12 Best Things to Do on Skye in Scotland, Making Me Want to Go Back ASAP

If you’re looking for the best things to do on the Isle of Skye, let me take you through my recent trip. For a relatively small place, there are some great things to do on Skye, here goes…

Niest Point pathway

I took approximately 1000 photos and videos during my three days in Skye. If you’ve ever dreamed of running away to a faraway place, trekking through magical landscapes and living in a pretty village – the Isle of Skye in Scotland is your next destination.

I can’t begin to describe the beauty of its natural, raw lands. Every sheer cliff and green covered mountain was a camera moment. After my first time, I went back again for more!

There are just so many things to do in Skye.

Lunging at Glenfinnan

Skye is one of the most scenic places I’ve ever been. Every way you looked there was more Instagrammable beauty luring me in, tempting me with its brown hues, purple fauna and every-blue-on-the-spectrum waters. The earthy autumnal colours of the land from a mild December made for a beautiful palette, and the area had recently been shaken up by the passing Storm Frank just a few days before giving a rugged and rough look, although when I mentioned it ‘the look’ is apparently standard.

Photos of things to do in Skye

We were lucky. I went to Skye from the 2-5 January and the visibility was perfect. We could see out to the other islands from our viewpoints and the rain held off. The cold wind though, jeez, I took some videos and you can’t even hear what I’m saying the wind is carrying my voice away.

I was worried I’d get blown away at some points – good job I ate all those delicious fish and chips and Highland beef burgers along the way to keep me grounded.

Best Things to Do on Skye in Scotland

I’ve been to the Isle of Skye twice now. Once as part of a group trip exploring the best of the area, and once with my friend Helen when we were wild camping in the Outer Hebrides. Here’s what I think are the best places to visit on Skye for your trip.

Scotland road trip

1. Glenfinnan in Skye

As you head into the Scottish Highlands and towards the isles, you’ve got two major attractions to stop by. Glenfinnan, just off the Isle of Skye, is one of them.

Glenfinnan Views

This Scottish hamlet was the site of the 1745 Jacobite rising and of pop media fame, where the Harry Potter bridge is located. The railway viaduct is a gorgeous curved landmark that runs above the treetops; the railway on which the Hogwarts Express Train speeds towards the magic school. 

2. James Bond’s birthplace

Along the road to the Isles is another pop media related stop – the rural lands of Glen Coe. The road to Fort Williams offers a rather surreal vista, the tranquil valley a great spot for wild camping. It may also look familiar to hardcore James Bond fans. 

James Bond land

That’s right; it’s where Skyfall House was set. 

The Skyfall house may no longer be here, but it’s pretty cool to see James Bond’s birthplace. Just imagine a young Bond scampering all over the place! 

3. Roads of Skye

One of the best things to do on Skye in Scotland is no doubt throwing out the map and just driving. The roads of Skye are single-lane, livestock-infested and utterly breathtaking. 

Roads of Skye

Steep winding roads lead you through its otherworldly landscapes, past cliffs, pinnacles, plateaus, moorlands. Road cycling tours have become a popular activity on Skye as you take in the scenery without distractions. 

Bear in mind that the roads are small and narrow on Skye, so be careful when you’re driving! Don’t rent big cars as it’ll be difficult to reverse when coming across another vehicle. 

4. Black Cuillin Mountains in Skye

Looming over the stunning Fairy Pools is the dramatic Black Cuillin Mountains. Stretching the southern coast of Skye in Scotland, they’re visible on your drive through. 

On the bridge at Black Cuilllin

I highly recommend hiking here; it’s one of the best things to do on Skye! With a total of 36 imposing peaks, you have a wide range of trails to pick from. Bla Bheinn and Sgurr na Stri offer 360-degree views over the isle, with the black ridges themselves a rather amazing sight. For the brave and experienced, climb Sgurr Alasdair, the highest peak on the island. 

For safety, hire a guide to take you through the pathless areas. 

5. Sheep of Skye

Interestingly enough, the misty Isle of Skye in Scotland is home to over 100,000 sheep – that’s more than ten times the human population! They’re literally everywhere, wandering the roads like they’re on fields, uncaring of cars that might come by.

Isle of Skye Sheep

Keep an eye out for these fluffy, black-faced sheep if you’re doing a road trip in Scotland. You may follow behind them on roads or come across a flock when trekking through the mountains. While I don’t recommend going up to them, Skye sheep make pretty good subjects to photograph.

6. Mealt Falls in Skye

Just before the rather uniquely patterned Kilt Rock cliffs is a famous 60-metre high waterfall called Mealt Falls. Thundering straight into the sea, it’s an amazing sight.

