6 Best Places to Stay in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Looking for the best places to stay in Chattanooga? If you love fishing, mountain climbing, exploring caves or even flying through the air on a hang-glider, you’ll love Chattanooga, but which hotel in Chattanooga to choose?!

Best Place To Stay In Chattanooga, Tennessee

Welcome to Chattanooga, a vibrant city nestled in the picturesque Tennessee Valley. As you plan your visit to this charming destination, one crucial aspect to consider is accommodation in Chattanooga.

I loved my visit to the city – let me take you through the best hotels that Chattanooga has to offer, ensuring an unforgettable stay for you too.

From luxurious places to stay in Chattanooga boasting stunning riverfront views to boutique gems tucked away in historic neighbourhoods, Chattanooga has lots to experience. Whether you’re seeking top-notch amenities, exceptional customer service, or proximity to the city’s renowned attractions, my comprehensive guide will assist you in choosing the perfect hotel for your stay in this captivating southern city.

Key areas for hotels in Chattanooga

  • Market Street
  • Lookout Valley
  • Bluff View Art District

Best place to stay in Chattanooga

Market Street

Market Street is the main high street in Chattanooga. All of the main attractions in the area are based around this main road.

I recommend staying in this neighbourhood if you plan on exploring multiple aspects of Chattanooga or if you’re staying on a family holiday.

You will be within walking distance of The Tennessee Aquarium, The Creative Discovery Museum and the Hunter Museum of American Art. There are amazing restaurants up and down the street too.

No matter where you’re going in the area, driving will be simple as everything branches off this main road. The travel will be easy, and it won’t be hard to find fun activities to explore.

Getting a hotel on Market Street will be difficult and expensive, but there is no point spending all of your money on a directly adjacent hotel when nearby options will be just as good.

1. The Read House

The Read House is a 4-star hotel just one street away from the main road. It’s a beautiful building which creates old-school New York vibes, while the interior is bright and modern.

You’ll feel as though you’re in an episode of Friends, sipping coffee at Central Perk as you take in the building’s beautiful brickwork.

The lobby is grand, creating an atmosphere of sophistication which is matched by the black and gold restaurant. The cafe, however, has a more rustic vibe, so all aesthetics can enjoy their time in the Read House.

As part of your stay, you will have access to an indoor pool, free area shuttle, library and premium TV channels. Pets are allowed, and the Wi-Fi is free.

Check out the prices at The Read House

2. Bode Chattanooga

Bode Chattanooga is two streets away from Market Street, so you’ll still be close to the action but the prices won’t be as hefty. You’ll find plenty of the best things to do in Chattanooga near here.

best places to stay in chattanooga

Bode has a more relaxed vibe. Each room is a suite – you’ll have a kitchen, dining table, lounging area and bedrooms too.

In the lounging area, you’ll have access to Netflix as well as their Smart TV digital Channels.

Bode Chattanooga is best for families or people who need lounging time. The Read House is best for romantic stays or sophisticated vacations.

Lookout Valley

Only 3 miles of the Lookout Mountains are within the Tennessee borders, but that doesn’t mean Chattanooga is left with the rubble. There are multiple walks and beautiful views that you can experience all over the valley.

In fact, the narrow and flat top of the mountain is large enough for a few buildings to reside.

If you’re hoping for an action-based holiday filled with adrenaline-based activities or natural strolls, then you should consider booking in the Lookout Valley area. These Chattanooga hotels will be perfect.

3. Riverview Inn

Riverview Inn is at the very edge of the Lookout Valley, making it perfect for holidaymakers who want to explore nature while also enjoying the city centre.

Instead of booking a room in a hotel in Chattanooga, you’ll instead book lodges with stunning views of the mountains. The glorious location is within walking distance of Ruby Falls, just 11 minutes away.

The other amazing natural locations such as the Rock Springs, Gum Springs, and Subterranean Waterfall are only a moment drive to reach.

The grounds of the RiverView Inn are just one road away from the highway, so getting into the city centre is simple.

4. Holiday Inn Express

Holiday Inn is known as a cheap and cheerful hotel experience, and this one isn’t any different. However, unlike UK versions this Holiday Inn also has a pool.

The prices are low and the views aren’t great, but the Raccoon Mountain Caverns are just a 5-minute drive away.

In fact, the main outdoor adventure areas are not more than 20 minutes away in any direction.

Rooms include amazingly comfortable beds, a small lounging area and a TV.

Bluff View Art District

If you’re hoping for a romantic getaway, we suggest finding a hotel near the Bluff View Art District. This area is unlike any other in the city of Chattanooga. It’s a family-owned area filled with a historical richness that most cities lack.

From the quaint and detailed coffee houses to the rich and powerful art galleries, the Bluff View Art District is the perfect place for a day of romance.

The views are breathtaking, as in every direction you’ll see a majestic scene. Either rustic and historical buildings or views of the Tennessee River.

5. Bluff View Inn

The Bluff View Inn’s exterior looks like a Tudor house. The interior matches this aesthetic with 4 poster beds, drapes and chandeliers.

The views from your room are of the glorious river, and each bedroom has a small lounging area to relax in while you get ready for the day.

Attached to the inn is a restaurant called Johnny’s, and you can book a seat in the dining hall through the inn.

Around the back of the property is a bright fountain inside a small garden, perfect for Instagram photos and quiet moments.

6. The Edwin Hotel

If rustic isn’t your style, you can still experience a romantic holiday in the Edwin Hotel. It’ is just 100 feet away from the Blue View Arts District, but it still holds the beauty of the area.

The roof, for example, is an outdoor swimming pool with elegant sun lounges, allowing you to swim in the moonlight and view the gorgeous landscape below.

The rooms only contain what you need, a bed, TV and bathroom. However, they are beautifully decorated to make you feel like the pinnacle of luxury.

In the rooftop bar, the walls are replaced with windows, so you can see amazing views no matter where you sit. Eat, drink and relax in this beautiful hotel.

Places to stay in Chattanooga

Chattanooga is a diverse city which can host a large variety of holidays.

Whether you’re hoping for an action-packed getaway, a romantic stroll or to reconnect with nature, Chattanooga can make those vacation dreams come true.

Use my advice to find the right location for your hotel in Chattanooga, as the city is large. Some offer spas, pools and free breakfasts, while others only offer the rooms available.

Know what you want on a holiday first, and then use my advice on places to stay in Chattanooga to narrow down your choices. The hotels above are the best in the area.

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