You can do a lot of activities in New Orleans on a budget. Time it right and happy hours are 12 dozen oysters for $3 and half price booze. There are also free museums, plenty to see outside and so many cool buildings and neighbourhoods a lot of the things I suggest in my video are actually free.

Cheap new orleans

You can definitely get through a few dollars in New Orleans, as I did, but if you’re strict with yourself, and take note of my advice, you can see it on the cheap too.

Here are 15 thing you can do in New Orleans for $5 (£3.50) or less, or even better, free!

Cheap things to do in New Orleans

  1. Go for Beignets at Café du Monde ($2.95)
  2. Walk down Bourbon Street (free)
  3. Take the Streetcar ($3 day pass)
  4. People watch from a balcony ($5 a beer)
  5. Visit the Voodoo Shops (free)
  6. Muffaletta on the Mississippi ($5 a quarter)
  7. Window shop in the French Quarter (free)
  8. Watch the Natchez Steamboat (free)
  9. Hot Pepper Palace (free)
  10. Chill in Jackson Square (free)
  11. Rocket Fizz Shop (free)
  12. Watch the street performers (tip)
  13. Louis Armstrong Park (free)
  14. 12 Oysters at Pelican Bar ($3)
  15. Find a Street Party (tip)

More things to do in New Orleans

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