12 Most Beautiful Places in Spain You Need to See

From the coastal walks of San Sebastian to the valley of Oñati, and let’s not forget favourites like Barcelona, Madrid and Seville, here are my most beautiful places in Spain well worth a visit.

beautiful places to visit in Spain include Oñati

Spain is a great country for travellers to get around. The locals are friendly, there’s loads to see for free, the food and drink is delicious and the weather in spring, summer and autumn is spectacular. 

In Spain time is not important – they siesta in the afternoon, eat late into the evening and party all night. When I visited for six weeks in April I never did get to grips with their timings, but I guess that’s the point, there are none.

Spending six weeks travelling in Spain has been one of the highlights of my life, here’s my shortlist of the 12 most beautiful places in Spain you should visit if you get the chance…

12 most beautiful places to visit in Spain

If you’re looking for jawdropping beaches, artistic architecture and striking nature trails, Spain is full of the all the best places to see.

1. San Sebastian

On the shortlist for Capital of Culture 2016, the beautiful city of San Sebastian has vast beaches, an active harbour and unique boutique shopping. Incredible views, lovely coastal walks and a buzzing nightlife make it a great destination for travellers.

Beautiful places in Spain: San Sebastian waterfront

San Sebastien has so many gorgeous spots to explore, it is no wonder it is one of the most beautiful places in Spain. If you need more time to really make the most of it, then Spain has ways to stay long term, so you can explore more.

Top 3 on a budget

1. Sunbathe on Playa de la Concha Beach.

2. Explore the beautiful architecture of Baroque Church of Santa Maria , the Gothic Church of San Vicente and the Museo de San Telemo.

3. Soak up the history and enjoy a coffee in Constitution Square. It was once used for bullfighting and the tiny rooms were rented out to spectators.

Cheap eats in San Sebastian  

While in San Sebastian you need to try the pintxos, although owing to their addictiveness it probably won’t end up being a cheap meal. Enjoy a pintxos and wine tour around the old quarter, poke your head around a few of the 100 bar doors and you’ll see the most incredible display of tapas you’ll ever see. And they taste delicious. There are a few all-you-can-eat restaurants in Gros near the Playa de Gros beach if you’re after a cheap feast. Eating your way round San Sebastian is one of the best experiences in Spain there is!

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2. Barcelona

From the labyrinthine streets of the Gothic Quarter to the incredible views from Montjuic Mountain of Barceloneta Beach, there’s loads for the budget backpacker to do in Barcelona. Many buildings are as impressive from the outside as they are in, including the Sagrada Familia, the Gaudi House Museum and the Casa Batllo. 

Barcelona skyline, one of the beautiful places in Spain

Without Gaudi, Barcelona would certainly be a darker place, his architecture goes a long way to making Barcelona one of the most beautiful places in Spain.

Top 3 on a budget

1. Chill out in Park Guell – a huge park filled with Antonio Gaudi’s artistic flair. Climb to the top for an incredible view over the city.

2. Stroll down the city’s main boulevard La Rambla and pop into La Boqueria food market.

3. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hospital de la Santa Creu I Santa Pau – the most incredible hospital in the world.

Cheap eats in Barcelona 

To save your money and your tastebuds stay away from the restaurants of La Rambla and head to El Convent instead. The former convent serves traditional Catalan and Spanish food with good, local wine. Tapas are served around the city but the little plates can soon add up so try Xaica near Plaza Catalunya. For a set price (starts at €8.50) you can enjoy three-courses, wine, beer or a soft drink.

3. Valencia

There is so much to do in Valencia. The beach beckons – if you can make it out after a night on the notorious nightlife – the 5.5 mile-long Jardins del Turia offer fields, paths, fountains and playgrounds, and the City of Arts and Sciences (above) is an architectural wonder to behold!

Beautiful places in Spain: The City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia

Valencia is generally quieter than lots of other parts of Spain that have both city life and beaches. So you’re much more likely to be able to wander round with space and grab a spot by the sea alone.

Top 3 on a budget

1. The Fine Arts Museum, Bullfighting Museum, Museum of Prehistory and Museum of Ethnology are all free. The incredible Fallas Museum is free at weekends.

2. Admire the old town, featuring the Plaza de la Virgen and Nuestra Senora de los Desamparados Church.

3. Board a boat out to La Albufera, a giant freshwater lagoon flanked by the rice fields and pine forests of Parque Natural de la Albufera.

Cheap eats

The Mercado Central should be your first stop for food supplies. From pigs’ heads to freshly-baked bread and chunky chorizo, you’ll find a feast fit for a king here. Take a trip to the park to enjoy your banquet in the sunshine. For a meal out try Los Toneles. It’s one of the city’s most popular restaurants and you can get a 3-course meal for under €12, or delicious paella for €6.

