10 Stunning Flower Festivals Around the World to Visit in 2024

Ever been to a flower festival? And / or have you been watching Attenborough’s The Green Planet on BBC? Flowers and plants are pretty cool right now. And to celebrate them in style, you need one of these flower festivals in your 2022.

flower festivals

Flowers are nature’s gift to humanity. These delicate gems come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. 

Each country and place has unique flora. Experts estimate that there are between 250,000 and 400,000 different species on this planet. That’s a lot of flowers! 

Every year, there are spectacular flower festivals worldwide to celebrate this natural wonder. 

These plant festivals are as diverse as the flowers featured in them. You’ll find everything from parades to majestic flower carpets.  

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are the ten best flower festivals around the world. 

Flower Festivals Around the World

Visit one of these flower and garden festivals to see the full extent of the incredible colourful flowers in the world.

1. Batalla de Flores

Laredo, Spain 

In Spanish, Batalla de Flores means ‘battle of the flowers’. This epic festival has been running since 1908. 

flower festivals around the world

Here, you can see a parade of exciting floats competing for the top spot in the festival’s competition. There are categories for both large and small floats. 

These floats have beautiful designs typically covered in dahlias and carnations. Sometimes, there are also magnolia and chrysanthemum leaves adorning them. 

Volunteers work to create these floats, hand decorating them one petal at a time. 

These floats will delight you with their detail and splendor.  

2. Bloemencorso Bollenstreek 

The Netherlands 

The Netherlands is a country that is well-known for its gorgeous flowers. So it’s no surprise that they have a massive spring festival to celebrate their magnificent flora. 

festivals and flowers

This festival runs for an entire week at the end of April. It’s one of the best April festivals we have. During that time, over one million visitors travel to witness the spectacle. 

The main event at Bloemencorso Bollenstreek is the Saturday parade. It is an extensive parade route spanning 42 km from Noordwijk to Haarlem. Marching bands add joyful music to the colorful floats. 

This event is a must-see for flower fans worldwide. 

3. Brussels Flower Carpet 

Brussels, Belgium 

You have to be a little lucky to catch this one, but it is an unforgettable festival if you do. The Brussels Flower Carpet happens once every other summer, in the middle of August.

flower festivals

This festival is a feast for the senses. It is a unique event that takes place in Brussels’ iconic Grand-Place. Surrounding the flower carpet, meticulously laid out by volunteers, is stunning UNESCO World Heritage Gothic architecture. 

Belgium has the world’s most significant production of begonias, and this festival highlights the country’s bounty. 

4. Chiang Mai Flower Festival 

Chiang Mai, Thailand 

Travel to Chiang Mai, Thailand, in February, and you’ll see an explosion of colours. 

flower festivals

The Chiang Mai Flower Festival is an exciting cultural event that draws in thousands of visitors. It is a unique blend of ancient and modern floral designs, and an interesting February festival to visit. 

This event isn’t just your typical plant festival. Instead, it has an agricultural fair, a floral arrangements exhibition, and landscaping trends display on its first day. After, there is a vibrant parade showcasing local art, music, dancers, and ornamental plants. 

You can also find delicious food and drinks surrounding the festival. 

TOP TIP: Check the entry requirements and visa application steps before you go.

5. Europa Cup for Florists

Katowice, Poland (2022 location) 

The Europa Cup for Florists is a world-class event that draws in some of the best florists on the planet. This competition, hosted by the International Florist Organisation, has been around for over half a century.

Its location changes annually, and this year, it’ll be in Katowice, Poland. 

While the cup has a competitive spirit, the first cup united ideologically divided nations together during the Cold War. Today, professional florists from any country worldwide can compete. 

Competitors create breathtaking installations based on themes. 

Flower fans can come and watch the competition and see the stunning displays. 

6. Festa da Flor 

Funchal, Portugal

Portugal is a vibrant country, so it’s no shock that the Festival da Flor is a suitably lively celebration. 

In Funchal on the island of Madeira, there’s a significant flower festival that celebrates rebirth, fertility, and metamorphosis. 

flower festivals

There are flower carpets, floral sculptures featuring the Laurissilva species, and traditional flower exhibitions. There is even a Flower Market in the city centre with events for visitors. 

During the occasion, over a thousand children participate in a parade to place a flower on the ‘Wall of Hope’. There’s also a children’s show and a dove release to mark the end of this flower festival too. 

7. Floriade Flower Festival

Canberra, Australia 

One impressive flower festival that should be on your bucket list is the Floriade Festival in Canberra, Australia. This event features over one million flowers, and best of all is free! 

festivals and flowers

It’s a month-long event running from September to October. 

There are plenty of unique activities you can do at Floriade. These include bringing a picnic with you, taking a yoga class among the flowers, and painting gnomes. 

Additionally, you’ll find some unique vendors selling goods at stalls. 

They also have many events for travellers with kids. Floriade is a festival with flowers the entire family can enjoy. 

8. Infiorata Flower Carpet Festival

Noto, Italy 

While there are many Infiorata Flower Carpet festivals throughout Italy, the one in Noto is one of the most famous. 

Infiorata translates to ‘decorated with flowers’. The town lives up to this description during this event in late May and early June. It lines up with the Corpus Domini feast. 

flower festivals

Artists spend months carefully planning their designs, which incorporate a mix of fresh and dried flowers. 

Planners sketch an outline in chalk before meticulously filling it in with petals.

You’ll be blown away by this impressive carpet that adorns Noto’s street. 

9. Medellín Feria de las Flores 

Medellín, Colombia 

The Medellín Feria de las Flores is a vibrant celebration that rivals the energy and excitement displayed at festivals like Oktoberfest and Carnaval. 

garden festival

During the festival, there are hundreds of events that take place during its ten days. Once the ten days are over, other neighbouring cities kick off their celebrations. 

Its parade is unique because it features flowers carried on silletas, traditional wooden structures previously used by peasants to move large quantities of flowers into town. The 22km parade symbolises their hard work and perseverance. 

Other exciting activities include a concert, an antique car travelling museum, and a bird and flower show.   

10. Rose Parade Flower Festival

Pasadena, California, United States 

An exciting New Year’s Day tradition in sunny Southern California is the Rose Parade in Pasadena. This flowery festivity has entertained spectators for over 130 years. 

Rose festival

Companies, cities, and organisations design floats to participate in the Tournament of Roses. Alongside are marching bands and equestrian units. 

Each year, there are unique entries that are increasingly impressive. 

After the parade, two American college football teams battle it out at the Rose Bowl Game. This game features some of the nation’s best teams. 

Attending this event is a memorable way to ring in the new year.  

Best flower festivals around the world

As you can see, there are some incredible flower festivals around the world. When you see all the beautiful flowers laid out in front of you, with the festival atmosphere surrounding you, it really does show them off in all their glory.

How many flower festivals have you been to, and which of these would you choose?

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