Make sure to capture both waterfall and those basalt columns in the back – Skye’s natural landscapes are great postcard photos. 

Mealt Falls Isle of Skye

Mealt Falls does get extremely crowded during peak tourist season, so try to go earlier in the day. Definitely one of the coolest things to do in Skye!

7. Accommodation in Portree

Colourful Portree is a great place to stay!

Centrally located, it’s in close vicinity to Skye’s best attractions. What it’s famous for however, is the bright row of houses by the waterfront. Snap shots of this fishing village as the surrounding hills are quite scenic. 

Accommodation for the night

It’s also worth walking around, with cafés, boutique shops, restaurants and even a cinema. For maps and brochures on various attractions, drop by the tourist information centre. They’ll update you on annual events too, such as the Portree Show and the Skye Highland Games. 

Portree is a good spot to pick up some great Scotland souvenirs while you’re here.

8. Neist Point in Skye

Near Denvegan is the popular Neist Point. In the summer months, this site gets crowded with sunset watchers. High cliffs jut out at a sloping angle, before flattening out near the tip. There’s a walking path that cuts around the slope, bringing you to one of Scotland’s most famous lighthouses. 

Yoga at Nieste Point

I really loved it here – so fresh and Scottish – but, it was also SO, so windy. Almost got blown away. Just about managed that semi-eagle yoga pose.

9. Neist Point Lighthouse

Nearby Neist Point Lighthouse is arguably one of the best places to watch the sunset due to its westerly location. You can spot it from the walk down, a white complex that stands out from the high cliff it’s perched on. It’s definitely the beacon sailors look to, and a lovely spot for marine life watching.

Lighthouse at Niest Point

The walking path is paved but can get quite steep, so only attempt it on low-wind days – not like ours. If you’re on Skye by yourself, here are some great tips on walking alone if you’re nervous at all.

One of the great things to do in Skye for adventurous people.

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10. Eilean Donan Castle

Eilean Donan Castle might not be on Skye proper, but you can easily fit this attraction into your itinerary. Sitting before the bridge that connects Skye to the mainland, this medieval castle is an iconic landmark of the Scottish highlands. Built in the mid-13th century, it went through many rebuilds to become its present-day form.

Eilean Donan Castle

Stop by to learn about its rich history and see which films have used it as a set. 

11. Isle of Skye Fairy Pools

Possibly the most magical place in Scotland, Skye’s Fairy Pools are one of my personal favourites. Drop your car off at the car park before embarking on a short hike; you’ll stroll past successive waterfalls that run from the Cuillin.

 Fairy Pools in skye

At the end of your journey are deep, turquoise pools that cascade through a glen. Many dip their toes in the icy waters while braver souls go ‘wild swimming’ – which one would you choose?

Make sure you consult the weather before you try and seek out the Fairy Pools on Skye. The second time I went we drove the winding roads all the way up there only to find out the fierce roads meant they were closed. So disappointed!  

12. Puffins on Skye

With high cliffs, open seas and vast moorlands, it’s no wonder that Skye houses a variety of wildlife. Among them, are these diving sea birds with parrot-like bills. Yes, puffins – the sea birds that famously got CGI-ed into Star Wars because the crew couldn’t and wouldn’t unroost them – you’re going to want to look them up. 

skye puffins

Join a wildlife tour to spot these elusive birds! They’re most active in early spring, but you’ll have to take boat trips out to neighbouring islands to find Puffin nests.

13. Hang out at Quiraing on Skye

Misty Scottish charms have never been stronger than at Quiraing. It’s one of the best locations for panoramic shots, as its viewpoints look over Quiraing, Trotternish Ridge and Staffin Bay. Photos come out best during sunrise and sunset, the low sun bringing out the moorlands and rock formations. 

Quiraing Skye

Lucky for us, there’s a carpark for easy access. If you have the time, be sure to try the hiking trails along the coast too. 

14. Old Mann of Storr on the Isle of Skye

The ‘old man’ in question is none other than a massive basalt rock column, standing sentinel over the Trotternish ridge. You can hike up from the town of Portree (it’s around 2 hours round-trip) for gorgeous views over the lush valley.

best things to do in skye

By far one of the best things to do on Skye, this landmark has been featured in many films. The Old Mann of Storr can even be considered the mascot of Skye, if there was one.

15. Loch Ainort in Skye

Running from the Skye Bridge to Portree, Loch Ainort is an iconic view that you can’t really miss. Like most of Scotland’s greats, it highlights the expansiveness of the landscape – how small we are in comparison.

what to do on the isle of skye

Step out of the car for some photos, especially when Cuillin Hills runs a terracotta perimeter around it. The small village of Luib is also a lovely place for a short break. 

