11 Best Beaches in Guernsey You Need to Visit

So, you’re looking for some of the best beaches in Guernsey? As an island, there are some stunners to choose between – let me show you!

I’m just back from a few days on the beautiful island, and circumnavigated it, especially to find the best of Guernsey’s beaches. Read on and I’ll share my photos of the best beaches in Guernsey, and a few tips I learned along the way, so you can pick your own favourite.

Best Beaches in Guernsey

The following list includes not only beautiful shores but also awe-inspiring cliffs and interesting history.

If you’re looking for the perfect island destination, head to Guernsey. It’s a small British island in the English Channel with beautiful beaches, an abundance of fresh seafood and some great things to do. The best part about it though, is definitely the beaches – when the weather’s right, you can sunbathe and go swimming without any worries!

Best beaches in Guernsey

Here are my favourite beaches in Guernsey to help you decide which one to go to first.

1. Vazon Bay, Guernsey

You’ll find Vazon Bay on the north coast. You’ll know when you’ve found it as soon as you spot all those people lazing around on the golden sand under their brightly coloured umbrellas. Let me tell you: there’s no better place to be than here on a sunny day.

best beaches in guernsey

The clear blue waters are perfect for swimming, snorkelling or enjoying an afternoon picnic on one it’s white sand beaches.

If you’d rather eat in a restaurant, I thoroughly enjoyed my prawn salad and sticky toffee pudding at Crabby Jacks, right next to the beach. It’s a family friendly restaurant with a great menu.

In Vazon Bay you can also sign up for a few lessons at Guernsey Surf School – might as well learn something while you’re enjoying the sights!

2. L’Eree Beach, Guernsey

L’Eree Beach is one of the most gorgeous beaches in Guernsey. The water is crystal clear, so it’s perfect for snorkelling, kayaking or just lounging around on the white sand. There are also loads of different shells to collect and explore too.

guernsey beach

It’s a great beach for anyone who loves sunshine and adventure. You can park right next to it making it an easy one to visit, and for families to cart all their stuff about.

As you can see, there was quite a lot of seaweed when I was there, but with plenty of gorgeous white sands in between to enjoy. Just look at the colour of that water!

3. Valette Bathing Pools, Guernsey

The Valette Bathing Pools in Guernsey offer a stunning backdrop for your next trip. These natural rock pools are located right off the coast of St. Peter Port, where you can enjoy views of Castle Cornet as you swim around.

beaches in guernsey

The Bathing Pools are open year round, and all day, and are most popular in the morning. There are a few to choose from, and specially allocated ones just for women too. I loved it here.

When I visited they were in the middle of a renovation to build new changing rooms (currently a cabin) and to build a cafe to make the pools a bit more accessible. In a few months time this is going to be one of the best things to do in Guernsey.

The Valette Bathing Pools don’t have too much of a beach – depending on when the tide goes out. But they make my best beaches in Guernsey list because beach lovers love water, and if you love water, you’ll love it here.

4. Portelet Beach, Guernsey

Portelet Beach is one of the most popular beaches on Guernsey. The sand, water and forest covered cliffs around – all strikingly beautiful.

It’s not just the scenery that makes this beach so special though. Every year, Portelet hosts a variety of events for locals and visitors alike to enjoy. These include concerts, family fun days, dog shows and more.

beaches of guernsey

I would’ve loved to get a paddleboard out here, but as you can see from my picture – it was pretty windy. Also, really wanted to get my drone up here as it was such a beautiful day, but apart from the breezy winds, I was too close to Guernsey Airport for the drone to work unfortunately.

Imagine the photos!

Walk along the top of Portelet Beach and you’ll find a great cafe serving Guernsey crab sandwiches, and plenty of drinks overlooking the coast. Also, toilets, and parking pretty much next to the beach. That’s what I like to see.

5. On the beach near Fort Pembroke, Guernsey

This beach was right near Fort Pembroke, but I can’t seem to find a name for it. There was no one here, the sun had just come out, and I just felt so happy to be on sand again, even if it was a little nippy in September to be thinking about sunbathing.

Beaches in Guernsey

This beach made for a gorgeous private bay. I’d love a nice bottle of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and a good book to pass away a sunny day here, although I’d need a driver to get me home. This beach is lovely and quiet, up in the north of Guernsey.

