12 Best Restaurants in Antigua You NEED to Visit

Here are the best restaurants in Antigua for you to choose from, to really make your holiday to Antigua something to remember. You’ve got a lot of eating to do!

New to the culinary scene in Antigua? This Caribbean island isn’t just a treat for sore eyes, but a treat for hungry stomachs too! French bistros, Italian eateries and seafood shacks make up the bulk of restaurants in Antigua – there are also plenty of seaside cafés to snack on those views.

If you’re wondering where to eat in Antigua, here’s a list of places you simply have to visit. 

Best Restaurants in Antigua

Here are the best places to eat in Antigua – you definitely won’t go hungry!

1. Indigo On The Beach

With the sea coming in right up to the dining patio, Indigo On The Beach is one of the best restaurants in Antigua that swanky Carlisle Bay has to offer. I came here for an early dinner because the sunset view was unbeatable; the glow over the water is stunning.

Restaurants in Antigua

The menu is largely Mediterranean-style with some local touches. To start with, order its highly recommended seafood salad for a refreshing bite. Listening to the calm waves while twirling my pasta made for a pleasant dinner. 

Map of the best Antigua restaurants

Just click this map to see the best restaurants Antigua has to offer.

2. Cloggy’s

Based in English Harbour, Cloggy’s is one of the most popular places to eat in Antigua. Dinner in particular sees plenty of locals and tourists alike! 

Antigua restaurants

Boat spotters love this Antigua restaurant because of its marina location; you’re literally seated right next to moored yachts. Where else can you appreciate your island getaway? Don’t worry about dressing formal either, it’s a relatively relaxing affair, especially when it hits sunset. 

Give their chicken shwarma a try as you wait for the crowds to come in. At night, their bar keeps you well watered with rum. 

3. Jacqui O’s Beach House


The white beams, covered patio and being on the beach makes Jacqui O’s Beach House a legitimate getaway. That’s not to mention quality service that all visitors rave about.

Beach House in Antigua

The loungers outside the restaurant allows you to settle in for stunning views, which overlooks Montserrat and across to the emerald isle. Those who arrive earlier in the day can sip on cocktails outside before turning in for lunch.

Some dishes come highly recommended, like the ‘black pineapple’ gazpacho, tomato bruschetta and pretty much all of the seafood plates! The owner personally comes to offer you dessert as well; don’t pass up the chocolate pudding at this fabulous restaurant in Antigua.  

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4. Trappas

If you’re wondering where to eat traditional food in Antigua, one name comes to mind: Trappas. Another English Harbour eatery, it’s an extremely popular choice for those who like Caribbean cuisine, or time out at the docks. It’s one of the best restaurants Antigua has to offer.

Antigua restaurant

It’s easy to return to this area time and time again, especially when the seafood is delivered fresh. The staff are quick to recommend the flatfish – a customer favourite – as well as the Cajun shrimp and fried green tomatoes. 

Definitely one of the best restaurants in Antigua!

5. The Outhouse

Ok, so you do need to be staying at the Pineapple Beach Club in Antigua to enjoy The Outhouse, but I wanted to include it anyway. The Outhouse is in the grounds of the Pineapple Beach Club, but kinda hidden up a pathway to emerge at a beautiful view over the bay.


With a tin roof, signs and boards nailed onto the wall from past customers, it’s an excellent vantage point to watch Antigua go by. I had the best ribs I’ve ever had here, with salad, and drank beers, watching a majestic storm. My kinda restaurant!

6. Papa Zouk

Anyone would be surprised to hear that Papa Zouk was founded by two German globe-trotters because it’s so Caribbean. This amazing restaurant in Antigua is decorated with fishnets, madras tablecloths, painted bottles, a very colourful bar… you name it. 

Best restaurants in Antigua

To continue this Caribbean theme, seafood dominates the menu. You can choose how to cook your fish (deep-fried or steamed) and whether you’d like a tomato-based or guava-pepper teriyaki sauce to go with it. Butterfish, Barbudan snapper and other tangy tapas – the list goes on. 

Their aged rum is a house specialty, so try it out if you’re a rum lover (like moi). Definitely. a candidate for the best restaurant in Antigua!

7. Sheer Rocks

The boldness of Sheer Rocks really is something. While pricier than what I normally go for, this Antigua restaurant is well worth the price. For one, it’s set into a sheer cliff side – picture tiered wood decks, curtained dining nooks and open sea views. There are even infinity pools and loungers to make it a whole-day affair. 

Antigua restaurants

Fresh ingredients are emphasised in this menu, which features mostly innovative tapas with the option for larger portions. The slow-cooked mahimahi with saffron sauce was delicious; or there’s a decadent truffle mac-and-cheese if you’re of the truffle persuasion (I’m definitely not).

Pair with a tangy cocktail and voila! What a perfect meal at a perfect Antigua restaurant.  

8. Catherine’s Café

It’s hard to choose the best beach out of Antigua’s 365 but Pigeon Beach is extremely beautiful. To take advantage of the views and atmosphere, relax at Catherine’s Café. The surrounding trees shade you outside while the bay is frequented by families and small yachts. You can settle into the daybeds too.

Where to eat in Antigua

Taking after Parisian cafés, the elegant furnishings add to the calm environment. The menu is similarly classical, with healthy salads, freshly baked breads, pastas and seafood mains. The brunch and beach menu is slightly lighter, offering plantain bites, lobster baguettes and citrusy sorbets. 

