10 Best Restaurants in Aruba You NEED to Eat at in 2024

Here are the best restaurants in Aruba for you to choose from, as recommended by locals and experienced by me. TBH, Aruba restaurants are so good, you can’t really go wrong!

best food aruba

You can expect a whole range of international cuisine when travelling around Aruba in the Caribbean. The restaurants in Aruba are top quality and cater for a range of diets, including vegan and gluten free. I had some excellent meals in Aruba and was thrilled with the foodie experiences here, as well as what was on my plate / in my bowl.

I mean, just look at the picture of Zeerovers Restaurant below!

Aruba Restaurant Zeerovers

My favourite meals of my trip to Aruba include the sushi at Sensi, the poke bowl on the beach at Eduardo’s, and the prawns at most visitors’ favourite Aruba restaurant, Zeerovers. The breakfast at Craft on the main Palm Beach strip was pretty sweet too.

From Aruba classics to the latest additions, these 8 best restaurants in Key West will keep your mouths busy, and stomachs full!

Best restaurants in Aruba

Here are the greatest places to eat in Aruba to get the energy to explore all the amazing things to do on the island.

1. Zeerovers

Of all the Aruba restaurants on the list, Zeerovers is the absolute must experience.

It’s one of the best Aruba restaurants on the water and you just get so much excellent quality food for the price. I had a massive bucket of prawns, with loads of fries on the side too. I was determined to finish it but still couldn’t quite manage the epic portions.

eating at zeerovers

One of the reasons why Zeerovers is one of the most popular places to eat in Aruba on the beach is that you’re just expected to get ‘stuck in’. There are no airs and graces here, you just use your fingers (knives and forks available!) and enjoy the experience of satisfying your hunger in a beautiful location.

You can eat under the roof and enjoy the breeze flowing through as you stuff your face with prawns and fries, or you can book early and sit out on one of the picnic benches on the pier, and watch the days catch come in.

2. Garden Fresh

Garden Fresh is one of the best places in Aruba to grab a nutritious breakfast or lunch. Why don’t they make salads like this in England?

So. Good.

What is the food in Aruba like?

“Create your own lunch bowl, vegetable salad, fruit salad, fresh juice, smoothie, panini or wrap with the selected choices of fruits and vegetables you desire or what your diet requires. This ‘Create Your Own’ system has been helpful for many people with a specific meal plan. Our signature juices, smoothies, salads, panini or wraps are the perfect choice for a quick, easy yet healthy lunch or dinner.” 

Best restaurants in Aruba

They serve some fab smoothies and iced coffees here too, and you can sit and enjoy on the forecourt, or go inside for that wonderful air conditioning. They also do delivery if you prefer.

I ordered two drinks, had to be done.

3. Barefoot Aruba

Looking for somewhere a little extra for your Aruba dining experience?

Barefoot Aruba is a beautiful restaurant, set on the beach – and best of all, flipflops are welcome!

Dine here and you can eat by candlelight with the breeze in your hair, sand under your feet and some wonderful food and drink on the table. The Caribbean Sea is just in front of you as you sit under the palapa and enjoy the unique experience.

The menu here is amazing – you NEED to try those prawns!

Barefoot is one of the best Aruba restaurants on the beach, but make sure you book in advance. It’s a popular place!

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4. Craft Coffee Bar

If you’re looking for the top restaurants in Aruba for breakfast, then Craft Coffee Bar is where you need to be. They serve cocktails and food throughout the day, but I visited for breakfast and can’t recommend it enough.

This healthy breakfast bowl was everything I needed and wanted. And that presentation – love it.

Acai berry bowl Aruba

As well as healthy breakfast bowls, they also serve tacos, skillet eggs, pancakes and waffles too.

Located on the main strip, this is one of the best restaurants Aruba has to offer for people watching!

5. Local Store

For a super relaxed dining experience in Aruba, go to Local Store burger bar. The chicken wings here are amazing – so much choice as well!

This is one of those Aruba restaurants you need to arrive ravenous at, so you can really make the most of all the choice on the menu.

Aruba places to eat

Local Store is a great option for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and has an excellent range of beers to try too. Like the rest of the island, there’s a super chilled vibe here, and you can get takeaway and curbside pick up too.

You’ll definitely want to go back!

6. Hostaria Da’ Vittorio

Seeing as these Aruba restaurant reviews are all so enthusiastic – given the food on Aruba is amazing – here’s a 4 star review from me, to keep the balance.

Hostaria Da’ Vittorio was probably my least favourite on this list of the best restaurants in Aruba, but that’s mainly down to the fact I wanted relaxed beachy vibes. Hostaria Da’ Vittorio is set back a bit from the beach, and quite a heavy meal and menu.

I wanted to include it though as I know there are lots of Italian food fans out there, and if you want Italian food on Aruba, then this is the place to experience it!

