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Car Travel Checklist for a Road Trip

Everyone likes to have a road trip with their loved ones once in a while, for that they make sure they do all necessary checks like packing up properly, putting stuff that can be in use in between the journey or after like essential food items, medicines, proper ID documents and phone chargers. 

car checklist

Along with all the above items, it’s also important to note that the vehicle you will be riding on should also be properly monitored before you leave. 

– You need to check whether your car has required fuel filled up or not.

–Also a check on the engine would be great as it might have gotten heated up or require water input before you take it out for a long journey.

– Proper water level will neutralise the engine system and it will make your vehicle fit to be driven wherever you want to take it.

Check your car tyres

Many times drivers ignore monitoring their car tyres before they take it on the road. They should know that car tyres play an important role in good performance of the car as other parts too. Tyres of your car are the only part directly into contact with the road, hence need to be taken care of properly.

Proper air pressure check can be done and you can check if your tyres are under or over balanced and fix them accordingly. Overbalanced tyres can burst if they come in contact with a road bump in case you are driving at high speed. While underbalanced tyres can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere resulting in a puncture.

Hence, balanced air pressure is always recommended. No matter where in UK you are from, you should always keep an eye for good tyre fitters. If you are located in Essex, let’s say and you are looking for tyres in Basildon – you should check with Jet Wheel Tyre.

Travelling with kids

Moving further if you are travelling with kids, the things you need to keep with you during the journey should be comfortable blankets and cushions so that your kids feel easy and enjoy the journey, sickness bags many kids are prone to motion sickness therefore sickness bags can be useful in case they feel nauseated.

Your children would also need entertainment , for which you can always pack up activity and colouring books for your kids, puzzle games and board games. 

Once you have ticked all the above checks you are good to go on a long road trip that you can easily enjoy with your family and loved ones without facing any halts in between.

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