sleeper bed with Chloe and to be grateful they’d even let us do that. So the last 7 hours have been spent very cosily.

We’ve got high expectations of Goa based on people’s reactions when we’ve said we’re going, and the fact we’re all going to be healthy, full of energy and ready for anything. I’ll let you know how I get on!

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  1. by Mel Tester on April 11, 2015  7:30 pm Reply

    Hey Vicky :) Love reading your blog & checking out what you have been up to. I would recommend Agonda in south Goa if you are in need of some rest & recovery :) It's a quiet place, popular on the yoga circuit. Some people say Goa is not the place it used to be, but I think it depends on what you are looking for. I know too well the mixed feelings & up/ down emotions of travelling in India. Hang in there, for sure you will remember the experience as amazing!......(the good & the bad parts) xx

    • by Vicky on April 18, 2015  3:50 am Reply

      Hey Mel! I'm off home today and it's definitely been an interesting three weeks in India! I thought of your trip quite a few times, with jealously and awe. Not sure I could do that now I know more about India :) We never made it to Agonda, we've had a pretty rushed time not realising quite how long it would take us to get from place to place. With a few hours hindsight I'm already looking back on my time in India and thinking it brilliant :)

  2. by Jayne on April 12, 2015  12:55 am Reply

    O India, it eats you up, spits you and yet still you want to see more! I've seen that clip before but watched it again nodding in sympathy. Hope you get well soon and that Goa is easier on your belly x

    • by Vicky on April 18, 2015  3:48 am Reply

      You're definitely right there – this country can be pretty brutal on the average human. Goa sorted me right out and I love Mumbai!

  3. by Hayley | Lovepuffin on April 12, 2015  11:19 am Reply

    Oh Vic. So sorry to hear the bug kept hold of you for so long! Goa should provide a welcome respite from all the woes, I know it did for me!
    India is a mad, crazy, insane place. I was just saying to Al a couple of minutes ago how perfect things are when a giant bee came out of nowhere and stung me in the eye! This is India! X

    • by Vicky on April 18, 2015  3:47 am Reply

      Wow, that sounds horrible! Yeah Goa was a really good respite and seemed to sort me out a bit. Definitely some dodgy chicken I ate at Delhi Airport – stayed veggie from then on. Hope your trip is going well!

  4. by Jo on April 12, 2015  1:35 pm Reply

    Oh, I'm sorry to hear you've been having such bad luck! Glad you're feeling slightly better now, and glad it hasn't stopped you seeing some things. I'm jealous of the boat ride through the backwaters, it's something I've always wanted to do. Have fun in Goa!

    • by Vicky on April 18, 2015  3:51 am Reply

      Goa was cool! We arrived a few days after the season ended so from talking to others it was a very different experience to what it would've been if we'd come earlier. It was beautiful and peaceful though – hopefully I'll get to go back one day and see it all in full swing. :)

  5. by pragati on April 13, 2015  12:23 pm Reply

    Hey Vicky! Sorry to hear you are having a rough time. Did you eat a lot of street food to get so sick? Nothing against street food per se, but it can be a lot to take on when you are not used to it.

    I hope you are drinking only bottled water, that too from a relatively known brand like Pepsi or Himalaya?

    Goa should be good and laid back, but of course that depends on where you stay and how much you rough it.

    Beaches and resorts in South Goa are relatively less crowded, and the big resorts have their own private beaches. There is a cashew festival on at Park Hyatt currently (I wrote about it on my blog) and that might be something you want to check out.

    Goa's the place to get cashews if you love them. They have cashews in the shell which is a slight novelty. If you go in the city market area, you will find many shops selling these. You also get things like packed Vindaloo paste and fish pickles which are a local specialty which you can carry home with you.

    Hope you feel better and have a good time! And experience that Susegad!

    • by Vicky on April 18, 2015  3:54 am Reply

      Hi Pragati,

      I think it was some chicken I had at Delhi Airport – I temporarily forgot that I was a vegetarian. And yep, also been given dodgy water a few times along the journey. Rebottled stuff. Really enjoyed Goa – we were staying at a really cool place called Yab Yum, and yes, we've eaten a LOT of cashews!

  6. by Chaitali on February 1, 2016  4:14 pm Reply

    One of the best minute in Kochi everything was great we invested a decent energy the distance of the excursion. Much obliged to you such a great amount for everything.

  7. by Rinu on October 24, 2016  9:08 am Reply

    nice article .
    good information

    • by Vicky on November 2, 2016  4:55 pm Reply

      Thanks Rinu. I’m glad you like it.

  8. by Parminder on February 11, 2017  7:57 am Reply

    I know that you have enjoyed a lot for sure ..After reading you article I understand that you experienced But i want to know one thing , Did you visited any safari ? or any tea garden there ?


    • by Vicky on February 12, 2017  9:11 pm Reply

      No, unfortunately not! Just another reason to go back :)

  9. by AtoZBlog on February 11, 2017  11:21 pm Reply

    Kerala is one of the best place in south India to travel. That's really an amazing post about travelling in Kerala.