4. Madrid

Of course, the capital of Spain has loads to entertain the humble traveller. With over 3,500 stalls, the Rastro flea market will keep you busy.

Six weeks in Spain

Before you spend all your euros, head over to the shops of Madrid’s main square the Puerta del Sol. Get snap happy with the Real Casa de Correos building and the many statues flanking the square.

Top 3 on a budget

1. The neo-classical Basílica de San Francisco el Grande houses the early Goya Sermon of San Bernardino of Siena (1781).

2. Relax in the Campo del Moro – a huge park with some amazing fountains.

3. People watch on La Gran Via – Madrid’s main street.

Cheap eats

After a night out it’s tradition in Madrid to meet your friends in a breakfast bar and enjoy some chocolate con churros – doughnut-type things that you dip in a cup of thick, hot chocolate. And as for tapas, they’re everywhere. Try caracoles (snails), tortilla de patatas (potato omelette) and cocido madrileño (stew combining chickpeas with vegetables). Or even better choose a variety of dishes blind, then you can really enjoy a new culinary experience!

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5. Seville

Think of it what you will, but for Seville bullfighting is a rich part of its history. In the summer make sure you watch a fight at the Plaza de Toros, one of the best rings in Spain.

Beautiful places in Spain, Seville horse & carts

If you’re visiting in the spring check out the Seville Feria, a time when all the locals get in their traditional dress and have a huge street party that lasts a week. The old city has many beautiful streets to get lost down and the architecture is incredible.

Top 3 on a budget

1. Walk through the Parque de Maria Luisa and ogle at the Plaza de Espana (above).

2. Seville Cathedral is absolutely huge. Walk through and climb the Giralda tower for some great views over Seville.

3. Walk the grounds of the fabulous Alcazar Palace.

Cheap eats

The street life of Seville is buzzing. Locals trundle from bar to bar, eating tapas, listening to live music and partying in the squares. Tapas bars line the streets but try Bar Kiko for excellent value. Their homemade tapas are delicious and free with a drink. Bar Eslava is also great on a budget, around €2 per plate rather than the standard €3 around town. The staff are friendly and the busy restaurant always has a great vibe. They have a restaurant too where you can get the same food but in bigger portions.

6. Costa del Sol

And, if you want to fit in the Costa del Sol to your six-week Spain itinerary, check out this post on the Best Things to Do in the Costa del Sol from london-unattached.com.

Most beautiful places in Spain

She’s listed some beautiful places in Spain including the best beaches, nature reserves, restaurants and hotels in the area. It’s a great place to watch sunsets over the sea if that’s your thing (who’s isnt?).

More Beautiful Places in Spain that are less touristy

7. Oñati

Northern Spain, nearish to Bilbao

Perfect for those who love to immerse themselves in nature, Oñati offers a plethora of hiking trails and picturesque parks. The town resides in a valley, framed comfortably by tall mountains and plentiful green trees.

Oñati in Spain is a great place to visit

The most notable spots include the elaborate Iglesia de San Miguel church and the 16th-Century Universidad de Sancti Spiritus. Both are a must visit once you’ve completed your hike around this small yet beautiful town.

8. Estepona

Southern Spain near Marbella

Located just half an hour away from the famous city of Marbella, Estepona has a traditional charm like no other. Despite the streets being lined with flowers, soft sand beaches and old-town appeal, the romantic town of Estepona is relatively unheard of compared to other Costa del Sol resorts.

Estepona in Spain - beautiful places to visit

Wander through the old fashioned town and sample some tapas before visiting the Estepona Orchid House. Under three modern domes, you’ll find this botanical garden houses the most beautiful flowers you’ll ever see. With cascading waterfalls, vibrant plants and a fantastic modern setting, you don’t want to miss it – it is one of the most beautiful places in Spain.

9. Écija

Near Seville

With palm tree-lined streets and an ornate town centre, Écija is most definitely one of Spain’s best-kept secrets. Nicknamed ‘the frying pan of Andalusia’, temperatures are high during the summer months – so much so that it once rose to a boiling 52°C.

Ecija Spain near Seville - top places to see
Source: Рустам Абдрахимов, Wikicommons

Tourists are better off enjoying this beautiful town in spring or autumn, avoiding the stifling heat in exchange for pleasantly warm weather.

Whitewashed buildings line the streets as well a plethora of beautifully designed towers, steeples, palaces and churches. The magnificent architecture is enough of a reason to go if you like seeing beautiful places in Spain, including the small yet regal Iglesia de los Descalzos.