Aruba places to eat

Pretty good pasta to seafood ratio there, hey?!

If you want somewhere fancy to eat on Aruba, with a formal dining experience too, then this is the restaurant in Aruba for you. It’s still not that formal though, this is Aruba after all!

“Our well-known Master Chef Vittorio Muscariello, who had opened the most prestigious Italian Restaurants on the island: Valentino’s & La Trattoria El Faro Blanco, took a step forward to delight his costumers in his own “house”, using the most authentic Italian products, to bring to your palate the truly taste of the Italian dishes. The only authentic Forno al Legna in Aruba, preparing the best Pizza’s and special dishes.”

– Hostaria Da’ Vittorio

7. Yami Yami

Yami Yami was off the strip of the main Aruba restaurants visitors usually go to, but I just needed some sushi in my life. It felt less of a tourist place and more ‘hidden’.

Yami Yami deserves to come out of the shadows though because the food here was FAB, and great value too.

Restaurant in Aruba

I had sushi, salad and some prawns too. A great sushi fix and just by the supermarket if you want to go and pick up some local snacks to munch on the beach for dessert.

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8. The Westdeck

One of the great things about this top restaurant in Aruba is that it’s on the way to the airport and so the perfect spot to sit and watch the planes as they take off.

So, if you’re wondering where to eat in Aruba to top of your trip, and maybe have a few cocktails too, then head to The Westdeck.

Restaurants in aruba

As well as it’s great location right by the beach and near the airport, Westdeck also serve some great dishes from their beachfront kitchen. I had local fish and salad, with two cocktails on the side to see me off.

Look out for the specials to finish your Aruba holiday in style.


9. Passions on the Beach

For another Aruba restaurant on the beach, try Passions on the Beach, which is part of the Amsterdam Manor, where I stayed during my time on Aruba. As the name suggests, the tables, chairs and service are all on the beach, and it’s kind of magical to see.

Also, great seafood to the sound of the dreamy lapping waves – so romantic!

“Enjoy the sun setting over the beautiful Caribbean Sea as the waves crash against the sugar sand beach making music to your ears. As it gets darker, the soft lights of tiki torches illuminate the night adding to the enchantment of your dining experience.  At Passions on the Beach, guests experience an unparalleled dining culinary experience as they savor our unique culinary dishes with an Aruba flare, savoring a glass of wine and ending their evening with a delicious dessert that can be customized to celebrate any occasion. 


Eating is one of the best things to do in Aruba, and this is one of the best places to do it!

10. Eduardo’s Beach Shack

Eduardo’s Beach Shack was definitely one of my favourite restaurants in Aruba, the food was amazing.

The beach shack is kind of hidden and unassuming, in between the other beach shacks on Palm Beach, near the Hyatt. You need to seek it out though.

Places to eat Aruba

Eduardo’s do all kinds of poke bowls, acai bowls, juices, smoothies and raw treats. The shack has been around for 13 years now, and if you want some pretty food, that tastes amazing and is a good price – then this is the best option for you!


FAQ about places to eat in Aruba

1. Do Aruba restaurants need reservations?

Usually, those that offer tables by the beach, like Passions on the Beach, will require you to call before. Many are vying to get a wonderful view while eating so better be secure than sorry!

I’d recommend you do book your Aruba restaurants beforehand, if you’re allowed to reserve – that way you won’t be disappointed if you turn up and there’s no space. You’ll know in advance.

2. What are the best Aruba restaurants on the beach?

Eating in a restaurant on the beach is a must-have experience in Aruba. Zeerovers, Barefoot Aruba, and The Westdeck are the best Aruba restaurants on the beach IMO.

aruban drink

3. Are there any Michelin Star restaurants in Aruba?

There are no Michelin Starred restaurants in Aruba unfortunately.

However, if you fancy being fancy, Aruba’s The Kitchen Table is perfect. It’s a fine dining experience that serves  Cajun & Creole and Caribbean cuisines. You’ll be well accommodated by the staff, servers, and chef. The ambiance and the food of the place, despite the price, are worth it for one of the best restaurants Aruba has to offer.

4. What are the best Aruba restaurants for families?

Wondering where to eat in Aruba with all the family?

No matter how many of you there are in the family, it won’t be difficult to find a place to eat in Aruba. From the list above, you could start with Westdeck, Eduardo’s, Barefoot, or Zeerovers. A notable mention goes to the Dutch pancake houses (Linda’s and Diana’s), Fishes and More, Aquarius, and Gostoso too.

They’re generally considered the best restaurants on Aruba for families.

aruba fish taco

5. What are the best Aruba restaurants on Palm Beach?

Aqua Grill and Moomba Beach Bar & Restaurant are some of the tourists’ and locals’ go-to when they want the best restaurants on Palm Beach in Aruba.

