Fun Things to Do in Amsterdam at Night

So, looking for fun things to do in Amsterdam at night? I’m guessing you’ve experienced all the daytime entertainment of the canals, the shopping, the cycling, eating and drinking?

Time to take your trip to Amsterdam to the next level.

Fun things to do at night in Amsterdam

Fun Things to Do in Amsterdam at Night

1. Go clubbing

Fun things to do at night in Amsterdam

Obviously. The standard evening activity in any European city right? Amsterdam has some pretty cool clubs to check out – try The Sugar Factory, Club Up or Studio 80. Or if you prefer live music then I can personally vouch for Melkweg and the Paradiso, or Concertgebouw if you like your music a little higher above the brow. Expect to party all night, as is the European way.

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Amsterdam Eurostar


2. Eat Dutch cheese

Fun things to do at night in Amsterdam

You can either find a cheese shop that’s still open (try the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store), eat some out in a restaurant (maybe a fondue at Het Karbeel) or go on one of the cheesey canal cruises in the city. Any of the above would do me. Passing an evening in Amsterdam eating cheese, and maybe drinking it’s natural partner, wine, sounds just about perfect at this stage in life.

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3. Walk around, from museum to museum

Fun things to do at night in Amsterdam

Just go for a walk around the city – see what you see and act on impulse. If your mind and /or body want you to go in somewhere / do something, go for it. I mean, if you happen to pass Amsterdam Museum of Sex (open till 11:30pm) then so be it. Same goes for the Erotic Museum (open till 1/2am).

Amsterdam by night is a time to open your mind. Go on, let it fly.

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4. Drive around

Fun things to do at night in Amsterdam

By day the roads in Amsterdam are choc a block with cyclists. Honestly, I’m a cyclist and I’ve never seen anything like it. Night time is a great opportunity to actually grab an Uber and explore the intricate streets without nearly getting bowled over. If you’re on the main routes then the trams are fun too, although they finish at around 12:30am.

5. Watch a film at a beautiful cinema

Fun things to do in Amsterdam

The art deco-style Pathé Tuschinski Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cinemas in the world. If you’re a fan of the flicks, or just need a break from all the fun and goodies Amsterdam has to offer then I’d definitely recommend checking it out. They play all the latest Hollywood greats.

6. Those coffee shops

Fun things to do at night in Amsterdam

You can’t really visit Amsterdam without at least poking your head round one of the coffee shops, just to see what they’re all about. And if you want to check out the menu, some of them are open 24/7.

Have fun!


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