10. Zahara de los Atunes

Southern Spain, near the tip

Small yet mighty when it comes to beauty, the village of Zahara de los Atunes is famed for its fantastic beaches. Despite having one of the most beautiful beaches in the region, tourists tend to favour the more famous cities over this pretty village. This means there’s always a spot to lay and relax without the worry of overcrowding.

Zahara de los Atunes most beautiful places in Spain

The pale sand and turquoise sea are framed by rolling cliffs making it a favourite for locals yet unappreciated by tourists, who tend to head to the likes of Ibiza.

Zahara de los Atunes is particularly favoured by those who want to immerse themselves in traditional Spanish culture rather than resort life.

11. Peñíscola

East Spain near Valencia

While it may have risen in popularity thanks to its feature in Game of Thrones, Peñíscola is still relatively untouched by tourists compared to resort cities. Based just 90 miles away from Valencia, the medieval town is surrounded by a castle-style stone wall and a breathtakingly blue sea.

Beautiful places in Spain, in Costa Brava

The traditional whitewashed buildings create a beautiful backdrop for the vibrant trees that line the streets, making for a beautiful setting as you walk to one of the many restaurants in the area.

One of the most notable sights has to be Peñíscola Castle, which looks over the Mediterranean Sea. This bold fortress is unmissable and has an engrossing history, so much so that we recommend spending the day touring around it as I think it’s one of the most beautiful places in Spain.

Cycling through Catalonia was an absolute dream. Clear roads, beautiful vistas and cute little towns unfolded as I pedalled and took it all in. One of the most impressive spots on my recent Catalonia adventure though, was at Prat de Comte.

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12. Prat de Comte

I cycled from Bot to Benifallet along the old railway track of the Val de Zafan route. The track has been converted into a green route, only open to walkers, horse riders and cyclists. At 40km long, it was pretty much all downhill. Apart from when we had to get back up from the gorge that is, and I nearly had a heart attack trying to push the bike back up that hill which had been so much fun on the way down.

Beautiful places in Spain: Prat de Comte Costa Brava

It was worth it though. Prat de Comte reminded me of the Taroko Gorge in Taiwan and its on eof the best places to visit in Spain. The rocks had formed to create a space where people were picnicking, relaxing with family and friends and swimming between the pools. Unfortunately I had no swimmers or time for that so I wandered up and down along the walk ways.

Beautiful places in Spain: Prat de Comte Costa Brava

Prat de Comte was easy to get to by bike along the Green Way, just 31km from Tortosa. It’s also known for its healing thermal waters – you’ll see people soaking themselves in the mineral-medicinal hot springs.

Prat de Comte one of the beautiful places in Spain

Getting around the best places in Spain

Train times in Spain

These are the quickest routes from Spain’s Renfe train company website and so usually the most expensive. You can get trains for up to half this price if you’re prepared to spend longer travelling by boarding the local trains that stop at every stop. These are also the prices for buying your ticket at the station – book beforehand for a discount.

Buses in Spain 

Buses are good and often cheaper, but of course they take longer than the trains. You’ll need different bus companies for different legs.

What is the prettiest place in Spain?

It’s so hard to give one answer to that question as the tales of my travels show! Some of the best place to visit in Spain are La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona (one of the most famous places in Spain), the Royal Palace of Madrid, San Sebastián, Valencia and the City of Arts and Sciences and so many others!

What part of Spain has the most beautiful beaches?

The many beaches are amongst the most beautiful places in Spain. Barcelona has the wonderful advantage of being a thriving city yet also having a beach to offer visitors and residents; the Costa del Sol is one of the most famous places in Spain, one of the most visited holiday places in Spain and delivers everything families may need; if you prefer quieter beaches then Zahara de los Atunes isn’t frequented by tourists yet offers beautiful places to visit in Spain.

What is the most luxurious city in Spain?

With Spain have so many beautiful places to visit, this is definitely up for debate. The Spanish islands of Mallorca and Ibiza have Hollywood film star inhabitants, especially around the marinas which house multi-million pound yachts! On mainland Spain big cities like Bilbao, Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona are all capable of providing luxury. I would say that Barcelona probably takes the title though with its stunning architecture, vast array of 5* hotels, luxury brand shops, art galleries, roof top bars and of course the beach.


  1. One month and a half is enough to see the best places in Spain. Seville, Barcelona, Madrid and San Sebastián are a great choice! Love the pictures! If you come back to Spain, do not miss Asturias or León or Galicia…great places!

  2. Spain is one of my favourite countries in Europe by an absolute mile.
    I’ve just got back from a quick trip to Seville and Granada, they’re both absolutely amazing places. What was your favourite city?

  3. Vicky,
    I must save this for my Camino Frances walk next spring. I plan to explore Spain and this is a great “checklist” of things to do and see! Thanks for sharing!

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