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Travelling in Winter

Winter is a great time to travel. Whole countries turn into magical wonderlands, with great skiing, cosy pubs and restaurants and snowy walks to explore.

My favourite winter travel experiences include skiing in Canada, visiting the monkey onsens in Japan, going ice hole swimming in Finland, and chasing the Northern Lights in Iceland and Norway. It’s also a fab time to visit a European city or two, thanks to the lesser crowds and Christmas Markets. Or how about booking for some winter sun to warm your bones?

So, pack your warmest clothes, embrace the chill, and let the winter wanderlust begin!

Winter destinations

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Unusual Christmas Quiz

Do you know your Krampus from your Kringle? And your Gluhwein from your Grogg? Well, these are the world Christmas questions for you.

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a Christmas aficionado, then gather your friends for a bit of friendly competition and work your way through this Christmas trivia.

Snow Monkeys in Nagano

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Winter Travel Packing List

Packing for cold weather when you’re travelling is a whole skill in itself. This post isn’t about packing for the extreme cold, like, when you go skiing, but if you’ve got a wintry weekend break or week planned, and you don’t want to freeze, here’s my advice for your winter holiday packing list.