I’m into my second year of freelance travel life now, and I feel like it’s time to have a plan. There’s so much I want to do in life and with my blog and my travelling that I’ve decided to set out a few priorities to have a goal and some sort of personal measure of success for the next year. Time to take myself a little more seriously, kind of.

One Year of Solo Travel

1. To live somewhere for more than a month

travel blogging goals

If you’ve seen my video you’ll see I’ve been all over the world this last year. I’ll be honest: I’m craving a bit of stability now. Not too much, but just a month where I don’t have to work out how I get to where I’m going to sleep tonight, how to speak to the locals or what that sign says.

Just a month.

As you’ll read, if you make it to the end, I have so much I want to do that a month on my laptop will give me a good advantage.

2. To see my friends more

Goals for the next year

I read this article from Leah over at Mochilera Diaries the other day about travelling, friends and why the nomadic lifestyle can’t last, which pretty much hit the nail on the head. I miss my friends when I travel. I’m still mates with people I went to nursery school with and have loads of really good friends in London too – I want to see them.

I think it’s inevitable that when my European (and Cuban!) adventures are over in mid October I go back to London until Christmas and then that’s points 1 and 2 covered here.

I love when I can travel with them – my friend Kellie came to Paris with me last week and then my bezza Chloe is coming to the Bardolino Wine Festival in Italy in October – but seeing as all my friends have pretty much all got married or had babies in the last few years, it’s difficult for them. I had such a good week in Bilbao, San Sebastian and Barcelona with Helen and my family last week, I want more of that kind of travel. Happiness is only real when shared and all that.

3. To create something tangible

Travel blogging goals

I’ve had my thinking cap on and I want to create something that’s of use to my readers. Something really good that makes your life easier, based on what I’ve worked out you want from coming to the site. I haven’t actually decided on what it’s going to be, but I will, sometime this year.

4. To create an eBook on Vietnam

Travel blogging goals

This is something I’ve wanted to do for ages, but never quite finished off. I hope that with a month of stability somewhere I’ll have the opportunity to make it through my things to do one day list, as well as my things to do list. Vietnam is one of the most popular topics on my blog and so I want to collate all the information into an easy to download guide.

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5. To be healthy

Goals for next year

Sometimes I think my life is ridiculous. Every day is a party day, which is awesome, but parties and no structure makes you fat and unhealthy. I don’t have to refuse a beer because I’m driving or I’ve got work, it’s more expensive to buy a salad than some sort of bread / ham / cheese combo from the shop and I can’t be bothered to do any sort of gym based exercise when I’m nackered from sightseeing or want to spend time working on my blog.

I can easily sit for days glued to my laptop working, not conducive to a healthy bod. Nuh uh.

Drink less alcohol, eat more salad and vegetables and stay away from that damn delicious bread.

6. To stop losing / damaging things

Travel blogging goals

This is easily the trait I hate most about myself. I just lose or damage so many of my possessions, it’s not right. I can’t even blame travelling around so much as I used to do it before. My mind is always all over the place.

I’m too ashamed to tell you everything I’ve ‘misplaced’ in the last year, but let’s just say I’m now on phone number four since September.

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7. To work smarter

Top blogging goals for the next year

One of the things I love most about my lifestyle is that I get to call my own hours. The trouble is though, lately I’ve been cramming in things for my deadlines and then having weeks off until the deadlines come round again. I always make them, of course, but usually because I frantically cram the night before. I’m regressing into being a student again in so many areas of my life, need to fix up look sharp.

I’m going to a nomad conference in Berlin in August and one of the things I’m looking forward to is the talk on more effective ways of working. I have 100s of titles on my want-to-write list and almost 100 activities on my must do. It’s too much!

8. To learn something new

I want to learn something new

Every time I see someone playing the guitar I promise myself I’ll learn. Same for anyone who can speak a different language, or who can cook, or just knows about ‘stuff’. I want to learn how to do them all.

I also really want to learn to be a better photographer. I bought the new Olympus PEN E-PL7 camera before I went off to Russia and loved the photos it gave me. The ones I took in Tallinn caused my article on 31 photos to make you want to visit Tallinn to go viral, even getting shared by the President of Estonia on his Facebook page.

I loved it for a few weeks and now I’ve gone back to my iPhone again, which is stupid, especially as I’m on the 4 now, which is really crappy. I need to be at one with my Olympus and see how we can help each other out to improve the pics on here. I’ll try.

9. To write more about life

Travel blogging goals

The bloggers I follow and care about are the ones who write about their day to day lives, who let their readers into their world by opening up. Of course, when it comes round to trip planning I like their country / city guides, but it’s the personal aspect that makes me want to read blogs over sites. I think I’ve lost a bit of that on here and I want to bring it back to being a blog.

I’ve met so many cool and interesting people over the last year or so of travels I’d like to feature them and their lives, and how they intertwine with mine rather than ‘where to go when you’ve got a hangover in Paris’, which is what I want to read right now.

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10. To do something to raise money for Alzheimers

Goals for next year

I have a few ideas, a few plans I want to bring to fruition, but this will be the year that I do something to raise money for Alzheimers in my Grandma’s memory. I’m writing it here, in front of you, to make sure I pull my finger out and do it.

11. To make more videos

I’m well into travel videos now and watch them all the time. They’re just so time consuming to make! I’m determined to practice though. I’ll be sharing shorter day to day videos on my Facebook page and longer ones on my YouTube account.

12. To collaborate on some cool and innovative projects

blogging Goals for next year

I’m in talks… that’s all I can say…

All the photos in this post were taken by Or Kaplan when I was in Israel

 13. To travel deep, not wide

Travel blogging goals for next year

I’ve been to an excessive amount of countries in this last year, I’ll admit it. This year I want to revisit some and just choose a few more to explore. I’m travelling too fast, and as my work for clients increases, I need to slow down to fit everything in.

Just need to see Germany, France, Luxembourg, Denmark and Cuba before mid September first…

Any life goals for the next few months?

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