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I Ate a Gaudi: The Ultimate Food Experience in Barcelona

Stood at the grafittid door of a warehouse unsure if we were at the right place, we knew that if we were, dinner was going to be awesome.

EatWith in Tel AvivWhen I was in Israel I met Andrea, the Global Development Manager for the shared dining experience site EatWith. She told me this ‘Hidden Gaudi Experience’ was the best EatWith experience she’d tried. Bearing in mind that at the time we were sat in a fairy light lit garden in a beautiful house in Tel Aviv, about to eat locally soured Eton Mess after our delicious fish course served on a mirror I knew it had to be good.

As soon as I had my trip to Barcelona confirmed I booked my brother and I in to try it.

The Hidden Gaudi Experience

Xavi and Nico welcomed us in, obviously totally used to the look of awe and admiration on our faces at the sight of their incredible flat. It was hot walk up the four flights of stairs, but once in the room the sweaty ascent was forgotten.

Just look at it…

Last two weeks in Spain

Awesome, quirky, unique and everything I’d want my future flat to be.

Joining us for the night was a couple from Oslo, who’d both just had huge tattoos done on their arms that day, a lady from London and two couples from Mexico and Spain.

But, anyway, onto the food.

First course – octopus, tuna and Balearic fish

EatWith in Barcelona

  • Balearic fish, deep fried so the scales show and then flavoured with cockles and lemon
  • Fresh red tuna tartare, garnished with gazpacho
  • Octopus with Iberian belly pork and dried octopus

Served with vermouth, which came to Barcelona at the time of Gaudi

Second course – Esckeshana cod fish

EatWith in Barcelona

“It’s the most Catholic dish of all, after three days of soaking in water it becomes alive, like Jesus Christ”

  • Cod with roasted tomatoes, onions and peppers, topped with smoked eggplant aioli sauce on top, garnished with caviar, garlic and basil

Catalans in the 15th century discovered cod as king of the fish, comes salty and dry.

Served with Grenache the local grape, carefully selected from local vineyards thanks to the barrel.

Third course – Porcini mushroom

HIDDEN gaudi experience

  • Porcini mushroom with pine nuts, smoked salt and mushroom paste Gaudi towers

The one thing, the one thing, my brother doesn’t eat is mushrooms. For his whole life he’s detested them and I could see him come over all funny as he realised what the next course was.

He went for it, deciding that if ever he was going to like mushrooms it would be now with this specially chosen, cooked and presented one. He gave himself a pep talk, cut a bit off, tried it, looked physically traumatised and shaken up, so I happily scoffed the lot for him.

Delicious for me, not so much for him.

Served with some sort of white wine I don’t remember – it went down a treat.

Fourth course – surf and turf

Surf and Turf Hidden Gaudi Experience

  • A black sausage and a white sausage stuffed inside a squid with onion, tomato and dark chocolate for flavouring and Iberian ham and green pea sprout for decoration.

Xavi called it Parabolicart and explained to us how it reflected the shapes used in Gaudi’s creations throughout the city. It reflected his tower art.

It’s possible my double mushroom course endeavours ruined my appetite for this one, but it was just a few too many flavours for me and I couldn’t finish it.

Served with a red wine – it went down a treat, again.

Fifth course – Catalan chicken caneloni

EatWith in Barcelona

  • Catalan chicken caneloni with black truffle in a bready sauce

Another tasty course, although I was definitely filling up by this point. Great presentation and based on the snake in Parc Guell. I still ate it, obviously.

Sixth course – double dessert

EatWith in Barcelona

  • Sheeps milk ricotta, strawberries with Muscat wine, liquid strawberry bon bon
  • Potato surprise, chocolate covered coffee beans, chocolate sauce

Oh, that bon bon. Delicious. I’m so inexperienced in the kitchen it amazes me what people can come up with!

Served with cava. 

The Hidden Gaudi Food Experience

EatWith in Barcelona

The whole night had been carefully thought out from the choice of cutlery to the background tunes. As the night went on all the music played was carefully paired with the courses as Xavi and Nico took us through the story of the meal.

The Hidden Gaudi Experience, was definitely an experience. From finding the warehouse to getting to the right door and just chilling in and admiring the flat beforehand. Seeing the table set out as it was and meeting Xavi and Nico was such a nice way to share an eating experience with locals.

We ended up having all kinds of chats from why we’d turned out like we had to the independence of Catalonia and Scotland.

Loved my EatWith Experience.

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How much was it?

I paid £55 for my experience as I had a money off voucher, and treated my brother to his £55 too – seeing as I was staying at his. The normal price is £60pp. Or you can save $10 by using this link (I’ll get $10 in my account too).

I actually thought that was a really good price given all the wine we drank, the food and the care and prep that had gone into that food.

My EatWith Barcelona experience

EatWith is in over 150 cities worldwide including London, Tel Aviv, San Francisco, Paris and Sao Paulo. You can use the $10 off anywhere!

I can’t wait to use it again – I’m thinking London next…

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