My 5 Best Places to Eat in Martin County, Florida

Here’s a quick look at the best places to eat in Martin County, to whet your appetite for your lunch. They’re all the traditional ‘need-a-doggy-bag’ sized huge portions, featuring the best local ingredients, have a cool atmosphere and location, and of course have that all-American good service (for a 20% tip).

1. Hutchinson Shores Resort

Number one on the list of the best places to eat in Martin County would be the Drift Kitchen at the Hutchinson Shores Resort, because that Salmon and Mushroom risotto dish was my absolute favourite from the week.

Salmon at Hutchinson Shores


Pan Seared, Capers, Heirloom Tomatoes, Fresh Herbs, Baby Spinach, Maine Lobster Sauce, Mushroom Risotto

Errhhmaghod, so good. And also, I tried tuna poke for the first time for my starter. That was special too. Super fresh, lots of it and that soft avocado was waaaay tastier than any avocado you get this side of the Pond.

Hutchinson Shores Resort


Avocado Salsa, Citrus Ponzu, Scallions, Toasted Sesame Seeds, Spiced Orange Oil

Hutchinson Shores Resort on Jensen Beach is one of the newest hotels in Martin County and is actually where we stayed for two nights. We ate here twice for breakfast and the portion sizes were ridiculous. Tasty though. Make sure you keep reading till the end for the almond french toast pic.

2. Luna

Best food in Martin County

This pizza.

(Soz for the photo, desperate to eat it and didn’t look.)

Emily might’ve thought I was a little OTT in my enjoyment, but honestly, I think it was one of my favourite American pizza experiences of all time. The base was thick but not too thick, there was an excellent ratio of tomato, the cheese was actually really tasty (American cheese is very different to what we’re used to) and there was lots of meaty and veggie goodies decorating the top.

We ordered from the window and to go, as we needed to get to our boating sesh. We sat out the front and with a few shakes of the chilli flakes I was in pizza heaven. Pretty sure it was less than $5 (£3.60ish) per slice too.

3. Banyan 320

Best Places to Eat Martin County

Another one of Martin County’s latest offerings, and I can confirm that Banyan 320 is a great little brunch spot in Stuart.

They’re popular for their all-you-can-eat buffet, featuring all kinds of breakfast goodies, and apparently their Bloody Mary’s are the best (so they tell me). Although, it was kinda late when we went and so my brunchy desires dissolved when I spotted The Cuban on the menu. I lurrrrve me a gherkin, and meat, and cheese, and bread – and so it was ordered, and served, and then looked like this… ^

Those fries were absolutely everything.

Oh and this little lot cost $18 (£13ish).

4. The Gafford

The Gafford Snapper

This is the swankiest of the restaurants on my list of the best places to eat in Martin County. Somewhere special to go to celebrate your holiday. Located on the hight street in Stuart, just a short walk from where we were staying at the Colorado Inn, the Gafford is kind of like a bistro-style affair, with epic portions and tasty ingredients.

Picture the scene – a ten-hour delayed flight, two hours faffing through security and to the car rental, and a four-hour drive in rush hour traffic – and we’d made it to The Gafford at 8pm, for our 6pm meeting and booking.

We were not in the best of spirits for a fancy restaurant, or quite dressed for it, but the high-end American cuisine here bought us round.

My order:


Market selection of local grouper, crusted and pan roasted with caramelized pineapple-rum butter sauce with cilantro pesto over wild grains

THOSE GRAINS. And I had two massive fishies. Definitely no room for dessert unfortunately. A great welcome to the cuisine of this part of Florida though.

5. Flash Beach Grille

Things to do in Hobe Sound

The Flash Beach Grille in Hobe Sound was fun. As I said in my little guide to Hobe Sound, I was totally expecting the restaurant to be on the beach, but I think the name refers to what it actually serves – good old beachy type grub.

Emily and I shared and went for some chicken tenders and fries – which came in three different types, and then these bacon wrapped shrimps, encased in fried noodles. Never seen anything like it.

Where to eat in Martin County

Best Places to Eat in Martin County

We definitely ate well in Martin County. If none of these places float yer boat try Harry and the Natives for an epic breakfast, the Kai Kai Farm to tour where your food has come from before you sit down to eat it, Twisted Tuna for American-style sushi or the Dolphin Shrimp House, for… shrimps.

Hope this has given you a little inspiration for where to eat in Martin County, Florida, let me know if you’d recommend anywhere else!

I was in Martin County thanks to Discover Martin tourist board, and Visit Florida. Meals 1, 2 and 4 were sponsored, and I paid for 3 and 5. All my own opinions though, of course. Enjoy!




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