Definitely try their wine menu! Their wine and cheese tasting platter comes highly recommended.

9. Incanto Restaurant & Lounge Bar

While I didn’t get to dine at this classy Italian restaurant in Antigua, many fellow travellers have given Incanto Restaurant & Lounge Bar a thumbs up. It is pricier than the usual budget eat, but perfect to celebrate the beginning or end of your trip.

Restaurants in Antigua

Just a few minutes away from the heritage site of Nelson’s Dockyard, Incanto sits within the English Harbour. Water laps against the bottom beams while yachts pass by – make sure to wave! 

The setting is elegant but the atmosphere is relaxed. Still, it’s a great chance for you to dress up a little. Expect fancier cuisine as well, such as a charcuterie board and parmigiana (sautéed eggplant with cheese) for appetisers and mains like risotto, gnocchi, caramelised pork and lobster linguine. 

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10. Carmichaels

I can’t speak for the prices but those looking for a view will love Carmichaels. Built on top of Sugar Ridge, the open-air, under-cover terrace seating is one of the most romantic places to eat in Antigua. Couple it with fine dining and you have date night covered.

Photographers and romantic couples aside, Carmichaels also invites visitors in search of a relaxing post-dinner drink. After filling up your stomach with delicious seafood, why not grab a seat at the bar and ask for an exotic cocktail?

11. The Estate House

Looking to treat yourself?

The Estate House is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Antigua. What used to be an 1830 plantation house in Jumby Bay now offers fine dining; the main restaurant comes with three private dining rooms and a wine room. 

Restaurants in Antigua

With a Colonial-style, the sophisticated furniture is offset by the vintage maps, fauna wall murals and paintings that depict Antigua’s history. Likewise, the menu is designed to show-off Antigua’s versatile cuisine, ranging from scallops and lobster ravioli to beef fillets and Antiguan lamb. 

Dress code is semi-casual, so pack something comfortable but classy. The Estate House is well known as one of the best restaurants in Antigua.

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12. Hemingway’s Caribbean Café & Restaurant 

After a tour around the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda, I stumbled across Hemingway’s Caribbean Café & Restaurant not too far away. This low-key, quintessentially Caribbean restaurant really hit the spot!

Where to eat Antigua

If possible, ask for a seat on the covered veranda for prime people watching. The friendly staff had led me straight to the best seat in the house where I could watch the hustle and bustle while resting my feet. 

To enjoy the homey, authentic feel of this Antigua restaurant, order some comfort foods: seafood chowder, conch fritters, and stuffed crab back. Anyone looking for authentic island cuisine in the middle of downtown Antigua will love this place. 

FAQs on Antigua Restaurants

1. Which is the best bar in Antigua?

Experience nightlife and great food in Antigua by visiting spots such as Incanto Restaurant & Lounge Bar, Westpoint Bar Jolly Harbour, and Trappas.

Don’t leave without visiting these Antigua bars!

antigua staple grains

2. Where can I find fine dining in Antigua?

Steer off from your casual dining and experience fine dining in Antigua. Restaurants such as Sheer Rocks, 5 Senses, Carmichaels, and The Estate House are just some of the top choices for classy dining. These restaurants boast gourmet dining paired with a great atmosphere to keep you comfortable throughout your meal.

antigua coast

3. Is there a vegan restaurant in Antigua?

For authentic vegan meals, Vegan 100 in Antigua is a must visit.

4. Which is the best Antigua restaurant by the beach?

Enhance your Caribbean experience with a meal on the beach in Antigua. Drop by at Antigua’s beach restaurants such as Indigo On The Beach, Ana’s on the Beach, Jacqui O’s Beach House, Turner’s Beach, and Darkwood Beach Bar and Restaurant.

You can’t go wrong with great food and a breathtaking view!

5. Are there any bakeries in Antigua?

Antigua Bread is a Guatemalan-American Cafe & Bakery. It stands true to its name with other options such as all-day meals and coffee. Definitely one of the best restaurants in Antigua if you’re looking for a bakery, and a cake or two.

6. Where’s the best breakfast restaurant in Antigua?

For amazing breakfast choices, start your day in Antigua restaurants such as Hemingway’s Caribbean Cafe, Cafe Bella, and Bay House Restaurant & Bar. They’ve got a variety of breakfast choices on their menu that stay rooted in Antigua’s cuisine.

antigua house dome

7. Is there a French restaurant in Antigua?

Authentic French food in Antigua is found at restaurants such as Le Bistro, La Brasserie d’Antigua, and 5 Senses Restaurant. The meals are not only innovative and inspired by French cuisine but also absolutely delicious.

Places to eat in Antigua

Dining in Antigua is such an experience. It’s not just about how delicious the food is – although the daily sea catches are definitely highlights, it’s also the friendly service, the beautiful surroundings and warm atmosphere. 

If you’re not sure where to start your foodie adventure, one of the best places to eat in Antigua is definitely the English Harbour. The different types of eateries and cuisines there provide plenty of options. 

St James Club Antigua

Many great Antiguan restaurants are based on beaches as well. During your day out by the sea, look around to see what’s available. Chances are that they offer great seafood and refreshing cocktails for afternoon breaks. Enjoy the best restaurants Antigua has to offer.

Another place to start looking is at luxury resorts and inns. Not all on-site restaurants come with fancy dress codes and prices! Some of the more casual establishments treat you to panoramic ocean views at reasonable cost.

What are some of your favourite Antiguan restaurants? 


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