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How to Relax When You Travel

My travel style. To sum it up in one word, for the busy among you, it’s to RELAX.

Just reeeee-laxxxx.

People are so stressy about travel. What is it about moving from one place to another via some kind of vehicle that makes everyone so tetchy?

“If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you…”

– Rudyard Kipling

THEN you will make a great traveller, and will enjoy the journey rather than scowling and cursing at your fellow passengers for nothing more than the sin of accidentally bumping you with their case.

How to relax when you travel

Japan Rail Pass

Arrive on time

Travelling to something important is not a time in your life to be experimenting with shortcuts and the new route you once heard your neighbour suggest. Give yourself plenty of time to arrive at your method of travel or destination so you don’t need to rush and worry that you’re going to make it.

We all know time is the most important thing we have but wouldn’t you rather spend a few minutes of down time being early, rather than fraught minutes being late?

Treat yourself

If happiness to you is buying a luxury coffee on the way, so be it. If it’s paying for that First Class upgrade so you have space and a plug socket, go for that too. Sometimes it can be a false economy to go for the cheapest, or not to do something, so I say do what makes you happy – and then turn that happy into good.

Take earphones

life after a break up

Honestly don’t think I would travel as much as I have if it wasn’t for earphones. If I’m travelling by myself I’m pretty much permanently plugged in. I like to switch off and chill out and the best way to tune out of the craziness of the world around me is to silence it with usually either minimal techno or the chill out playlists I like to listen to.

You can follow me on Spotify if you need any musical inspiration but I promise this is the absolute best way to stay calm while travelling any kind of distance.

Chill and let others go first

Those people who push past you and think they’re oh so much more important? Just let them go. Deep breaths and let them go. If it really means that much to them they obviously didn’t pay attention to rule number one, arrive on time.

They’re more stressed than you are so just let them get on with it. They’ll soon read this blog post and realise the error of their ways.

Don’t waste the time

I think people get stressed and don’t like travel because they feel like the time is wasted. Sometimes, when I’m travelling by myself, I barely even notice the journey because I’ve been listening to new Spotify playlists, podcasts, working on my laptop or just catching up with my favourite blogs on feedly or bloglovin. That time is absolutely, definitely not wasted for me.

You don’t always have to do something though. If ‘not wasting the time’ is staring out the window then do that – just enjoy the relative limited distractions and tune out.

Make it easy for yourself

No point hanging around in queues when you can just use Trainline’s app and mobile tickets. I tried it in Cambridge recently and loved how you can book on your phone, then use your phone as a ticket to get through the barriers, and on the train, and get live updates to your phone as to how your journey is coming along.

Booked my ticket from the comfort of a cafe at London Liverpool Street while others were queueing up at the machines. Yeah, it felt good.

How did we not know this already?!

Get the best deal 

Everything is better when it’s cheaper, right? Book in advance with Trainline up to 12 weeks before your trip, and save on average 43% vs. the cheapest non-Advance fares.

If you’re booking train tickets in Europe then try looking at for the best deal. Pre booking with omio means you can travel with ease, knowing you have your ticket and seat on the train. It also means you don’t have to work out any language barriers at the ticket machine. 

They give the best deals, not only on trains, but on bus, flight and ferry companies too. 

Train travel is the way forward in this eco-conscious world, so make it easy on yourself and book your tickets from the comfort of your own home. 

Enjoy letting go

public transport in the USA

Right now I don’t have a car, and I haven’t had one for over 10 years – just a few rentals along the way. I’ve been getting by just fine by travelling in over 50 countries by train. One of the best things about train travel, and learning to enjoy it, is definitely the freedom it gives you to relax and just enjoy the view. Let go and enjoy the lack of control.

Train travel around the world is fascinating. For example, in India you pretty much hang off the side, in Italy you’ll see some of the most incredible views ever, in Vietnam you can catch a sleeper and in Japan you can travel up to 375mph. Travelling by train means you can spend your time and energy sightseeing – and one of my most favourite past times, people watching.

Sitting back and letting someone else drive me there, as I enjoy the journey, is definitely the most relaxing way to travel. I love it.

I hope these tips help.
Just let me know if you have any other ideas. Sharing’s caring!

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