My ‘Eventful’ Victorious Festival 2018

Just had a very eventful weekend at Victorious Festival. I went last year and it was glorious sunshine from start to finish. This year: not quite so.

Victorious Festival Portsmouth

Friday at Victorious Festival

We (me, Ben and Emily) went down on the Friday, to see The Libertines and the Kaiser Chiefs. Before that though we wanted to get a look at the festival grounds, to know what to expect. On a Friday Victorious is only half open, just the main stage, the Beats and Swing tent and a few surrounding food stalls. There was a fun atmosphere though, with everyone ready to party.

Victorious Festival

We got a few ciders (£6 a pint!) and then headed to the Beats and Swing tent, seeing as it was indoors, and the rains were starting. Everyone else had the same idea though. Think, lots of glittered up people, bit wet but determined to have fun, throwing shapes in a tent in the middle of a field, and you’d have it.

The tent soon chilled with a change in music and we wanted to dance. We wandered over to the Strongbow stage, as the DJ was bashing out some right tunes. We went all in and climbed up to the middle podium to dance – think it’s actually the first time I’ve done that in years. 

It meant we got away from the wet grass, but it also meant we were taking on the full force of the coastal wind, which, combined with the rain, meant it was coming in from every angle. We were drenched.

Victorious Festival

And so, we did what any self respecting Brit at a festival would do, and bought a bottle of wine. At £24 it seemed like the best purchase, but after the first sip of the Bulgarian white, we knew it was a bad idea.

Drunk it anyway.

Ben happened to look over at the Main Stage and realised, from the flashing letters on the back screen, that the Kaiser Chiefs had started already. The band we’d come to see. We’d been too busy dancing to Chelsea Dagger and Mr Brightside et al, we hadn’t noticed. We ran over.  

Victorious Festival Kaiser Chiefs

– Kaiser Chiefs, photo by Tom Langford

They were great, but the crowd was better. I think everyone chose to ignore the rain and just lost themselves in the music. Loved it till the end.

Unfortunately, I realised after a few songs, I don’t actually like The Libertines, so we decided to beat the crowds and get a taxi the 8 minutes-ish back to my house, instead of standing it out in the bad weather. We had the whole weekend ahead of us. Marathon, not a sprint. 

Absolute dreams to live that close to a festival, seriously.

Saturday at Victorious Festival

The Saturday at Victorious was an absolute delight in comparison. Sunny, in fact, hot in my black jeans and top, and more friends had joined the group.

Saturday at Victorious Festival

We saw Southsea Alternative Choir, Gaz Coombes (from Supergrass), Pigeon Detectives, Billy Bragg, the Kingz of Leon tribute band, Jacks, Paloma Faith, a ska band, and finished with Paul Weller. Watching him sing You Do Something to Me, was a definite festival highlight for me, it was awesome.

Totes emoshe.

Victorious Festival

There was so much food to try at Victorious – I shared a fish and chips with Ben, then later had a pulled pork brioche roll. Can’t believe I didn’t have anything else actually, I love how many different foods there are to try at festivals now.

Victorious Festival Southsea

Of course there’s more to Victorious than the music and food though (check out my tips on 9 things to do at Victorious for more advice). We played Obama Llama in the Big Potato board games tent, we watched some upcoming bands on the Wedgwood Rooms stage, we drank Prosecco on top of Southsea Castle, and went and sat up on the hill by the Hollywood Victorious sign – looking out over the festival one way, and the Isle of Wight the other.

Paul Weller at Victorious Festival

– Paul Weller, by Tom Langford

Saturday at Victorious Festival was a brilliant mix of fun times with good friends, music and chat. The perfect festival day in my eyes.

We had to walk home (45 mins) thanks to leaving at peak time, and when we got there we were so shattered from the day it was a chamomile tea and bed. Rock n roll.

Sunday at Victorious Festival

And so that meant we woke up fresh as a daisy and ready to party on Sunday. But unfortunately, it was absolutely chucking it down with rain, and the weather wasn’t really going to get any better according to Google.

We decided to forsake going to the festival early and enjoy a long bottomless brunch at mine instead. We all bought a bottle of Prosecco and cooked up avocado, bacon, toast, bagels, eggs, sausages and randomly, mango sticky rice.

It was great, we were warm, and we could hear the rain pelting on the conservatory roof.

It was kinda tempting to just stay at mine all day, but NO. We had a 90s party to get to. So with one bottle of Prosecco down, each, we got the taxis down. Unfortunately on the way there I checked the Victorious Facebook page and they’d announced, 8 mins ago, that the Seaside Stage was closed, because of the weather.

One of the greatest and most unique things about Victorious Festival is that it’s on the coast. Amazing in the sun, not so much on a rainy Bank Holiday Sunday.

Raining at Victorious

– Ben hadn’t drank as much Prosecco as us

One of the other great things about Victorious though, is that it’s just on Southsea Common, which means there are tens of restaurants and bars within really easy walking distance. We decided to take cover in Meat and Barrel and work out what to do next. They had gin and a roof, which is pretty much all we needed.

Not long later the Victorious Festival Facebook announced a new stage for the 90s party and so, two hours later, off we went – ready to party to Da Rude, Basement Jaxx, Ultra Nate, et al. It was the best.

No one cared about the rain, everyone was just jumping up and down dancing and the tunes were awesome. Definite high point of the festival. And then, it finished… and it all went a bit wrong for us.

Dub Pistols at VIctorious Fetsival

After one of my friends declaring a new love and us all celebrating, the amount of Prosecco we’d had, and the rain, and the cold, and the emotion of it all, beat us. As much as we wanted to carry on, at least half the group were wet through, including feet, and some of us were a bit ‘worse for wear’.

We decided to go home.

We missed Dermot O Leary, we missed the Prodigy, Years and Years and Friendly Fires, but when the whole team’s not happy, and wet, it just seems like a better idea to go home, get warm and get a takeaway. So we did.

Victorious Festival 2018

Victorious 2018 was eventful (and these are the ones I can tell you about!).

It didn’t have the sun of my 2017 Victorious experience, but it was still one of my funniest weekends of the year. There’s such a great chilled out vibe at Victorious and I still stand by the obvious fact that Victorious has the best site for a festival.

– Which other festival gives you the opportunity to sip Prosecco on top of a Tudor castle while watching the second stage?

– Where else do you get to sit on a hill watching acts with the Solent behind you, and the view of the Isle of Wight?

– Which other festival has a genuine skate park in the middle of it?

– And restaurants and bars all around?

– Which other festival can you buy £30 early bird tickets to see mega stars like Prodigy and Paul Weller?


I love Victorious, rain or shine.

See you all there next year?!

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