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Best Breakfast Ever? Cafe Majestic in Porto

If you find yourself wandering the streets of Porto looking to satisfy your growling belly, get yourself to Cafe Majestic on Rua Santa Caterina quick fast. I wanted to go for coffee after missing out last time I visited Porto for a travel conference, and so me and my three friends entered and sat down for a quick shifty at the menu.

All we wanted was a coffee and a croissant in the legendary Porto pastry haven that is Cafe Majestic. Ten minutes later and we’d ordered ourselves the epic Cafe Majestic breakfast at €20 a pop. After being moved to a bigger table to fit all the food in by our uniformed waitress we sat down salivating in anticipation.

Porto cafe

Little bit of history…

The Cafe Majestic interior is famed in Porto. Since 1921 the cafe has hosted the European elite; known for attracting intellectuals, bohemians and ladies of high society – seeing as I count myself as all of the above I was right at home within the beautifully ornate walls. The look was part art nouveau, mixed with a sense of La Belle Epoque and mirrors, marble and metal combine to create a look and feel I’d never seen before. It was grand and all types of fancy, yet I still felt comfortable and able to relax in my red velvet chair.

As we sat pride of place on our huge table tourists poked their heads in to get snaps on the inside – it disturbs me how many photos will be going round with the four of us wearing our specially bought bow ties and stuffing our faces with all kinds of breakfast.

Cafe Majestic in Porto

Onto the Majestic event…

I’m possibly the worst food blogger ever so what you are about to see is half finished food, not the beautifully laid out offerings you’ll see on other blogs, or what we were actually presented with. It just looked too blummin delicious to delay the first bite taking pictures.

Best breakfast in Porto

Breakfast at Cafe Majestic includes…

  • Your choice of eggs any style, cheese and ham, smoked ham from Chaves or breakfast steak

There was a slight misunderstanding here in that I didn’t read the menu properly and when she came to take our order I panic-purchases and ordered poached eggs. In hindsight and looking at the breakfast steak option I’m slightly devastated. The eggs were good though (although not quite as good as mine) and a perfect starter for the deliciousness to come…

  • A choice of coffee, tea or hot chocolate

I went for a cappuccino – without a doubt one of the best coffees I’ve had and that’s saying a lot.

  • Fresh orange juice

Freshly squeezed and tantalisingly refreshing for my alcohol-induced dehydrated body.

Porto best breakfasts

  • Basket of bread and croissant, butter, jam and honey

We had a warm croissant, a bread roll and two slices of toast each, cut into quarters. There was peach jam, strawberry jam and honey on the side. The croissant was of a more doughy texture than the ones you associate with France for example, I soon came to realise this was customary in Porto, and they sure are tasty. I’d like to let some Marmite loose on those doughy insides.

  • Flute of sparkling wine

Zingy to refresh the taste buds after all those bready carbs – perfect.

  • Yoghurt with red fruits

Wow, I literally didn’t know yoghurt could be so tasty. When it came over in its cute little jam jar even the guys were cooing over it. Waiel had a huge strawberry in his compote and the blue berries were fresh as you like.

Yogurt course at Cafe Majestic

One last l’il tip…

There was a beautiful terrace outside – a real suntrap – if the sun is out bag yourself a table out there asap!

Cafe Majestic garden


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Abbi from Life in a rucksack

Monday 5th of October 2015

Hi Vicky,

Thanks so much for writing this - I am headed on a trip to Porto on Friday, and hoping this place is still as good as what it looked 2 years ago.

safe travels



Monday 12th of October 2015

How did you get on Abbi? I loved it there :)

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Wednesday 3rd of July 2013

I'm a big fan of breakfasts and this badboy looks like a winner!