    • by Vicky on February 12, 2017  9:10 pm Reply

      Thank you! We had a great time :)

  10. by Shaurya on June 11, 2017  3:56 pm Reply

    terrific pictures. I wonder how you liked the Kathakali performance, personally, I don't like it very much.

    • by Vicky on June 12, 2017  9:11 am Reply

      It was definitely one of the more 'unique' performances I've seen!

  11. by colleen on August 31, 2017  9:02 am Reply

    Hey Vicky,

    Backwaters I loved the most and your pictures reminded me the fun we had back those days!
    The fun part we had sanskrititours.com some agency and they had the best guides love it. Thanks for memory refresh

    • by Vicky on September 2, 2017  12:56 pm Reply

      Oh I'm glad I reminded you of a happy time in your life. Beautiful part of the world isn't it? I hope I make it back one day :)

  12. by Misha on September 21, 2017  7:32 am Reply

    I like travelling. Kerala is a beautiful place in India. But I never visited in Kerala, I am planning a trip with friends for next month.

  13. by Saim Malik on September 23, 2017  5:14 am Reply

    nice post and kerala is my dream destination thanks form sharing

  14. by Nirvana Trip on October 9, 2017  9:07 am Reply

    Amazing Kerala Travel experience

  15. by TravelMeOut on October 17, 2017  11:58 am Reply

    nice post...no words about Alleppey, its just beautiful....

    • by VickyFlipFlop on November 1, 2017  8:47 am Reply

      Amazing place isn't it? Ah glad you liked my post. I'd really like to go back to India again now, now that I've had some time to process it and gather my thoughts on the place. Maybe next year!

  16. by Keralapackage on November 6, 2017  6:51 am Reply

    Yes, its wonderland in India. Apart from scenic beauty, it is popular for Ayurvedic treatments, classical dances - Kathakali & Mohiniattam, Kalaripayattu & of course, it’s delicious cuisine.

  17. by Unlock on December 27, 2017  11:44 am Reply

    Nice! very informative article written about Kerala India.This is so helpful, who is planning to visit India.

    • by VickyFlipFlop on January 1, 2018  11:01 pm Reply

      Thanks. I'm very happy to hear you think it's helpful :).

  18. by Annie Albert on January 3, 2018  5:54 am Reply

    Glade you liked Kerala. Yes it is a beautiful place to live in and we feel truly blessed. Apart from the scenic beauty of Kerala. There are lots of historic places to roam around in Kerala.
    Like the old dutch forts in Kannur and the Jew streets of Cochin. You should definitely come back to Kerala and visit the northern parts of Kerala.

    • by VickyFlipFlop on January 5, 2018  9:44 am Reply

      Thanks for your comment Annie – I will do! :)

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    • by VickyFlipFlop on October 18, 2018  3:24 pm Reply

      Thanks! I love to hear of people enjoying my blog posts :)

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    A very informative article to read.Thanks a lot for sharing this. Fine work. Keep it Up.

    • by VickyFlipFlop on October 18, 2018  3:05 pm Reply

      No worries Greame, glad you're enjoying my work :)

  23. by Quick Kerala on November 7, 2018  6:26 am Reply

    Alappuzha is my favorite location in Kerala....

    • by VickyFlipFlop on November 13, 2018  4:27 pm Reply

      Oh nice! So many beautiful places to see in Kerala isn't there?

  24. by akshay on April 23, 2019  7:49 am Reply

    Interesting stuff to read! Thanks for sharing this information. Keep posting!!

    • by VickyFlipFlop on April 24, 2019  3:59 pm Reply

      Ah no worries. Hope it helps with your trip planning!

  25. by karan soni on May 31, 2019  9:59 am Reply

    I have plan to go for summer vacation and search for where to go and reached on your blog where I see Kerala is best place for holiday destination and I will plan for kerala in next week. Thanks for sharing amazing content and photos.

    • by VickyFlipFlop on June 6, 2019  6:56 am Reply

      Hope you have a great time there Karan, and thanks for reading!

  26. by keralatourpackages on December 3, 2019  8:12 am Reply

    Yes, its paradise in India. Kerala lies in the lap of nature. This pristine and peaceful state lies in the South - Eastern part of India and is much favored due to its exotic wildlife, herbs, emerald green hill stations, and the crystal clear the Arabian Sea along its shoreline. It is indeed God's own country. Mainly known for its backwaters and coconuts. you explained it well

    • by VickyFlipFlop on December 6, 2019  3:08 pm Reply

      Glad you enjoyed the post. I loved my time in Kerala – apart from being ill. It's a wonderful part of India!

  27. by Trip Kashmir on April 12, 2020  11:56 am Reply

    Kerala - a best place to visit in India, Thanks for sharing valuable information.

    • by VickyFlipFlop on April 22, 2020  9:07 am Reply

      Kerala really is an amazing place to visit, isn't it? I loved my time there. Glad you feel the same.

  28. by Bharat Taxi on July 6, 2020  5:47 am Reply

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