Grünerløkka in Oslo: Where the Hipsters Hang Out

Grünerløkka in Oslo is like Shoreditch in London, or Williamsburg in New York. It’s where all the hipsters, struggling artists and cool kids hang out. Political grafitti adorns the walls, markets selling local goods pop up in disused warehouses and the charity shops remain the source for every thing you could need and the only things you can afford in Oslo. When I visited in May I stayed at the Anker Hotel, which was just on the border of Grünerløkka and the city centre, it was perfect for investigating both sides of the city.

The tram lines go up into Grünerløkka so I’d advise a tram tour to introduce you to the city first, and then you can see the spots that interest you to investigate further. The streets of Grünerløkka are lined with cool restaurants, bars and shops, here’s just a sample of what you’ll see when you visit…

Grünerløkka hotel
The view across Grünerløkka from the Hotel Anker window
Grünerløkka graffiti
The graffiti in Grünerløkka were works of art


Incredible hey?
Grünerløkka street art
Not entirely sure what this space ship was doing in Oslo, pretty cool though…
Grünerløkka book shop
Junk shop in Grünerløkka, probably the only way you could afford anything in Oslo!


Grünerløkka street art
Love this work – would make a cool t-shirt non?


Grünerløkka river
This is the river that separates Grünerløkka from Oslo city centre
Grünerløkka cool stuff
Cool art work down by the Bla Market in Grünerløkka
Grünerløkka art museum
The inside of the Contemporary Art Museum in Grünerløkka
grunerlokka in oslo
A little house in the river in Grunerlokka. Loved all the random artwork around here…
grunerlokka in oslo
Make sure you visit the brewery on the way out!


  1. Shiiittt! This looks amazing! Now I want to go to Oslo as well as everywhere else on this blog! Must. Get. Off. It.

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