6. What are the best Aruba restaurants on Eagle Beach?

A few kilometres away from Palm Beach, Eagle Beach in Aruba is also a food hotspot of restaurants that everyone can indulge in. For the best places to eat Aruba in the area, there’s Screaming Eagle Restaurant-Lounge, Así Es Mi Peru, and Passions On The Beach. Each serves different types of cuisine: Seafood, Peruvian, and Caribbean. 

7. Which are the most fun restaurants in Aruba?

If you want fun restaurants in Aruba, then try Papillon, YOLO, and the one that is mentioned by many: Passions On The Beach. These are the places you should go to.

seafood in aruba

8. What are the best restaurants in Aruba with a view?

The best view in Aruba is of the beach, so you should really go into the restaurants that overlook the water’s beauty. Some of these include MooMba Beach Bar & Restaurant, Passions On The Beach, Matthew’s beachside restaurant, and Pega Pega Beach Bar and Grill. 

Or…  you probably prefer a city landscape while eating and there are places for you like The Vue Rooftop Aruba, Water’s Edge Restaurant & Bar, and Windows on Aruba Restaurant.

9. What sort of prices is the food in Aruba?

Truth be told, dining at Aruba can get quite expensive. Food costs range from around 15 USD to 50 USD, to an infinite amount really. You can eat well for $20USD a head, if you know where to go.

poke bowls aruba

10. Where’s the best place for breakfast in Aruba?

Start your day at Aruba in their famous pancake houses for a fulfilling breakfast meal – try The Dutch Pancake House, Linda’s Dutch Pancakes or Diana’s Pancakes Place.

Typical food in Aruba

So we’ve looked at where to eat in Aruba, but what are the local delicacies to enjoy when you’re sat down at these top Aruba restaurants?

aruba best restaurants

Some of the popular local delicacies in Aruba and best food in Aruba include:

1. Keshi Yena: Keshi Yena is a traditional Aruban dish made from the leftover parts of Edam or Gouda cheese, which are stuffed with a flavourful mixture of spiced meats, olives, capers, and raisins. It’s then baked until the cheese is melted and the filling is hot and savoury. Try and include a few of these in your Aruba dining.

2. Aruban Pastechi: Pastechi are savoury pastries filled with various ingredients like cheese, ham, chicken, or seafood. These handheld treats are commonly found in bakeries and snack stands across the island. Definitely a must eat in Aruba.

3. Funchi: Funchi is a side dish made from cornmeal that is similar to polenta. It’s usually served as a starchy accompaniment to main dishes and is especially popular with fish and seafood dishes.

4. Pan Bati: Pan Bati is a type of pancake made from a batter of cornmeal, wheat flour, sugar, and yeast. It’s often served as a side dish with savoury meals and is a staple in Aruban cuisine.

5. Sopi di Pisca: Sopi di Pisca is a flavourful fish soup prepared with various types of local fish and seafood. It’s typically seasoned with herbs and spices and may include vegetables like okra and plantains.

6. Cabrito Stoba: Cabrito Stoba is a hearty goat stew that’s slow-cooked with tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, and spices until the meat is tender. It’s a traditional dish often enjoyed on special occasions.

Due to its history as a Dutch colony, you can also find Dutch-influenced dishes like Bitterballen (deep-fried meatballs) and Indonesian-inspired dishes such as Nasi Goreng (fried rice) due to the presence of the Indo-Aruban community.

Exploring local cuisine is an essential part of experiencing the culture of Aruba, so be sure to sample some of these delicacies at the Aruba restaurants during your visit to the island.

Best restaurants in Aruba

The restaurants in Aruba are one of the many reasons it’s such a popular island, and has such a high return rate for tourists. The seafood, the chilled vibes and the awesome beach bars are just a few of the reasons why your holiday to Aruba is guaranteed to be amazing.


  1. That is the great choice if you choose the best restaurants in Aruba such as Papillon, YOLO and one more my choice is YOLO RAINFOREST. Which is a one minute away from the YOLO restaurant. Thanks for sharing this kind of useful information.

  2. I go to Aruba at least four times a year . I disagree with this list . My list is
    1. Madame Jennette.
    2. Oak
    3. L.G Smith
    4. Texas de Brazil.
    5. Tango
    6. Chicken and lobster. (Breakfast)

    7. Alfies ( for burgers,wings)
    8. Casa Tua (pizza)
    9. Aqua Grill
    10. Cuba’s Cooking

  3. Passions on the Beach was amazing! You were right. The food: I had the Teriyaki Salmon, and the flavors bounced around in my mouth. I will be going to Zeerovers hopefully Wednesday. They are closed Mondays and Tuesdays, for whatever reason. Thanks for the list.

    1. Thanks for reading Herb! It’s difficult to keep up with prices across the whole site, but I’ve included a few links above so you can definitely click through. Thanks.

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