21 Fun & Unique Things to Do in the Florida Keys

Here are the best things to do in the Florida Keys, according to what I enjoyed most. Splash the cash and don’t miss out!

Activities in the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are cool – laidback, flip flop wearing, beach loving, beer drinking, cocktail sampling cool. I had a great time there when I hung out for a week. I chilled in Key West, cycled in Marathon, ate my way through the restaurants in Key Largo and drove all the way back up to Miami in a fancy van.

The whole week was great, but here are my top moments from my week in the Florida Keys, and just some of the brilliant things to do in the Florida Keys, that I’d totally recommend you should too.

Unique Things to Do in Florida Keys

Here are all the best activities in the Florida Keys, according to me!

1. The sea plane to Tortugas National Park

Tortugas National Park

The journey was just stunning. Absolutely incredible.

And I got to sit in the front on the way back. It wasn’t bad looking when we were actually there either!

Sitting in the front of the plane

I sat up front on the way back and had 360 views of the stunning ocean between the Dry Tortugas National Park, where we’d just been, and Key West, our destination. It was awesome.

The whole journey took 35 minutes. The varying blues of the waters were mesmerising. Our pilot told us how one of the islands belonged to just one guy, and if I really squinted I could definitely see those dolphins he told us would be playing about.

Seaplane in Key West

We’d been at the Dry Tortugas National Park – famous for shipwrecks, coral reefs and birdlife – where you can also looks Fort Jefferson on a guided tour or in your own time.

The fortress is unfinished, but was an important naval point in the late 1800s / early 1900s. It soon became too difficult and expensive to look after the building, and its 16 million+ bricks.

Tortugas Beach

I noticed all the tents in the bush – apparently as a National Park you can stay here for three nights for free – no chance. There was no civilisation on the island – I mean it would just be you, the fort, the animals and whatever ghosts had decided to stick around (yep, definitely spooked from the Key West ghost tour). I got our private sea plane straight out of there.

2. Sunset cruise

How about joining a Key West sunset cruise with food and drink included? It’s a great idea if you want to keep an eye on the budget for Florida Keys activities, and it’s also one of the best things to do while you’re there too.

Two birds!

“Climb aboard ‘The Party Cat’ for a wonderful 2-hour cruise around the harbour. Enjoy a freshly prepared tropical food buffet in an enclosed air-conditioned dining room.

Choose from dinner options such as roast pulled pork in mojo sauce, deep fried sweet plantains, black beans and rice, marinated grilled chicken, fried fish, mixed vegetables, mashed potatoes, pasta with mini shrimp and Cuban bread and butter. Sip on your choice of tipple — margaritas, rum runners, champagne, beer, wine or spirits. After dinner, stroll upstairs to the upper deck for live music. Dance the night away or simply listen to the beat as you watch the sun set over the horizon into the Gulf of Mexico.”


Book your Florida Keys sunset cruise here.

This is one of the top tourist attractions in Florida Keys, and makes for a great evening out, if you want to keep out of the Florida Keys bars for a night!

3. Wake up to the sunrise at Ibis

Ibis Resort in Key West

I love the first few days of jetlag when you go to the USA. I’m never up before 7 in real life, unless a flight is involved, but to wake up naturally to this sunrise just outside my window was incredible.

I’d arrived in the dark and went straight to sleep so had no idea this existed just outside my window. Make sure you book into a cool hotel in the Florida Keys on the waterfront to really make the most of it!

4. Do the Salty Goat fishing charter

The Salty Goat fishing charter is well known as one of the best things to do in the Florida Keys. It’s often mentioned as the best party boat in the Florida Keys. As well as drinks, you’ll get to enjoy fishing for a wide variety of game fish including several varieties of Snapper, Grouper and Mackerel.

Whatever you catch when you’re on board is yours. The Salty Goat crew can arrange for it to be cooked up at a local restaurant that night, especially for you.

Fish for your own dinner while you enjoy the sun and fun of a drink on board in the Florida Keys? Sounds incredible!

5. Eat loads of seafood

One of the best activities in the Florida Keys is simply to eat as much as possible.

Best Moments of the Florida Keys

I had scallops as standard, mussels, lobster, stoned crab, calamari, sushi, Key West pink shrimp, and a lot of that was in just one meal at the Stoned Crab. A true Florida Keys experience!

I ate at all the best places in the Keys, including…

– Blue Heaven, the best place for breakfast (cheesey shrimp omelette with banana bread)

Sunset Grille & Raw Bar, overlooking the Seven-Mile Bridge and right by the sea (epic sushi platter)

Latitudes, the fanciest restaurant in Key West (more on that in a minute)

Fish House, decked out like fisherman’s hut with all the trinkets (oysters and scallops)

MORE: 15 Best Restaurants in the Florida Keys

Hungry Tarpon, landmark on the marina where you can feed the beastly tarpons (fish tacos)

Marker 88, where we watched our chef make the dinner in front of us (8 courses of deliciousness)

Mrs Mac’s Kitchen, an institution and decorated with donated numberplates (spinach and shrimp omelette)

Here are all the best things to do in the Florida Keys, as a video…

6. Get the boat to a private island for dinner at Latitude’s

As if the seaplane wasn’t enough glamour for one day, that night we got a private boat to Latitude’s private island for dinner. Now this island is where Oprah Winfrey used to have a house, it is Faaa-aancy.

