6 Tastiest Places for the Best Breakfast in Boracay

I spent my five days on the island looking for the best breakfast in Boracay.Tough job. So, here are all the best spots for brunch in Boracay, especially for you…

I’ve taken the hit – to my calorie count and budget for the Philippines – and literally spent hours trying to find Boracay’s best breakfast.

Two weeks in the Philippines

I searched around online, as well as checking out the places from the outside while I was there and sizing them up before I went in.

This, is what I found…

Where to eat breakfast in Boracay

This article will help you plan your Boracay breakfast schedule. There’s a lot of choice for breakfasts on Boracay, so let me help the decision making process! 

1. Sunny Side Café Boracay

Shakshuka with Chorizo, a Mimosa, an Americano
& then an Affogatto

Best Breakfast in Boracay

– Phwwwoar, how about that for a brunch in Boracay?!

I was already excited to eat at the Sunny Side Cafe. I’d read a few reviews beforehand and the place sounded amazing with lots of accolades of being the ‘best breakfast in Boracay’. Also, it was in a great location right on the beach.

Inside the air con was on full so on the sunny day I visited there were plenty of people in there seeking shade and cool from the blisteringly hot sun. I sat outside though – gotta get my sun burn somehow. True Brit.

I ordered shakshuka – my favourite breakfast of all the breakfasts. Of course I had the chorizo add on, just for that extra meaty taste and was happy that it came with the bread for dipping.

It was absolutely delicious – definitely some of the best food in Boracay I tried while I was there.

Thanks to the rare for Boracay excellent Wi-Fi I sat for a while enjoying both the mimosa and the Americano I’d ordered, before spotting this creamy beaut being delivered to my neighbour. An Aragatto apparently. Never had one, needed one in my life, and didn’t regret it for a second.

Location: right on White Beach, in Station 3

2. Little Wave Boracay

Waffles with Salted Caramel & an Americano

Best Breakfast in Boracay

– If you like waffles, this is the Boracay breakfast for you. 

Little Wave is a cute little place, all rose gold and pastels – basically an Instagrammers dream. The breakfast menu wasn’t extensive but the usual western favourites feature heavily.

All bacon and eggs and tea.

I went for the waffles with salted caramel and mango – basically because anything with salted caramel just gets me going. I had an Americano too, which, to be honest, like I always am, wasn’t very nice. I really can’t work out what it is I like in my coffee specifically, but this wasn’t it.

Who’s to say you wouldn’t like it though?

Also, waffles aren’t usually my cup of tea and these confirmed it. Where’s the protein? What’s the point? I reeeeally liked the cafe, and would definitely go again if ever I was in Boracay, but I think I made a bad choice for my taste buds. That white stuff was some sort of cream that I wasn’t into either.

Little Wave still deserves its place on the best breakfast in Boracay list, because if you like waffles, you’re in. Next time I’d go for some eggy delight instead.

Also, just to note. Little Wave had the best toilet on the island.

Location: just by Station X, off the beach

3. Lemoni Cafe

Bangus with garlic rice, scrambled egg, mango
& an Americano

Best Breakfast in Boracay

– Great place for a more traditional breakfast in Boracay.

Lemoni Cafe is the biggest of the lot, but at the same time is kinda hidden away in the d’ Mall, the main shopping area on White Beach. I was there super early as in 6:45am, jetlagged and ravenous. Officially opening at 7am, they let me sit down and watch as they decorated the tables for the day.

I wanted something a bit different from this breakfast in Boracay, realising that I hadn’t really got stuck into the Filipino cuisine as of yet.

I saw ‘Bangus’ on the menu, the waitress told me it was ‘good’ so I got my order in right away. And I can confirm her description was bang on. Really enjoyed my Filipino breakfast, especially when I got a good mouthful of mango, rice and fish in one.

Always nice to have something a bit more traditional for your breakfast abroad too. 

Coffee here was en point too. Great breakfast in Boracay!

Location: in the d’Mall Centre


4. Real Coffee and Tea Cafe

Americano & a Calamansi Muffin

Best Breakfast in Boracay

– Quick coffee and snack for breakfast?

I only popped in here for a coffee and to try their notorious Calamansi muffin after a tough yoga session. Felt like I deserved to when I saw how good the location was, right on the beach.

Floor two looks out over White Beach and you can sit on the stools to admire the view, and people watch.

Breakfasts here looked big and hearty – maybe a good one for anyone who likes a Full English?

Location: On White Beach at Station 2

5. Nonie’s

Beef Brisket Eggs Benedict with banana chips
& an Aeropress coffee

Best Breakfast in Boracay

– Banana crisps for breakfast? Gwan then. 

Nonie’s menu features a great range of healthy food and shakes in a cool cafe just by Station X (cool place). The breakfast menu is huge, and it looks like it’d be a great place to check out for lunch and dinner too.

In my quest for the best breakfast in Boracay I wanted something indulgent, so decided on the Beef Brisket Eggs Benedict above, served up with banana crisps.

It was just the right amount.

I’d recently ordered something similar in Florida when I was looking for the best breakfast there and ended up with a humongous plate of the brisket that turned me right off.

Excellent portion sizes here. The banana chips were an odd addition, obvs still ate them though.

Also, that oatmeal cookie they served with the Aeropress coffee was absolutely delightful. Nice little snack before the main event!

Location: between Station X and Station 2

6. The Pig Out Bistro

Pig Out Burger & Chips

Best Breakfast Boracay

– The breakfasts here looked great, but I went for a burger!

I’m going to add the Pig Out Bistro to this list of the best breakfasts in Boracay, even though I didn’t actually eat breakfast there. I did however, have one of the tastiest, juiciest burgers ever there though, so I’m going to assume their breakfast is delicious too.

All the online reviews seem to think so anyways.

I really wanted to fit one in but didn’t have time, so you’re just going to have to let me know how it goes, ok?

Location: up near the W Hostel, in the main town away from the beach

Best Breakfast in Boracay

  • Best breakfast: Sunny Side or Lemoni
  • Best coffee: Sunny Side Café or Nonie’s
  • Best location: Sunny Side, or Real Coffee
  • Coolest place indoors: Nonie’s

So, drum roll…

Sunny Side is the clear winner. Congratulations team. 

Best breakfast in Boracay

All of these Boracay breakfasts are definitely a little more expensive than the average on the island – at around 300 pesos (£4) for the main event +100 (£1.40) for the coffee – but in my eyes totally worth it.

If you’re looking for a cheapo eggs on toast kinda way to start your day, you’ll find options all over the place for around half the price of these. But if you’re in the holiday mindset then these are definitely the best breakfasts in Boracay to choose from.

There are all-you-can-eat breakfasts all over the island but unfortunately I just can’t be trusted at those kind of places so I steered well clear.

Hope this post helps you enjoy your time in Boracay!

How about Siargao?

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best breakfast in boracay


  1. Having been to Boracay i was hoping you would come to the same conclusion as me about the breakfast and after reading your recommendations you and I did pick the same place: Lemoni Cafe’s breakfast was the best I found too!

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