16. Lealt Waterfalls

Just 8km from the Old Mann of Storr is another best thing to see on Skye: the Lealt Waterfalls. Like the Fairy Pools, you have to take a short and easy trail to the hidden gem. Don’t stop at the viewpoints; go all the way down for the beautiful site! 

Isle of Skye waterfalls

I love how moss has grown over the eroded rocks that bracket the waterfall itself. The cliffs turn a lovely golden hue under the right lighting. In fact, if you ask the locals, they’ll tell you that Lealt Falls is most beautiful after a heavy rain. 

17. Claigan Coral Beach on Skye

While hiking is one of the best activities on Skye, the Scottish island also features some lovely beaches. Claigan Coral Beach is one such example, the combination of curved sandy strip and turquoise waters just beckoning you for a swim! Most people don’t expect to see this type of landscape in Scotland. 

what to do on the isle of skye

You can park your car some 30-minute walk away; there’s a small carpark for visitors. Enjoy the green flatlands along the way. I also suggest bringing along a picnic since there are plenty of unspoiled spaces to sit at. 

Isle of Skye with Rabbies

I was travelling in a group with Rabbies – their USP is that the van is a 16-seater so compared to the big Highlander tours we saw going through we were more nifty, able to stop where we wanted and go to lesser known spots, such as the Fairy Glen for example.

Rabbies Tour Bus Isle of Skye

It also meant we were quicker at rest stops, with less people to hang around for.

I did the three-day tour, it was a lot of driving but the fact that I wasn’t responsible for any of it meant that I could just relax and look out the window at the incredible Highlands rolling out in front of me.

Travelling to the Isle of Skye

what to do isle of skye

If you want to travel to Skye independently, and don’t have time for Edinburgh first, fly into Inverness and hire a car. Make sure your Des is a confident driver though – you’ll have to navigate the winding roads and rogue sheep. The rewards of being able to stop where and when you want will make it all worth it though.

Visiting the Isle of Skye is one of the best adventure weekends in the UK – enjoy!


    1. Yeah, I know what you mean. It’s kind of magical / majestic, but gloomy at the same time isn’t it? Definitely want to go back sometime though!

    1. Thanks Cathy. I have SO many more! I’d love to go in the summer, although I think the moody weather was perfect for the pics 🙂

  1. I know what you mean about taking so many photos, I did the same when I went! It’s such a stunning place with so many beautiful places you just can’t help it. Love your photos!

  2. Damn, these photos are stunning!

    Skye has been on our UK wishlist for a while. Those roads have epic roadtrip written all of them.


  3. I live in UK and it is incredible that there is such an astonishing place so close to home!
    Just proves how you don’t need to travel half across the globe to see beautiful places.
    Nice photos!

    1. Definitely. It’s really inspired me to want to see more of the UK. Think I’ve been thinking to big, so much to see round here and you don’t even have to step on an aeroplane.

  4. I absolutely adored the Isle of Skye when I was there. I was the designated driver (I LOVED the tiny roads!!) but could barely drive 2 minutes before stopping to jump out for another picture. Your photos are fantastic, I had (unusual) clear blue skies the whole time I was there, but I would have loved some dramatic skies like you got!

    1. Yeah, I think we were totally lucky with the weather, especially for the start of January – moody skies all round! I could imagine I’d be like that if I was driving too – probably a good thing we had the driver to keep us on schedule.

  5. Love the photos! And SO happy to hear that you loved Skye! I’m not from Skye (I’m from Lewis, which is pretty close), so I get excited when people realise that there are places like this in the UK 🙂 I agree with the tips about the car… I’ve driven in Skye by myself once, and it was quite the experience – especially in the dark!

    1. Ooo nice. I just want to explore more of Scotland now, especially all the distilleries around the Highlands. Think that would make for a pretty good crawl, scenic too! Would you recommend Lewis?

      1. I would definitely recommend Lewis! (And Harris, which is right next door.) So much history, and the beaches in Harris are still the best I’ve seen anywhere – although one in the Caribbean came close recently. And there are two new-ish distilleries there… a distillery crawl around the Highlands sounds like a good plan to me!

        1. I’m hopefully going back in August for the Fringe so I’ll make sure to track them down, sounds awesome!

  6. i LOVE the Isle of Skye… I went lots as a child, my dad put up half the fencing on the island… random! haha.

    the big question though… Did you go to Knoydart??

    1. Nope? Did I miss out? Do I need to go back? I will.

      That is a random fact, I wish I’d known before and I would’ve got a photo of that too. 🙂

  7. Beautiful images of a special place on this planet. I love it up there, we dive around Skye and under Neist Point lighthouse is one of my favourite reefs (so nice I blogged about it!!). Thank you for taking me back there.

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