9 Best Things About Taking a Cruise With Princess Cruises

So I’ve been back from my cruise over a week now – time to process and digest – and now I’m thinking about all the great things about being on board on a cruise with Princess Cruises.

I went on a press trip with eight other bloggers for 11 days through the delights of Russia and Scandinavia to see what it’s like on and off board the Regal Princess. There were loadsa great things, of course, but here are the top 9 that I’ve really missed from the delightful bubble of the Princess Cruise.

1. Waking up somewhere new every day

Every day (but one) that I opened my balcony curtains I was in a new destination – how cool is that? To travel while you sleep is pretty much the dream for someone who’s feeling a little jaded by planes right now (me).

go on a cruise with princess cruises

My Scandinavia and Russia Princess Cruise was 11 days of fun in and around the waters of:

Hamburg, Germany

Tallinn, Estonia

St Petersburg, Russia

Stockholm, Sweden

Helsinki, Finland

Copenhagen, Denmark

Oslo, Norway

I know the uninitiated may think that they’ll feel trapped on a cruise, but honestly, I welcomed the days we were ‘at sea’ with open arms. Time to relax.

On this cruise we were in a new port almost every day, with a new country to discover – 6 countries in 11 days with no trains, planes or cars to deal with. Pretty amazing!

I look out of my window now (#nobalcony) and see the other side of the street. Every day. I do like number 11’s front door though.

2. Food, always

food on the princess cruise ship

Food glorious food – everywhere, every day, all the time. There were 10 restaurants on board – you can read about them all in Emily’s Regal Princess Dining and Restaurant Guide – and there was access to food 24 hours a day.

There was also a gelato bar, and an ice cream bar.

I even ordered breakfast room service from my phone three times – living the dream!

And this week I’ve been eating chicken and pepper salad, on repeat. Ok, ok, might’ve gone out for an Indian meal on Sunday but ya get what I mean.

3. The Spa, massage and adults only areas

– Not my photo c. Princess Cruises 

We had a day of joy where we could relax in the Enclave – a special part of the ship only accessible by appointment – and enjoy a massage. I went for the full on, give me all you got massage, and had all the oils on offer to soak in. It was a great massage, on a heated table – yeah, almost fell asleep.

Afterwards we got to chill out, or heat up, with the different treatment rooms and the bubbling swimming pool. You see those curved steel pools in on the edge of the pool halfway up? You stand in them for support and then the jets shoot out at you, it’s great.

It’s so amazing to think this is on the ship. And if you can’t rush to a treatment a day, to get access, there’s always the Retreat upstairs which is adults only, has cabanas and hot tubs, and was kinda sheltered from those Russian winds too.

And today? Welllll… I have my shower to look forward to.

Taking a princess cruise

princess cruises

4. Jacuzzis

Princess cruises trip

There were six jacuzzis on the ship which turned out to be plenty for our cruise, seeing as it was a bit breezy outside so it was actually only us crazy Brits going in them until it heated up in Stockholm.

The jacuzzis on the Regal Princess were sooooo nice – think I spent about two hours in one one day. You could have bar service to the tub, cocktails and everything, and it was so nice and warm. Loved having them in such easy access.

And today? Yeah, no.

5. No pressures

Best things about Princess Cruises

We were watching this Balloon Drop party in the main piazza and decided that cruises were basically summer camp for adults. Look how happy some people in the pic are just waiting in anticipation for a balloon to come their way?

Cruise life feels disconnected from reality – kind of like when you go to a festival. You’re so consumed by life on the ship that the every day thoughts of pressure and responsibility are taken over by what cocktail to have next, or whether to go to ballroom dancing or the quiz, or what show to see – it’s a real chance to get away from adulting. And I think that’s the main reason cruising is so popular.

For me, even just staying in the same room for 10 days straight was a treat. It was a real chance to relax and recuperate without packing up my stuff for work trips or to see friends and family.

The cruise was an absolute adults playground.

But back in real life, I’m trying to work my way through tens of emails that all need an answer NOW. And deleting GDPR emails – yay!

6. Having my room cleaned for me, every day

Best things about the Princess Cruise

My room steward Eduardo was awesome. He’d leave me chocolatey treats on my pillow and tidy my room for me every day, making sure everything was in its rightful place. Everyone needs an Eduardo in their lives – I miss him terribly.

Right now? My room looks like I’m trying to pack for three different trips at once, which I am. Eduuuuaaaaardo, I neeeed you!

7. Super comfy bed and ocean sleep sounds

typical day on the Regal Princess ship

Well, my bed at home is comfier, of course, but unfortunately in Southsea I’m not quite close enough to the ocean to hear the waves lapping up.

The beds on the Regal Princess were pretty fine specimens though, and after the craziness of the first few days of late nights and early mornings I had some pretty sweet sleeps in those sheets. One night I even went to sleep with the balcony doors open to get the full ‘at sea’ effect.

Rooms were great and we had a big TV with some of the latest films – oh hello Greatest Showman.

Ok, I am pretty happy to be in my own bed, but I do miss having it made for me every day, and those ocean sound effects have to come from an app now.

8. Ordering whatever I want at the bar

We were on a drinks package that meant all drinks were included 24/7. It’s up to you how far you want to go with this, but it felt great walking up to any bar, anywhere and knowing it was free (kinda). Felt like a princess – get it, Princess Cruises? I assume that’s what our Meghan does now anyway.

I went straight to Milan after my Princess Cruise, but since then haven’t touched a drop. Just trying to get that balance back in my life after the scales were wrenched the other way.

9. Not having to lift a finger

Cruise with Princess Cruises

One of the absolute best things about Princess Cruises is the fact that everything is done for you. No cleaning, making food, washing up, washing, making beds – even deciding what to do in the cities as you can join guided tours.

There’s constant entertainment, 24/7 food supplies, and help on hand whenever you need it. You are looked after.

And that, my friends, are just some of the reasons why I thought the Princess Cruise was great!

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Check out the Scandinavia and Russia cruise on the Princess Cruises website to get more of an idea of what to expect!

If you have any other questions at all, just let me know below!

I was on the Regal Princess courtesy of Princess Cruises. I really enjoyed the experience, and given the chance or the money, would be well up for taking another cruise with them.

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