6. Moulin Huet Beach

Moulin Huet beach is one of the most famous beaches in Guernsey and sits just south of Guernsey’s capital city St Peter Port. It also features crystal clear water with barely any waves so swimming here is super easy whether you’re a beginner or expert swimmer.

This picturesque beach has been enjoyed by locals and tourists alike for over 100 years. The artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir famously painted this beach, you can see his Moulin Huet Beach depiction here. Jump down to the beach from the trail reaching down and you’ll see a frame, at exactly the viewpoint he must’ve sat at.

famous beaches in guernsey

Parking is a little further up the trail, and there’s space for about ten cars. You’ll see the Moulin Huet coffee shop by the car park – the perfect spot for a scenic afternoon tea.

7. Pembroke Beach, Guernsey

Pembroke Beach has a lovely arc of golden sand, with good facilities and plenty to see. The highlight is the lookout point above The Beach House Restaurant. Anyone can climb the stairs up and you get a great view across the bay.

sandy beach in guernsey

Pembroke Beach is near Loophole Towers number 5, 7 and 9, and from the lookout point you can see them on the horizon. You can also see the golf club and the L’Ancresse Common too. Look out for Fort Pembroke in the distance!

Great parking here, and a great looking menu at The Beach House too.

8. Petit Bot Beach, Guernsey

Petit Bot Beach is one of the best beaches on the island, and holds one of my best memories of my Guernsey trip – my private yoga class with Alice. Sun salutations and downward dogs are always best outside, and if you can do them outside, on the beach, with the sun shining, then you are absolutely winning at life.

And on that day, I was!

Guernsey beaches

On Petit Bot Beach the sand is soft and white like powdered sugar with small pebbles mixed in. You can’t beat laying out on your towel with nothing but blue sky above you. There’s also a cafe here which serves a great iced latte and carrot cake.

There are also watersports here – we saw about 10 kids going out on a jumbo paddleboard. They were having fun but I’m glad I wasn’t responsible for that group.

Petit Bot Beach is definitely one of my favourite beaches on Guernsey.

9. Fermain Bay, Guernsey

Fermain Bay is a beautiful stretch of water in Guernsey. Look out of the plane to try and see it from above!

It’s one thing to see it from above, but when you’re hiking down to the kiosk there it’s a whole other view, and maybe even better?

Guernsey beaches

Fermain Bay in Guernsey is beautiful. The water is so blue and calm it was a great welcome, as the first Guernsey beach I saw. I sat by the beach with a delicious honeycomb ice cream, just admiring the view, and recovering from the hike down on a warm day.

10. Saints Bay, Guernsey

This secluded crescent shaped cove provides access to dramatic geological features like caves where bats sometimes roost during dormancy periods (which can last up until October). I didn’t see any though!

Saints Bay was near my hotel so I walked down here for sunset, and saw the light go over the hills. You can walk from here to Moulin Huet Beach along the coast. You can also walk around to the viewpoint in the second photo to see the beach from a different angle.

There’s a little coffee and sandwich kiosk here for your essentials in the summer – unfortunately closed on the bank holiday I was there though. Would’ve been lovely to sit here with a coffee, watching the sun set.

11. Cobo Bay, Guernsey

Cobo Bay on the west coast is the Guernsey beach to be at for the sunset. Pick up some fish and chips at Cobo Fish Bar and take them to the beach for the ultimate show.

Beaches in guernsey

It was fairly quiet when I was there. There’s a stone wall you can lean against, with a stone floor, just leading onto the beach – the perfect spot to avoid your chips getting sandy. If you go a little further along you can park your car up for the view, too. I did this when it started to get a little nippy!

Cobo Bay beach in Guernsey

Nice view there, hey!

Best beaches in Guernsey

If you like beaches, you’ll love Guernsey. You can read more about what Guernsey is really like here.

As you’ve read and seen, there are so many great beaches in Guernsey for you to enjoy.

Best beach for ice cream guernsey

Whether you like to spend your beach days scoffing an ice cream, reading a book in quiet, surrounded by families, or at a beach bar enjoying some seafood – there’s a beach in Guernsey for you.

My all time favourite Guernsey beach? Has to be Vazon Bay. Or maybe I was just on a high after all those prawns. Only one way to find out – have a look for yourself!

My trip to Guernsey was sponsored by Visit Guernsey.


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