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Vicky is a travel and festival blogger at She’s a 30-something fun loving, travel and music lover who’s been running the blog for 5 years, living as a digital nomad around the world for three of them. She loves to share her travels on YouTube as well as all the social media @VickyFlipFlop. Vicky is an adventurous soul, with a passion for the local food and drink and in inspiring people to travel to places a little out of their comfort zone, or at least to explore the usual destinations in a different way.  

Blog Bio is a travel and festival blog written by Vicky Philpott, a freelance travel writer and content creator currently living in Southsea, England. Vicky travelled the world for three years as a digital nomad, exploring new places and writing about them on her blog to inspire others to enjoy better holidays. She’s been a travel blogger since February 2011 and created the free Travel Blogger High course to inspire and help new travel bloggers to follow in her footsteps, but on their own path. 

Vicky is known for her honest and practical posts that show the real side of travelling. She’s not going to sugarcoat things. Vicky is an NCTJ trained journalist and used to work as a magazine sub editor in London, before embarking on this crazy world of travel blogging. Vicky works as the Travel Editor for Blogosphere Magazine and is a monthly contributor to VickyFlipFlopTravels has been shortlisted in many awards and is often cited in Top 10 Travel Blogger lists around the web. 

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