Tennessee Fitness Spa Review: My Video & How Much I Lost

Read my Tennessee Fitness Spa review to learn more about this wonderful place, and what you can expect if you stay there a week (or two).

I spent last week at the Tennessee Fitness Spa, in Waynesboro, Tennessee.

Loved it.

I’d been travelling the USA for a few months, and had got into some really unhealthy habits. When you’re travelling you just want to eat and drink all the new things right? Well, I’d been doing that for a few months in the US, and a few years around the world with my job. After a particularly indulgent few weeks in New Orleans, I decided that I needed to do something about it. I got in touch with the Tennessee Fitness Spa to see if they had any space, and a week later, I was there.

Review of the Tennessee Fitness Spa

I had such a good week at the Tennessee Fitness Spa, trying out the exercise schedule. From step aerobics, to tabata spinning to my new favourite, racquetball. The food was pretty decent too and by the end of the week I was so pleased with how much I’d lost, and how much I’d enjoyed myself.

I really enjoyed the chance to stop, and be in one place for a week. Also, to try and unlearn some of the unhealthy habits I’d started and just to take a more mindful approach to the food and drink I was choosing to eat all the time.

Like a summer camp for adults that is built around transforming your life.”


Tennessee Fitness Spa review

If you’d like to know exactly how much weight I lost, and how, check out this video of the Tennessee Fitness Spa I made throughout the week.

I’ve tried to include everything you’d want to know about, from accommodation, to exercise, to the people and the evening activity. But of course, if you have any questions, just let me know in the comments below.

There are all abilities and all ages at the Tennessee Fitness Spa – you definitely don’t need to worry about feeling judged or anything.

Food at the Tennessee Fitness Spa

Food is served at the Alpine Restaurant. It’s always healthy and low calorie – so good when someone else is cooking for you! I never went hungry.

There’s also a salad bar that you can help yourself to, and there’s a snack fridge with healthy snacks too.

“Welcome to Tennessee Fitness Spa, a week-long, all-inclusive, fitness program that provides healthy meals; clean, comfortable and smoke-free lodging; and a full schedule of workout classes 5 1/2 days a week.

We are open 39 weeks out of the year and you are welcome to stay as many weeks as you would like. While the average stay is 7-14 days, some guests stay for the entire season, some stay for a month, and some guests come for one week. We are the perfect, rustic health spa to plan a healthy, affordable vacation for yourself.

Or, you can add some friends and make it a girlfriends’ get-a-way, a sibling reunion, a school reunion, a club meeting, or a corporate retreat.”


Tennessee Fitness Spa Review: Exercise

Every day I started with a walk around the grounds, that I was aiming to make into a run. You can go in a group or by yourself. This was a great way to start the day and I loved listening to my tunes as I went.

Tennessee Fitness Spa

There were activities all day, and evening, like at a summer camp. If you watch the video above you’ll see some of the options, from obstacles, to the pool, to weights and group dance or aerobics classes. There was always something going on. I did a lot of spinning.

There’s also a great swimming pool at Tennessee Fitness Spa, which seemed to always be empty in the evenings, so I loved that. I was always in there enjoying a bit of me time.

Accommodation at the Tennessee Fitness Spa

The grounds at the Tennessee Fitness Spa are nice and relaxing. Your away from the town and cities so you can relax, and not be drawn in my temptation.

I had a double room with a balcony, which was super comfortable. Two double beds, a dressing area, TV and private bathroom – I was very comfortable!

2016 accommodation

Hope you like it my Tennessee Fitness Spa review!

I was invited to spend the week at the Tennessee Fitness Spa in order to review it. I loved the exercise, food, people and lost weight though, so what’s not to love?!

After I went to the Tennessee Fitness Spa, I went to Memphis for the weekend. Now that was FUN!


  1. looking for a partner to go to the spa with july 9 to take advantage of promo 30% off if you bring a friend

    1. Ah thank you Jessica, thanks for the feedback. Really enjoyed making the video – hopefully there’ll be more in the future 🙂

  2. Brilliant video! You lost so much weight well done babes, a whole baby! You looked profesh doing your weights, impressed xx

  3. Looks like a great place! I’ve just come back from a month in Japan, where I actually lost weight because my diet wasn’t as carb-tastic as it is in the UK, but I was eating pretty much everything so I know if I travelled long term I’d have exactly the same problem!

    1. Oh yeah I lost weight there too – kinda without even realising it so that was good. Definitely the best way! Sadly America isn’t as carb free as that!

    1. Ah thanks Jayne! Really enjoyed the week as well so didn’t even feel that hard when I was there. Three days into normal life though and I’m definitely finding it hard. Just so many things out there for me to eat :).

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