60+ Driving Affirmations for Road Trip Confidence This Year

You can use these driving affirmations to help you feel more confident on the road in new destinations, or even in your hometown. If you have any sort of driving anxiety, affirmations are a great place to start…

road trip affirmations

If you feel worried about driving when you’re abroad, or in another part of your home country, or even around the roads you already know well, driving affirmations can be a great way to help boost your confidence.

You’re a good driver, you know how to do it, but either a seed of doubt has crept in, or maybe you’ve had an accident, or there’s just some sort of self belief that’s stopping you from feeling confident on the road. Driving anxiety may seem difficult to get over, especially when you see everyone else being so confident on the road, but to get back to enjoying the open road, you need to address any driving confidence issues you have.

Driving affirmations are a free and easy way to build up your self esteem around road trips, to help you believe you can do it and settle any nerves you may have.

How to use these driving affirmations

Repeating these driving affirmations to yourself, regularly, is a surefire way to help improve your confidence on the road. You need to repeat them so much that you genuinely start to believe them, and they become fact.

– Read them all to start.

– Choose a few that really resonate with you.

– Write these down either on a bit of paper, or on your phone, and read them regularly.

– The best way to make these driving affirmations work is to set a regular time to repeat them to yourself in the mirror – when you brush your teeth is a good time. Try to make them a habit in your life.

– You could also write them on post its, and have them in the car.

As you learn the driving affirmations off by heart, you can use them all the more before you get behind the wheel, and as you’re driving. Confidence is everything when you’re driving, and these road trip affirmations will encourage yours no end!

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The Best Driving Affirmations for Road Trip Confidence

If you need help getting over your driving anxiety, try these driving affirmations for starters!

quotes about long drives

Road trip affirmations: driving

1. I love the feeling of being behind the wheel.

2. I am one with the open road.

3. I am alert and oriented and always paying attention while driving.

4. I am a fully competent driver on the road.

5. I can remain calm during any situation.

6. I commit to being the best driver I can be.

7. I respect my vehicle and others, so I am always careful on the road.

8. I am a mindful driver.

9. I am the living embodiment of intelligent and fantastic driving.

Affirmations for road trips: the car

10. I fully understand that reading the owner’s manual for my vehicle will equip me with the knowledge that will help fix problems as they arise.

11. I am a natural operating a vehicle. 

12. I fully embrace the new experience that every commute can manifest. 

13. The ability to drive is a privilege.

14. I am so grateful to drive.

15. I am able to easily adapt to unexpected situations while driving.

16. Driving is an excellent opportunity to explore new territory.

17. I respect my vehicle and diligently tend to its needs to keep it running smoothly.

Driving affirmations: the freedom!

18. Freedom is having your friends in your car and blasting your favorite road trip music with the windows down.

19. I feel free as I gaze through the dashboard at the horizon.

20. The open road is full of endless possibilities.

21. Getting lost can be getting found. 

22. Driving is dancing with the earth, the sun and the stars.

23. My car allows me to live a fun, adventure-filled life.

24. I start every driving trip with an open heart and a smile on my face.

25. When I open my window while driving, stick my hand out, and feel the strong wind, I know I’m alive.

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Affirmations for road trips: exploring

26. I love visiting new places and discovering more about the earth.

27. There is no such thing as a wrong turn, as you are always where you are meant to be.

28. I gain new experiences that shape my life with each driving experience.

29. I love driving with friends and family and sharing the experience together.

30. I can discover new territory in my country by taking different routes to my destination.

31. I love sightseeing all the landmarks of my home country.  

32. My legs are my wheels, and my soul is the motor.

33. Driving is like floating on a cloud.

34. Each time I reach for the steering wheel, I reach for adventure.

35. New experiences are food for the soul.

36. I want to experience more of the world around me, and driving is a tool for making this happen.

37. New opportunities welcome me every time I get behind the steering wheel.

38. My heart opens when I am able to access new countries with my vehicle.

39. I am so happy and thankful for exploring this fantastic planet.

40. My heart bursts with joy every time I think of my next destination.

41. I’m always manifesting unique journeys on the road.

Road trip affirmations: confidence

42. I believe in myself.

43. I believe in my ability to learn new skills.

44. My thoughts are powerful creators of my life, and I choose only positive thoughts about my driving skills.

45. There is no such thing as failure, only feedback.

46. My driving skills get better with every trip.

47. I am in control of my car and my driving.

48. I always relax and flow with the traffic.

49. I greet each car trip with confidence and ease.

50. I bring my full attention to the task of driving every time I am behind the wheel.

51. When I get stressed, I can slow down my breathing to achieve a state of calm.

52. Thank you for my journeys always being safe, relaxing and enjoyable experiences.

Driving affirmations: gratitude

53. My car has the ability to take me to exotic lands.

54. The only true destination lies in my heart.

55. I am thrilled about meeting new people and seeing new sights on road trips to foreign lands. 

56. My childlike wonder and knack for driving often foster new exciting escapades and memories. 

57. My intuition acts as an internal compass, and I am always connected to this when driving.

58. I have the pleasure of meeting new and kind people on my road trips.

59. The universe offers support and abundance, allowing me to drive safely to new places in a state of peace.

60. Inspiration and new ideas blossom when I am driving to new places.

61. I am persistent in my efforts to achieve adventure on the road.

62. Your final destination is always still part of the journey.

The best driving affirmations for anxiety

Whether your anxiety is based on an event that happened, or worries about what might happen, I hope these affirmations for driving anxiety will help you to get your confidence back. Driving can be a stressful thing to do, but having the patience and calm demeanour to approach it with ease will make you feel all the more confident in your ability.

Read these driving affirmations over and over so that they seep into your subconscious, and you can enjoy your road trips like you want to.

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