Best Asian Restaurants in Mahon, Menorca 

Looking for the best restaurants in Mahon, Menorca? Here are my favourites after a week of intense research…

Mahon in Menorca is such a melting pot of cultures and their foods. Over time Menorca has been possessed by some of the greatest empires in history, which explains their eclectic foodie history. Still, when I went in December the amount of Asian restaurants in Mahon really surprised me. Well, thrilled me.

I luurrrve Asian cuisine.

My favourite would be Japanese, if I had to choose, but Indian, Thai, and more recently, Chinese, all now have a special place in my heart.

‘Asiatic’, as one of the Mahon restaurants called it. I like that term – Asian / Adriatic. Get it?

Asian food Restaurant Way

– Yakisoba from Restaurant Way

During my three days in Mao (as the locals call Mahon) to write my 48-hour guide to Mahon, I thought I would treat myself at as many of Mahon’s Asian restaurants as I could possibly fit in to the two days.

So, here goes, my favourites in descending order… don’t ruin it for yourself by scrolling down too fast, yeah?

Best Asian Restaurants in Mahon

5. MakiTake Urban

Chicken yaki soba

Green tea

Asian restaurants in Mahon

I was totally drawn in by the bento boxes advertised on the outside – the lunch time deals, which apparently weren’t available on a Sunday. My day. So I ended up going for a yakisoba instead.

Top tip for them if they happen to read this: clean those menus. The splodges of food all over them was kinda grim.

The yakisoba was decent. The oily texture meant it wasn’t quite as good as the yakisoba at Wagamama’s, and definitely not as good as my local Sakura, but I ate the lot. Decent amount of chicken in there.

The restaurant was silent which was kind of awkward, especially as it was empty bar me and a couple next to me. Music maestro?

And to top if off, I asked for a matcha tea and ended up with a green teabag.

It was ok though, and right in the centre of Mahon so a good spot for hungry sightseers. Also, the cheapest meal from my 5.

Total bill: €10.40 / £9.37

4. Latitude 40

Wakame Salad

Salmon bao

Small beer

Latitude 40 in Mahon

This place was the most popular I’d seen on the main strip. I went for my first meal on my first night, purely for the fact that it had the most people outside drinking.

I took a seat in the front terrace and regretted it 10 mins later. Despite the outdoor fires it was chilly. I was too busy enjoying listening to the Spanish conversation of the group of 60+ males next to me to move though.

I wanted to be kinda healthy and so went for the prawn wakame salad and a salmon bao bun on the side. Both were really tasty and I was happy with the meal. It was only when I was cutting into the sliced prawns that I realised that it was a pretty expensive meal, moreso as I got to know the expected prices of Mahon.

The salad was around €10 but was just three prawns, sliced, and the wakame. The bao was €5 and super tasty – so maybe stick with that when you visit!

The staff were lovely though and there was a nice ambience there. Just wanted more for my money!

Latitude 40 total bill: €17.90 / £16.12

3. Rainbow Spice


Chicken korma and pilau rice

Sparkling water

Best Asian Restaurants in Menorca

I was absolutely craving an Indian meal – it’d been months since I had one. So, in my quest for the best Asian Restaurant in Mahon I thought I’d try out the Trip Advisor favourite: Rainbow Spice.

I arrived and the colour of my jumper – burgundyish – absolutely matched the colour of the napkins, table cloths and chairs. So that was nice – coming dressed as the restaurant. Felt at home.

I was the only diner in there. It was a big place so I imagine it must be packed in the summer months, not so now. I ordered and then received my litre of water, didn’t quite register it was going to be that much but all good.

Best Asian Restaurants in Mahon Menorca

The poppadoms and chutneys were yum – I ate all the lime pickles and onions to myself. I’m sure that was the answer to the waiter’s obvious wonder of why I was travelling in Mahon solo.

And then the curry and rice arrived. Errrrhagawwwdd it was yum. Every bite of the chicken was delicious and the sauce just yum. It was light and tasty and I didn’t feel like I’d overeaten as I do with most curries. I’d definitely recommend you go.

Has to be the best Indian restaurant in Mahon.

RainbowSpice total bill: €17.65 / £15.90

2. Street Food

Garlic prawns Bao with spinach and basil

Lamb bao

Diet coke

Best Asian Restaurants in Mahon

Definitely a place targeted at the young ones. I went in at 7pm on a Saturday night and the music was boo-ooming. Almost put me off tbh. I went and sat at the back near the kitchen and all was good again.

So glad I didn’t let it put me off because that prawn taco was amazing.

Three massive prawns breaded to perfection. I mean, my one criticism, if I was going all food critic on you, would be to add another tortilla. One tortilla for that amount of prawns (see above) was a little tight, and weird, cos the prawns were very generous for €4.50. Guess it meant I could enjoy that prawny flavour all the more though.

Best Asian Restaurants in Menorca

Well, I thought that was good, until I tried the lamb bao.

I have a bit of a love/hate thing going on with lamb – sometimes I order it and it’s greasy and makes me want to heave. Other times I’m glad I took the gamble and the taste is sensational. And this was one of them. Tasty, succulent, smoked shreds of lamb, laced with yogurt, goats cheese and saucy herbs all wrapped up in the bao.

Every mouthful was filled with delicious texture and taste which led to me accidentally eating it way too fast, as I too often seem to do. You could totally do two or three of these and everyone would understand why.

Street Food is a really cool restaurant in Menorca – and the staff were lovely and friendly too.

They had a nice mix of Asian and what I’d consider ‘Spanish’ – with gazpacho, patatas bravas and bikini sandwiches on the menu, all given the Asian flair.

Street Food total bill: €11 / £9.37

1. El Restaurant Way

Chef’s sushi platter starter

Yaki Soba

Chinese Beef Spare Ribs

Fried Banana with Menorcan Honey

Beer x 2

Best Asian Restaurants in Mahon

Ooo I was well excited for El Restaurant Way. I went on my last day at lunchtime because the sun was beaming down on the front of the restaurant and it was a gorgeous time for a little beer and some Asian food in Mahon.

Restaurant Way is a lovely place to visit at night for a special meal, but the good thing about going in the day was the fact you could make the most of the lunch time specials. I got all the food above for €20, with a beer too. Absolute bargain I thought.

It was pretty busy in there, mostly with English speaking people – ex pats I presume.

The yakisoba in here compared to the one at MakiTake was just leagues ahead. And that sushi, omg it was delicious – I was pretty full by the time the ribs came out. And absolutely stuffed when the THREE fried bananas in Menorcan honey arrived. Ate them all, of course.

So the location, along with the vibe, the price, the decor and the tasty food made Restaurant Way my favourite Asian eatery in Mahon. Hope you make it there!

El Restaurant Way total bill: €20 / £18.02

More Asian restaurants in Mahon

  • Tuke Bowls – wasn’t open when I went to check it out.
  • Yuzu – no time!
  • Sushi4You – no time either!

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