Monica from and Dr. Wendell Glenn Cagape from have tagged me to join in’s Capture the Colour Photo Contest. I’ve literally spent hours going through loads of my old photos to find one for each colour category worthy of getting in front of the judges’ talented eyes (suck up).

And it’s worth sucking up my dear friends – the best photo gets £2,000 and the best in each category wins an iPad. So let me know if you need a nomination. In the mean time let me know what you think of my 5 Capture the Colour photos!

Red: Masai Boy near Arusha, Tanzania

Red for Capture the Colour

We’d stopped on the bumpy roads just long enough for me to snap this boy as walked through the vegetation. I love the way the wind has caught his traditional clothing and lifted it dramatically. As I went through Tanzania on my tour we saw many members of the Masai tribes walking the roads. Their cultures and traditions are fascinating; they live such different  and incredible lives to someone like me.

White: Fish Market in Tangier, Morocco

White for Capture the Colour

This was taken in a crazy, bustling local fish market in Tangier on the peak of Morocco. We’d taken the ferry from Spain and it was my first time in Africa. The market was crazy and we were definitely in the way of trading, but I couldn’t help but stop and stare. I love the way the white looks so raw and clinical against the pink fish and blue walls and the fishmongers are all in different moments of transaction. Check out the laughing one sat down at the back…

Blue: Boats and buildings in Valletta, Malta

Looking out over Malta

Malta was a long time ago, but this remains one of my favourite photos. I hadn’t really known what to expect when I booked this week away for me and my friend in December, but we settled right in with the oldies that frequent the island every winter and even managed a dip in the sea on a few days.

Green: Weeping willow in Yorkshire, England

Amazing green for Capture the Colour

This weeping willow has stood in the driveway of my Grandparents’ farm forever. My Grandpa used to tie lollipops to the end of the branches every summer and I’d believe him when he said sweets grow on trees. I thought it was the best thing ever and used to show off at school that my Grandpa had a sweet tree. Sadly this photo was taken on my last visit to the farm just before we had to sell it. I have many happy memories of playing around this tree though and the many shades of greens on this picture make it even more beautiful.

Yellow: Sunrise in the Serengeti, Tanzania

Beautiful yellow in Tanzania

Wow. Just look at that! We woke up at 4am to get out on an early morning game drive in the Serengeti. We saw so many animals it was incredible, but the sun was also a star attraction – thanks to the many films about Africa and amazing images it’s become an icon. This picture captures the excitement and apprehension we were all feeling as we set out for the day. We ended up seeing 25 lions that day!

So I need to pass the baton on; it’s over to you…

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