5 Steps to Langos: The Hungarian Speciality

I’d walked passed a few of the stalls in my 13 days in Budapest, but it was only this morning I finally got to try the Hungarian speciality ‘Lángos’ (Lahn-Gohsh) .

The main reason for the avoidance was the fact it looked like one of the fattest things you could possibly have for breakfast in Hungary, and that’s saying something. If you love meat, fat and bread, you need to book a one-way flight to Hungary. Now.

Langos guide budapest

Langos is just water and flour, crafted by proficient hands into dough. Apparently a lot can go wrong in the conception and it’s not as easy to make as it sounds. I’ll take their word for it, there’s no way I’d want to learn to make this obesity treat.

I ordered mine from the stall in the main square at the end of Vaci Utca. I watched the Langos lady with great admiration – it took her about 20 seconds to do the following 5 steps, from the moment her sous chef slapped it in front of her out of the dee fat fryer, to passing it over and grabbing my 600ft (£1.50).

Step 1: Cook the fluffy doughnutty base

Her minion in the back did this > so no pic.

Step 2: Spoon some sour cream on

Langos guide budapest

Step 3: Spread it with a painting brush

Langos guide budapest

Step 4: grate cheese all over it

Langos guide budapest

Step 5: hand on over, ready for me to devour

Langos guide budapest

Different toppings

You can get all kinds of toppings on the Langos. Unfortunately I can’t read Hungarian, or speak it, the lady was scary and I had a queue behind me. I just asked for what the person in front of me had. I liked that the person behind me did the same. We were in it together.

I did see a lady get a pound of (what I assume are) onions on hers, but just on one side. Was she going to do some mad wrapping thing I didn’t know about?

Langos guide budapest

The Langos was a lot tastier than I thought it would be, and of course, I somehow managed to finish the lot. I imagined it to be a ball of grease, but it wasn’t. More like a delicious sweet sour cream and cheese sandwich. Not a flavour I’ve ever tried.

Apparently this is the ultimate beach side snack. I can honestly say that after devouring that beast there’s no way I’d want to get in my swimmers!

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