I drank gin and prosecco cocktails, ate Wagyu beef and scouted the place out for celebs. If I didn’t have the photos I’d think this whole experience so unlikely I’d made it up. The food and the whole experience were something I never imagined I’d do.

Definitely one of the most memorable Florida Keys activities I did while I was there!

7. Jet ski the Key West coast

Jet skiing

The freedom of a jet ski is hard to beat. One of the best things I’ve ever done on my travels is my three-hour jet skiing trip in the Gold Coast in Australia. And so with the opportunity to jet ski in front of me, I did it in Key West too. It was the 20 minute free ride that got me going – I had my hands pushing the accelerator as fast as they it go, white knuckles and all.




One of my favourite Florida Keys experiences so far!

I’d definitely recommend lengthening your jet ski trip compared to mine and signing up to a tour with 2-3 hour jet ski trips. Make the most of the stunning coastline and weather while you’re there!

8. Visit the Florida Keys Brewing Company

Serving beer in Florida Keys

I love the USA craft beer scene. One of the best things I did in the Adirondacks in New York over the summer was explore the breweries there, and it was the same in the Florida Keys. Exploring the craft beer scene is one of the most fun things to do in the Florida Keys.

We met Craig and Cheryl who started the Florida Keys Brewing Company up. They’ve decorated the place and built it up to be so popular it was very busy on the Thursday afternoon that we visited. I had a little go behind the bar and tried every one of the 12 different pints on this flight of booze put out in front of me.

The best was the hibiscus one, the worst, the chilli.

9. Eat flip flop shaped choc at Key Largo Chocolates

Outside Key Largo Chocolates

There I was, minding my own business looking round the kitchen of the Key Largo Chocolate Factory when I spotted a flip flop shaped mould out of the corner of my eye. Excitedly I located the chocolates, which weren’t actually on sale yet, and demanded to be sold them. In the nicest possible way of course.

Served them up with a proper brew when I got home and found the chocolate was limey, of course.


And just so you know, Key Largo is one of the best places to stay in the Florida Keys.

10. Rent a bicycle in the Keys

If you have a bicycle in the Keys you can cycle around and visit everything. This is one of the most authentic Florida Keys experiences you can do. All the things to do on in the Florida Keys are very close together, and totally achievable via bike too.

If you rent a bike you can visit Smathers Beach, go to the reach hotel pier, the Southern Most Point, the ‘Mile One’ sign, Hemingway House, nature conservatory, rum distillery, and end the day at Mallory square for the sunset and watch the street performers.

Alternatively, you could combine the best things to do in the Florida Keys idea numbers 10 and 11 and go on this Key Lime Pie bicycle tour, definitely sounds like my cup of tea!

11. Go on an ‘official’ key lime pie taste test quest

Key Lime Pie in Florida Keys

This is an absolute must do in Florida Keys.

When you’re on an important mission, like I was, it’s ok to eat 7 portions of Key Lime Pie over a week, especially when you’re sharing with others. I tried 7 portions of Key Lime Pie during my week in the Florida Keys, and although the one from Latitudes tasted the best, and Blue Heaven’s was the most photogenic, more research is definitely needed.

If you only have a day in Key West, make sure you get some Key Lime Pie in!

12. John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is America’s first undersea park, and one of the best and most unique things to do in the Florida Keys. Get your snorkel or scuba gear and go underwater to explore the stunning coral reef.

things to do in the florida keys

If going underwater isn’t your vibe you can still enjoy the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park with a kayak or paddleboard and make your way through the mangrove forests. Or, you can even hire a boat for the day too.

13. Drinking on Duval Street

Duval Street is so colourful, it looks amazing!

Why can’t all streets be like this?!

things to do florida keys

Tourists and locals visit Duval Street for the restaurants, bars and clubs. This is where the party begins and ends!

Willie T’s serve up speciality Mojitos, and the Green Parrot Bar off Southard Street is the best spot for live music.

14. Southernmost Point Buoy 

Florida Keys what to do

Oh you’ve got to have a photo by the Southernmost Point Buoy. I mean, did you really go to the Florida Keys if you didn’t?

Getting your pic taken here is one of the most unique things to do in Florida Keys, and a definite must.

The buoy is more symbolic than anything, as it’s the most southerly point in the USA – and only 90 miles from Cuba!

If you’re driving from Miami to Key West on a Florida road trip, then this is the final point you have to touch to say you’ve completed your journey!

15. Rent a boat in Marathon

How about a boat rental in Marathon? You get to see the beauty of Islamorada from a whole different angle. They book out fast so get in while you can.

Marathon in the Florida Keys

16. Do the Fury Ultimate Adventure

If you’re looking for things to do in the Florida Keys, the Fury Ultimate Adventure needs to come to the top of your list. Sign up to a day out with them and you can go snorkeling, parasailing, have a go on the jet skis, and basically just have lots of fun for a whole day.

Check out the Fury Ultimate Adventure excursions here, but book fast to secure your dates!

17. Hire kayaks and explore

You can go kayaking through the mangroves in the Florida Keys, for a stunning adventure. There are a few companies offering kayaks on the Florida Keys, but book in advance to get the dates you want.

If you’re nervous in a kayak, or you’ve never tried it before, then book onto a guided kayak adventure for the safety, and tour guide benefits.

On that note: this Key West Watersports pass looks pretty sweet!

18. Go to Key West Butterfly House

At the Key West Butterfly House and Nature Conservatory, you can walk in among the butterflies and colourful birds that call the house home. This is a great spot for some photos in among Florida’s beautiful nature.

Make sure to pop in and see Rhett and Scarlett, their awesome love bird flamingos too.

butterly house florida keys

Click here to check out their live webcam. Feels really weird to be able to see the people and animals wandering about!

19. Go on a floating Tiki boat

The floating tiki boat is pretty epic when it comes to the top things to do in the Florida Keys. Sign up for a day out on the floating tiki boat and you’ll get to watch the sunset from a two-hour cruise, with drinks too.

“We will cruise around the Historic Seaport, pass Sunset Pier and Mallory Square ending with the magnificent Key West Sunset. All cruises are BYOB for alcoholic beverages, food or snacks. We provide USCG certified captains, coolers with ice, water, sodas, cups, blender, and Bluetooth radio to play your favorite tunes.”


20. Drag show and karaoke

Go to 801 Bourbon Street for the drag show and karaoke if you’re looking for something fun to do in the Florida Keys in the evening. Open 7 days a week with drinks deals and all kinds of events, this is the place to be if you’re looking for some fun after the sun.

There’s always something going on here but check the listings to find out exactly what before you go.

By the way, if you like drag queens how about this drag queen guided pub crawl in the Florida Keys?

21. Eco Safari Tour with Snorkelling

A snorkelling tour lets you drive your own small speedboat through the back country of Key West to a picturesque sandbar set in the area’s turquoise waters. Then you can snorkel among the mangroves, and explore the area as a local too.

snorkelling in Key west

As you travel you may see ospreys – the only bird of prey to survive entirely on fish. There’s also the opportunity to spot manatees feeding on mangroves, sharks swimming beneath you, and pelicans diving for their meals.

Snorkelling is a must do in Florida Keys.

FAQs: things to do in the Florida Keys

1. What are the unique things to do in the Florida Keys?

If you’re up for something unique to do in the Florida Keys, you must try activities such as feeding tarpons at Robbie’s, camping at Dry Tortugas National Park, driving around through car rentals, swimming with dolphins, and brewing your own beer at Florida Keys Brewing Company.

2. Are there any free things to do in the Florida Keys?

Looking for free things to do in the Florida Keys? Enjoying the beach views, admiring the colourful houses, taking in the scenic landscapes – just a few of the fantastic Florida Keys experiences you can enjoy along the way. You could also stroll along in the community/public parks and people watch on the streets. I’m sure you’ll have enough free fun on the beaches though!

3. What things should do on a weekend in the Florida Keys?

If you only have a weekend in the Florida Keys, you could hire a motorbike or car rental to get round a little quicker. This gives you all the time to tour while also having time to do water and land activities such as hiking, snorkelling and parasailing. If you have a bit longer you’ll be fine without a car, as there’s public transport, and you can walk. But if your hours are numbered, speed things up a bit with some wheels.

4. What are the best things to do in Florida Keys with families?

Aside from its beaches, Florida Keys got a lot in store for vacationing families. Spots such as Crane Point Museum and Nature Centre, Key West Garden Club, Truman Little White House, Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservancy, Founders Park, and History of Diving Museum are a must-visit.

5. What to do in the Florida Keys when it rains?

A rainy day in the Florida Keys means enjoyable indoor activities. You could start with visiting museums such as The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum, Harry S. Truman Little White House, Key West Shipwreck, Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage, and U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Ingham Maritime.

You could also spend time with adorable animals in aquariums and conservatory sites such as Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center, Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters, Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory, and Turtle Hospital.

Just don’t go swimming with dolphins – it’s mean.

6. What should I do in the Florida Keys at night?

Two words. Duval Street.

There’s no better way of spending a night in the Florida Keys than visiting Duval Street in Key West. It should be everyone’s go-to after the sun sets and do things like bar hopping, strolling around, souvenir shopping at stalls, dancing to clubs, and so many more. Drinks and dancing can’t get any better!

7. What things should I do while driving to the Florida Keys?

Driving around the Florida Keys is great fun. You can drive by places such as Bahia Honda State, Seven Mile Bridge, sunset at Mallory Square, and stop by restaurants where you can eat key lime pie (Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe, Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen II, etc.). Check out my itinerary for driving between Miami and Key West for more inspiration.

More things to do in the Florida Keys



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